I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Astrologer and Author of the book, Fifth Dimensional Healing!





It's a holistic healing manual which shows you

how to heal your mind, body, heart and soul

so you can awaken to your true potential

and live in enlightenment.


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 I hold space so you can choose to:


Heal your Mind, Body + Spirit

 Awaken to your True Power as a Creative Being

 Realign with your Divine Authority

 Unify with the Creator

 Use your power to create an abundant life

 filled with Magic + Miracles



After an intense awakening experience in my teenage years, it became astoundingly clear that I had to share the truth that I had witnessed so others could awaken to their Divinity as well.



I have chosen to live as a Divine Chanel, to bring Heaven to Earth, to remind others of the truth of their power as Creators.



All suffering comes from an attachment to thinking. When you stop, become still, and realize that there is only ever a problem if you "think" there is, life becomes joyful once more. When you witness that you are indeed whole (holy) and have come to Earth to share your beautiful light, life becomes blissful and exciting! 


What a relief to know that you don't have to do anything to be worthy of love because you ARE love!


It is my intention for my expressions to lift you into states of ecstasy and Divine Remembrance of who you truly are!



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