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In this 3 Week Course, you'll be working with tantra (the physical), mantra (sound healing) and yantra (sacred geometry) to align with Lakshmi and Jupiter to manifest true wealth.




Week 1 (Aug 18)

Draw your own yantra

Energy healing tantra to unite Shiva and Shakti

Mantra + Mudra meditation to align with
Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance


Week 2 (Aug 25)

Create a magic altar

Ritual elemental invocations

Psychic protection for spellcasting

How to offer gifts to Lakshmi and Jupiter

God/Goddess Invocations for true wealth


Week 3 (Sept 1)

Tantric exercise to raise spiritual energy

Using sexual/creative energy to manifest

Grounding desires into the physical





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Weekly exercises to motivate and inspire

Ongoing email support from Christina during the course
and for 1 week after





Once you sign up, you'll get sent an email that will ask you to confirm your subscription. Make to sure to check your junk folder! You'll get access to the facebook group right away, so make sure to say hello. On August 18th, you'll get sent the material for Week 1, a 10-20 minute video with exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. 1 week later, you'll get sent the second video. 1 week after that, you'll get sent the last video.




What if I don't have time to keep up with the exercises? That's okay! This is a do-it-at-your-own-pace course. You'll have access to the videos forever, so you can view them any time you wish to.

What if I've never heard of tantra before? What if I've never done magic? Can I still join? Yes, I go over the basics and for those of you who are more advanced, there are more in depth exercises too.

I thought tantra was about sex. What is it? Tantra deals with the tangible, what we can feel with the senses. While sex is an aspect of tantra, it's only one small aspect. The tantric exercises I offer in the course utilize energy healing and breathwork to help you heal and open the heart. They are safe for anyone to try.

Who is this course for? Anyone looking to feel AMAZING, align with the energy of abundance and manifest their dreams. There is a portion of the course that deals with sexual energy, so if you're under the age of 18, ask your parents for permission.

What will I need to take the course? A notebook and pen. Supplies for your altar, which you may be able to find in your home. You may have to purchase a few candles, that's it!

Will I be rich after taking this course? Honestly, after doing the exercises myself, I have manifested more money, more clients and feel much more joyous in my life. I feel connected to my true wealth, which is in my health and the ability to do the things that I love. My perspective has shifted so drastically that people have noticed. I can't guarantee anything, but I will say that if you put in the work and do the exercises, you will notice a shift in your perspective. 

Are there refunds? I don't usually get asked for them, but I understand it will make you more comfortable with your purchase so, yes. If you watch the video for Week 1 and decide the course isn't for you, just email me at info<at>christinamartine<dot>com, tell me why, and I'll refund you in full. You may only receive a refund 7 days from the start of the course. After you are refunded, you will not receive anymore material.

Who will be taking this course with me and do I have to join the facebook group? Men and women from all over the world! No, you don't have to join or share in the group unless you want to. 







Enrollment ends on August 18th at midnight pacific

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email

with the link to the secret facebook group