What is God?

What is God? Does one have to be religious to know and understand God? In my opinion, religion takes us away from ourselves and the God within us. It tells us that we are sinners and that to be saved we must worship someone else’s idea of God. It keeps us fearful, easily manipulated and swathed in delusion.

When we meditate and enter deeply into the now, we understand that we are much more than our physical bodies. We realize that we are an eternal force beyond everything that we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. We come to understand that even the atoms that make up our physical forms are ephemeral. The protons, neutrons and electrons that create an atom are only fluctuating, temporary bits of quantum information that pop in and out of existence. The atom itself is 99.9999999999999% space!

With every inhalation we draw in energy from the space around us to re-create ourselves anew. Within a year 98% of our physical bodies are completely different. Every 6 weeks we receive a new liver. Every 3 months, a new skeleton. Once a month, new skin. Every 5 days, a new stomach lining. Even our DNA, which holds evolutionary information billions of years old, is completely new every 6 weeks. Even the physical cells of our brain aren’t the same as they were a year ago.

When we understand this knowledge, we become less attached to the material world because we realize that it’s only temporary. We look to the space within us and around us, from which every bit of information comes. We realize that this spaciousness is not empty at all and instead filled with intelligence.

Our reality is merely a holographic representation of the unified field, the realm of pure potential, an expression of Source consciousness. The void from which everything manifests is the only thing that is truly permanent. In essence, we are nothing… and nothing is everything.

Each day we draw in breaths and create energy signatures within our forms, but most of us do this unconsciously. On average, we think about 60, 000 thoughts per day and about 95% of those thoughts are the same as the ones we thought yesterday. We run the same old mental programs and unconsciously create the same energy patterns within our bodies.

If we take a look at the brain, we see that its cells have receptors for neuropeptides. The cells communicate to each other with these chemicals. In the same fashion, our enteric system has the same receptors. Our gut, which has over 100 million neurons, creates the same chemicals that the brain does: glutamine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA and norepinephrine. In fact, 95% of our bodies serotonin supply is actually found in our gut. Our brain is constantly taking orders from our gastrointestinal system. Similarly when we think anxious thoughts, our immune system is listening and is directly affected. When we receive a gut feeling, this is because the gut is responding to our anxious thoughts and creating chemicals in response to stress.

From this knowledge we can clearly ascertain that consciousness is not limited to the brain. It exists within the body, but it isn’t even confined to that either. The mind within our bodies is constantly aware of the passage of the Earth around our sun. It creates our circadian, biological and seasonal rhythms in accordance. It is intimately connected to the mind within the universe, to the unified field that exists all around us. We can clearly see that all separation is truly a grand illusion for we are the body, mind and spirit of God existing within the body, mind and spirit of God. All is one.

When we tap into the unified field, we can consciously create our energy signatures, our physical bodies and the chemical processes within them. We no longer are ruled by our thoughts or emotions because we realize we are a presence beyond the physical brain, beyond the desires of the ego. We no longer remain a victim of our circumstance and are free to live life in complete harmony with the moment. We begin to create from a place of pure potential without any fear of death because we realize there is no such thing. There is only consciousness.

So yes, I think it’s possible to know God without religion. When we mediate, we feel our God consciousness and understand that we truly are an eternal presence inhabiting a human form for a short while. Suddenly there is no fear of the afterlife. It’s plain to see that there is no heaven or hell aside from the ones we create within our own minds. We see there is no wrong or wright, no good or bad. All simply is. And with this knowledge, we are free.

Love Christina

Satcitananda Guided Meditation

Watch the video below for a guided meditation:

Satcitananda is a mantra that comes from the Vedanta philosophy. It is comprised of 3 Sanskrit words:

sat: pure being, existence, truth
cit: consciousness
ananda: bliss

When we enter into the moment, we experience Satcitananda. This is the experience of Brahman, the unbounded, ultimate reality that exists within and beyond our own. Everything comes from sat. Our pure being never leaves us and can be felt at all moments. From sat, comes cit: consciousness. We enter into the physical world to experience our pure being, to remember it and witness it reflected in all of creation. Often we mistake our judgements about our reality for pure being, when they are only thoughts about it. By entering deeply into the moment, we remember we are a presence beyond the mind, beyond thought, even beyond the physical reality we live in. We enter deeply into Satcitananda, where there is only truth, consciousness and complete bliss.

We enter the state of enlightenment naturally when we look upon beautiful sunsets, when we stare up at the incandescent heavens. But we don't have to wait for the beauty of our world to remind us of the truth. We can always return to it by simply remaining present and aware of the endless flow of life.

Love Christina


Let's Enter 4D Now!

I’ve been making it a habit to meditate for at least 20 minutes every day. After my practice, when I’m charged up with energy though still in a relaxed, theta brainwave state, I have been repeating positive affirmations out loud to myself. In the past I’ve warned against getting too attached to using The Secret, because ultimately we don’t really know what’s best for us… life does. But I still think it’s a useful tool for concentrating our energy and attention. Eventually if we repeat a statement enough times, we start to embody it. If that statement is a positive one, then even unconsciously we’ll be acting from a place of power, making choices to help further ourselves along.

I have been setting an intention to connect with other spiritual speakers on YouTube... Recently I was asked to be interviewed by another YouTuber, The Peace Dealer. Watch my interview here.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing another YouTuber, Brad Johnson. We talked about the ascension of the Earth and our extraterrestrial origins. I will be posting that interview soon up on my YouTube channel.

Brad confirmed my own ideas about how the ascension process of the Earth and the people here is inevitable... that we are entering into the 4th density. The future looks amazingly bright! To make this shift easier, simply stay in touch with the vibration of the Earth. All is well.

Love Christina

Brad Johnson Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Brad Johnson, a fellow YouTuber. You can watch our chat here:

In part 1 of the interview, Brad explains how extraterrestrials are highly spiritual beings that want to see humanity evolve! We go over accessing the Akashic Records and what it means to be a conscious matrix communicator.

In Part 2, Brad brings in Adronis from Sirius to confirm that the Earth truly is in an ascension process... that we are entering into a completely different density. In this new world, we will be able to communicate with one another on a much deeper level... energetically, telepathically. We will see new technologies implemented along with entirely new systems of education and government.

Adronis brings in some information about the dark side of the moon and tells us when we can expect first contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Brad Johnson is based out of Vancouver, BC. You can find him online here:


Love Christina

Life as an Empath

All throughout my life I’ve had “issues” with people. Growing up I felt extremely afraid in social situations. I was brought up with everything a child could ask for: horseback riding lessons, new toys, warm food and a cozy bed to sleep in. And while my mother wasn’t the greatest chef, somehow I stuck it out, thriving on Kraft Dinner mac and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I can’t really complain about my youth, considering how privileged I was compared to a significantly large amount of other kids, but sometimes things were difficult. My mother was a firm believer in the term “tough love” and when I did something bad, I was going to hear about it. In fact, even when I didn’t do anything bad, I was still going to hear about it, and so would half the block. And while now I can look back on my past lovingly and understand that I was dealing with a victim of an extremely large ego, as a child, I simply didn’t have the awareness to comprehend this notion. Now, I know that if one doesn’t take the time to question their beliefs, they may come to realize later on that they’ve been living their entire lives with the beliefs and values of others. And often, these beliefs can be harmful to not only others, but to the Self. I’m thankful for this knowledge, and I’m actually grateful for any suffering I endured throughout my childhood, because it brought me to this realization. My pain helped me awaken to the truth of how we choose our thoughts and create our reality.

It took me until my late teenage years to really start questioning my own belief patterns. Up until then I had been like a psychic sponge, taking on anyone else’s ideas and opinions about me. It started to dawn on me that I had been the victim of a victim of a victim, etc… and that it was up to ME to question the root of the ideas that shaped how I viewed myself and the world. I did some deep self-investigating, removing my limiting beliefs and replacing them with ones that empowered me. I took responsibility for my life and forgave the people who I had once blamed for my lack of self-confidence. I began to wake up to my power and it became easier and easier to speak my truth. I began to love myself for exactly who I was and I grew to learn that I could be myself around other people without fear, but strangely the anxiety was still there…

Being highly intuitive, able to understand and sense from a young age that I was much more than flesh and blood, I was naturally extremely sensitive to energy. At age 13 I taught myself how to meditate and work with my own energy. I became very aware of my inner body and the energy of others. I often tuned into this frequency, to this level of reality more so than the one I could see with my eyes. I became intensely fascinated with learning how to sense others’ energy and left myself open to “read” them. And while this opened up a new and exciting world for me to discover, it also bought on a whole slew of problems. I didn’t realize that I had to close myself off sometimes, that I had to learn how to protect myself from all the psychic sludge other people were giving off.

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