Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Message: Use the Pyramid Portal Power!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 22 degrees Leo will be opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Aquarius, the axis of creation, excitement, adventure, service, innovation.

Moon sextile Jupiter in 23 degrees Libra and Sun trine Jupiter: Old relationships will be renewed and revitalized. You may notice things about your partner that previously were unbeknownst to you. Subtle details about their personality will be intensely intriguing. Graced with new eyes and infinitely inspired by the world around you, expect to form new bonds with others. New friendships formed now may last a lifetime.

Moon trine Saturn in 25 degrees Sagittarius and Sun sextile Saturn: Use your emotionally maturity to make wise decisions for long term goals. A pragmatic outlook helps you deal logically with any stress arising. Re-visiting traditional methods and re-inventing them will prove useful.

Moon trine Uranus in 21 degrees Aries and Sun sextile Uranus: Step out of your comfort zone and trust that you’re being guided in every moment. Meeting new people now will be exciting and enlightening. Allow strangers to share their wisdom and offer the same in return. Be wary of stubbornness or an inability to let go of deeply engrained beliefs. Let go of the past and begin again anew. Focus on what your heart needs first so you can offer your love effortlessly to the world.

Mercury in 5 degrees Aquarius sextile Venus in 5 degrees Aries and Mars in 10 degrees Aries: Thoughts are powerfully clear right now with Mercury in the expansive, airy, and ever curious water-barer, Aquarius. With Mars in its natural home of Aries, expect to be more inspired by your inner feelings rather than the external world. Follow your impulses as your psychic sight is on point right now. With Mars and Venus conjunct added to the mix, what loving Venusian thoughts arise after sensing your powerful intuition?

With Venus retrograde March 4th until April 15th, this is a wonderful time to turn inward and ask yourself, “What do I truly love? What am I passionate about and am I directing my passion with full force?” If you have your Ascendant in Taurus or Libra, expect this time to be extra introspective for you.

Jupiter sextile Saturn: Exercising caution will prove beneficial now. Think about your long-term goals. If anyone or anything is affecting those goals negatively or causing you unnecessary pain, cut them/it loose. You don’t need to justify yourself to others who don’t have the capacity to listen. In fact, you don’t need to justify yourself or your actions at all. We’re not meant to be understood and nether is life. Overthinking and constantly feeding your anxiety won’t solve anything. Use the ruthless power of Saturn to say goodbye to what doesn’t serve the greater good of All. There is nowhere to go but here, and here you are already whole. Jupiter, currently retrograde, turns direct on June 10th, manifesting those long-term goals you’ve been patiently working on.

Jupiter opposite Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto in 18 degrees Capricorn: If you feel the need to rebel or escape, you’re not alone. Allow the pressure to build and transform you. Don’t resist it or else it may explode within your personal relationships and cause more harm than good. With Pluto in Capricorn, we want to be in control right now, calling the shots. Even more so with Uranus in Aries. The extent of our personal and greater power is dawning on us, but it will only be truly realized and utilized if we offer that power to others to serve the whole. What pressure is within you and how is it transforming you? What will you do with your power once it is birthed?

Saturn sextile Uranus: Along with the strong Mars energy present, Uranus is enabling us to focus more on ourselves lately. Come the eclipse, we’ll see that using our personal power to help others awaken will be more satisfying than anything. What electric insights did you come here to share? With the Saturn energy so strong right now, you have the power to turn your wildest fantasies into reality.

Uranus square Pluto: “Should I feed my ego by buying a pair of new shoes or should I help others to make myself look good?” Obviously, the latter choice seems to serve the whole, but taken from the perspective of mind alone, won’t actually create any lasting change. The whole is always a reflection of what’s inside. Heal your soul first, and your mind, body and external world will follow.

The pattern created at the Eclipse is called a mystic rectangle aspect pattern. The X in the centre of the rectangle represents the inner turmoil or pressure building, while externally we seem cool and collected. Allow the tension to build and find creative ways to find release. Don’t be afraid to open up to others about what you’re going through. Chances are, they’re feeling the intensity of energy just as much as you are.

On top of the rectangle, creating a 3D pyramid shape, we have Saturn, Father Time, holding everything together, reminding us to remain practical and slow down! This aspect will enable us to experience real magic if we learn to channel our energy into what serves us and the whole, rather than dispel it at others through venting, etc.

Have a happy Full Moon and see you soon!

Love Christina

Cancer Full Moon Message: What Gifts Will You Share?

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Cancer occurring on Jan. 12th, 2017 is opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Capricorn. Pluto in 17 degrees Capricorn is conjunct the Sun square Uranus in 20 degrees Aries, making our egos much more stubborn than usual. We desire freedom but hesitate to take action for fear of damaging our egos. While the Moon is asking us to flow with life, to express our fears and joys without restraint, we’re afraid to open up fully. If we do let go, however, the pressure of Pluto will lead us down an inexorable path of fate, creating an unalterable change within our Beings that will enable us to feel more deeply for ourselves and the world. With Jupiter in 22 degrees Libra and Uranus both square the Moon, we have a Grand Cross on our hands here that is bringing up quite a bit of tension.

Jupiter square Uranus: The desires to feed our egos and achieve solely for our small selves will be challenged by the world which we see. Can we continue to sit and do nothing for those who are suffering simply because we’re spiritual and “it’s all a part of the Divine Plan?”

Jupiter in Libra has shown us too many options for us to handle with grace. Thankfully, now with Mercury in 29 degrees Sagittarius beside Saturn in 22 degrees Sagittarius, we’re beginning to put all the puzzles pieces together to form a picture. We see that in order to fully serve ourselves we must serve the whole. To find true completion, we must offer our gifts to the world without want for anything in return. Our minds have been set free once again, after a ruthless Mercury retrograde, and once more we see that we are blessed beyond measure. With the awareness of our blessings, the choice to serve others becomes effortless and obvious.

Wise old man, Saturn, will be the one we turn to this Moon for the answers. Saturn trine Uranus is enabling us to do more, see more, branch out and do things we’ve been too afraid to try before. But we’re approaching these new ventures with caution and calculation. Jupiter sextile Saturn: We see that we must use our God given gifts to help others live happy and healthy lives. Indeed, we are all servants of the Divine.

Moon trine and Mars and Sun sextile Mars in 18 degrees Pisces: We are reminded that less is more right now. Trying to push against an oncoming current is futile. Better to let go and flow downstream.

Venus in 9 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune in 10 degrees Pisces and Mars: This is still very much a time to dream and allow your mind to wander to far off lands. What is it that you would love to create above all else? Use your powerful visions and ability to look into the unseen realms right now to bring your deepest fantasies to life. If you’re feeling extra sensitivity within romantic relationships, talk about it. There’s a good chance that your partner is feeling the same and may just be too scared to open up. With Venus and Mars conjunct, this is a romantic time to connect on a soul level.

With all the planets direct until Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6th, this is a powerful time to start new projects, but with the Piscean energy still lingering, don’t rush into anything! If you push too hard right now, your efforts will come crashing down hard on you.

Remember, if things get too tense during this Moon, take a break to do something out of the ordinary. Cancer, though extremely emotional at times, is also hilarious when they wake up to their emotional outbursts. Never take anything personally and please never take yourself or this life too seriously! God bless!

Love Christina

Taurus Full Moon Message: From Chaos Arises Truth

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Taurus occurs on November 14th 2016, opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Scorpio. With the Moon conjunct the minor planet Sedna in 25 degrees Taurus and Algol, the Demon Star, in 26 degrees Taurus, this moon will force tension to the surface. Sedna, Queen of the Ocean, represents victim mentality, a destructive tenacity that leads to the exploration of darker realms. With Algol so close, one of the most feared stars of all, the violence arising, perhaps self-inflicted, will make this Moon extra unstable. Ultimately the pain endured will push us to make the choice to take full responsibility for our actions. The star Zaurak in 23 degrees Taurus adds a serious tone to this Moon, but ultimately this will leave us with a greater understanding of the whole, perhaps with an entirely new perspective and purpose.

With the Sun conjunct the star Astraea, Goddess of Justice, in 21 degrees Scorpio and near Mercury in 3 degrees Sagittarius, we can clearly see the injustices occurring in our world and are being pushed into action. With the star Ceres in 23 degrees Aries, representing the mother, conjunct Eris, Goddess of War, in 22 degrees Aries, and near Uranus in 21 degrees Aries, we’re learning what yearnings from our hearts ring clear and true. The desire to embody our Highest Aspect may be so strong now that we’re willing to resort to violence to align with it.

With Mercury sextile Mars in 3 degrees Aquarius, Higher Dimensional information is pouring into us. Refrain from wasting energy trying to fix the external, always a reflection of what occurs within, and instead channel your electric insights into creative expressions to serve the Highest Good of All.

With Jupiter in 12 degrees Libra sextile Saturn in 12 degrees Sagittarius, our success will arise naturally from remaining grounded, practical, yet open-minded. As a complete Being who has come to the Earth to share your brilliant gifts, ask yourself now, “What did I come here to share?” Realize deeply that you’re unfolding exactly as you’re meant to. To laugh or scorn another for navigating through the human experience at a different rate is similar to mocking a flower who hasn’t yet bloomed: useless and insane. Hold space for those you encounter. Offer kindness, compassion and gratitude and watch the world respond with the same.

Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn square Jupiter and Uranus reminds us that the tension arising surrounding relationships and what we value most in life is truly teaching us more about the nature of our own consciousness. If you find themes of control, manipulation or obsession expressing themselves within your reality, ask yourself how they’re helping you grow. Perhaps the very thing that annoys you most is an aspect of your own psyche to explore in more depth? With our limited perspective of self, we often notice what we need to work on in ourselves, within the world we see. If triggered by a specific person, what would that person have to do in order for you to relax and offer love instead of judgement? Do that now and watch your world change. Trying to manipulate or control others will always prove to be an exercise in futility.

If you find yourself frustrated during this time of transition, ask yourself, “Who is frustrated?” You may find the answer, “I am,” comes shortly after. Question further: “Who is I?” With continuous self-inquiry into this simple question, you’ll come to find that only the small I, the ego, can maintain frustration. Only the limited perspective of the ego desires to change the moment you’re in, which is, of course, always exactly what you need for your Highest Evolution.

This Moon will be emotional and intense, but through the chaos will rise true strength of character, the Highest Beauty imaginable: an open heart with an unwavering knowledge of the truth. 

Love Christina

Gemini Full Moon Message: You Don't Need to Be Right!

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Gemini occurring on December 14th, 2016 will be opposite the Moon in 22 degrees Sagittarius. Along with communication, Gemini rules interacting with our direct environment. With the Moon in this position, you may feel pulled all over the place emotionally, excited by what you see around you. I consider Gemini to be the curious, playful, and intellectual child. This is an excellent time to follow your creative whims and try things you may have been too afraid to explore in the past.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 19 degrees Sagittarius opposite the Moon: You may be feeling very defensive right now, which may be creating some tension within your relationships. If others around you are extra opinionated or stubborn, remember that they too are processing the same emotions that you are. Always offer encouragement and compassion, and if you can’t find the strength to do this, walk away and return to the situation when you can. Holding onto anger or tenaciously needing to be “right” will put your evolution on hold. Life doesn’t unfold according to how your ego wants it to. You receive what you need when you need it. Often what annoys you the most about others is what you need to work on within your own Being. Say thank you to what the universe is presenting you and let it transform you. If the transformation is messy or uncomfortable, breathe deeply and slowly, and soon it will pass, leaving you stronger, wiser and more aware.

Moon trine Mars in 25 degrees Aquarius and Jupiter in 18 degrees Libra: Your thought process will be much more expanded than usual. The Moon trine Jupiter in particular will make you especially excited to connect to others and share these thoughts, making the Saturn/Sun conjunction a little more bearable. With the Moon sextile Uranus in 20 degrees Aries, emotions will be a little erratic, but once again, this position creates wonderful opportunities for you to get together with others and share visionary insights.

Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter and trine Uranus: Your ego may be especially inflated right now, as new ideas and exciting visions for the future enter your consciousness. Remember, that nothing you “create” is ever created by “you,” your mind or your body, which are not who you truly are at all. Nothing is permanent, nothing persists and nothing can be controlled.

“ In Buddhism, the three marks of existence are three characteristics (Pali: tilakkhaṇa; Sanskrit: trilakṣaṇa) of all existence and beings, namely impermanence (anicca), unsatisfactoriness or suffering (dukkha), and non-self (anattā).” – Wikipedia

Mercury in 12 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 16 degrees Capricorn: Your thoughts may be on the more serious side at the moment, but your practical focus will help you actually see your goals though into the physical. The power of Pluto will be completely transforming the way you view yourself, others and the world. The silver lining will be Neptune in 9 degrees Pisces sextile Mercury, reminding you to slow down, dream, and observe the beauty all around you.

Jupiter sextile Saturn and Saturn trine Uranus: What were merely ideas once before will now be tangible. With Jupiter opposite Uranus and square Pluto, you can clearly see how your dreams are manifesting into the physical. You may be more driven than usual to adhere to the desires of your own ego, which once again, may cause some rifts in relationships. Ask yourself, “How can I balance the desires of my heart with the desires of others? How can I remain non-attached to all desires?”

Uranus square Pluto: When others don’t meet your demands or understand your sentiment, you may feel the need to go off on your own and exclude others. Remember that this tension is arising within the entire collective to be cleared! Forgive yourself for being selfish and egotistical and step back into unity.

Overall, this Moon will bring up a lot of disharmony within relationships, but with forgiveness, awareness, and humility, old soul contracts will be released for good.

If the healing process is overwhelming, enter into a meditation and think about the person that is annoying you the most to make the chord-cutting process easier to handle. Ask yourself, “What would that person have to do or say in order for me to forgive them completely?” Then do or say exactly that! Offer your heart the Highest Love in the world and watch your external reality completely shift to match your new vibration.

Sending you warm wishes for the holidays and see you in the new year!

Love Christina

Aries Full Moon Message: Intense Desires and Massive Change!

The Full Moon in 23 degrees Aries opposite the Sun in 23 degrees Libra will be a fresh start for everyone. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, emerges from Pisces, the spiritual realm, unafraid and uninhibited, passionate to dive into life’s adventures. Soon, however, Aries learns that life isn’t always so pleasant, and thus the guard comes up to protect the innocent heart. The playful child becomes the warrior of light.

With the Moon conjunct both Uranus in 22 degrees Aries and the dwarf planet Eris in 23 degrees Aries, expect people to be on the defense. Eris, the dark goddess of war, Mars’ female counterpart, along with Uranus, planet of shock and spiritual awakening, will bring sudden impulses in relations of all kinds: family disputes, relationship quarrels, emotional disturbances and mood swings. With the Sun opposite Uranus, it may prove difficult to integrate all the changes occurring in your life right now.

With Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn conjunct Mars in 12 degrees Capricorn, we’re all feeling an increase in passion, which may manifest in our career, sex drive, or create a stronger lust for power. Remember that true power comes with a surrender to spirit.  

With Mars sextile Neptune in 9 degrees Pisces, you have the power to bring your dreams to life right now, but with Mars square Jupiter in 7 degrees Libra, your stubborn drive may be distracting you from your soul path. If you’re feeling the need for more, question what emotion the thing you desire will bring you. Then focus on that emotion now. The frequency you emit will naturally bring your desires to you. If you’re finding it difficult let go of yearning, question why you feel incomplete. With simple observation, you’ll realize that you can only feel incomplete when you think you are. When thinking stops, there is only Divine Perfection left over.

With Mercury sextile Saturn in 12 degrees Sagittarius, your thoughts thankfully will be on the more practical side, so when any tension does arise for you to deal with, you’ll be level-headed enough to not fall into delusion. With Jupiter sextile Saturn, staying grounded, remaining within the eye of the storm, will be your saving grace. Remember, negative events are not happening to you. They’re simply happening and always occurring for the evolution of your soul, whether the mind believes so or not. With Saturn still square Neptune, when life gets tough, it may be very desirable to fall into fantasy, but this will only make things more challenging for you.

With Mercury square Pluto and Mars, your drive may block you from making meaningful connections at this time if you let your happiness become dependent on specific outcomes. Focus on slowing down completely. Ask yourself, what is my Highest Joy in this moment? Then do that! When we complain about what we lack, when we cling to the past or long for an imaginary future, we cut ourselves off from the flow of energy and true power that wants to create miracles through us.

With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Libra, you may be desiring above all else for connection, but with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn along with Venus in 27 degrees Scorpio, this will prove a challenging time for harmony within relationships of all kinds.

With both Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn along with Venus in Scorpio, this will be a time where the truth is illuminated in relationships. Use the laser-like vision of Scorpio and the emotionally mature wisdom of Capricorn to discern who no longer deserves your precious energy. If someone in your life is casting negative judgement upon you, do not take it personally. When people constantly project out negativity, this only serves to illuminate their own deep-rooted self-hatred. In order to deal with that self-hatred, often people will latch onto a fake identity created in the mind to feel powerful, but this power is fake and highly unstable. When this identity is threatened by true beauty, power and truth, the weak and fearful mind-identified individuals will lash out with toxic emotion or thought in order to elevate their illusory selves. Do not give your power away to these people who essentially have the consciousness of children. These people have forgotten how to connect to the endless fountain of love that exists within them and thusly seek to feed off others around them.

If someone is constantly projecting out toxic emotion onto you, they are usually highly UNCONSCIOUS and in pain, plain and simple. An awakened being does not feel the need to ever cut another being down. Offer the Highest Love to unconscious beings stuck in the mind. Remind them of who they are by slowing down and remaining present. Remind them that they don’t have to defend or project any self created within the mind.

The good news is that the deeply inferior ego of the wounded is an accumulation of thoughts about a self that doesn’t even exist. The superior ego created to hide the deeply insecure self also doesn’t exist. When we all wake up and realize that we don’t have to fight to protect anything, suddenly nothing is personal. Life starts working for us, rather than against us.

We grow with encouragement. No matter what anyone says or does to you, always offer love.

If you’re living in service to self mode, this will be fully illuminated at the Full Moon. If you find yourself to have more than you have now, to be more than you are now, this will only reflect back to you a reality that is created within scarcity mentality. Question, “Who am I?” The observer that witnesses your thoughts, your emotions and this temporal world does need anything to feel complete, safe, blissful and free. Focus on maintaining a connection to the part of you that is eternal, the silent watcher.

Once you feel connected to the limitless creative potential flowing into you at all moments, ask yourself, “What did I come here to share with the world? What world do I want to create?”

Love Christina

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