Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny (E-Course starts 11.22.14)

Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny

A 2-Week Course Designed to help you get connected to your heart so you can express your greatest joy fearlessly!

Nov. 22, 2014 - Dec. 5, 2014

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During this 2-week course, you will discover simple yet effective techniques to help you remove limiting thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. You’ll learn how to place your attention on thoughts that will empower to create an abundant life filled with peace, bliss, joy, love and happiness.

You’ll discover what your heart wants on a Spiritual, Physical and Financial level and learn manifestation techniques to help you create the life you know you deserve!

5 meditation techniques are included in this course: Mindfulness Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Qigong Meditation, so you can begin to develop a daily spiritual practice of your own.

And finally you will find out what you specifically came here to do! You’ll learn how to take your dreams and turn them into a do-able plan of action!

This course consists of 6 reading segments, 7 exercises and 6 private instructional videos. Throughout the duration of the course, you will be able to talk one on one with Christina through email and have any questions answered.

On Dec. 5th you will also receive the complete e-book version of this course.



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The course will begin through email on Nov. 22, 2014 and run till Dec. 5, 2014.

The course will be assigned to your PayPal email address.

If you do not have access to this email address, I can arrange to transfer

your course to a different email address after payment.


You will receive a welcome email outlining the course immediately after registration.


Taurus Full Moon Message: Shine Your Unique Light!

The full moon in Taurus, happening on Nov. 6th, 2014 is opposite the sun in Scorpio. Venus and Saturn are also in Scorpio, which means the energies are going to be intense baby!

Taurus represents what we value in life. What do you want out of your life? What are you passionate about? What did you come here to specifically do? What does your heart want? Not what your spouse wants, not what the media wants of you, but what do YOU want?

Everyone is unique and YOU have come here to express your own unique vibration. The Scorpio energy, especially in Saturn, is showing you where you may be deluding yourself. Saturn is control, discipline, the teacher of all the other teachers, and in intense, truth-seeking Scorpio, you’re getting to see (whether you like or not) exactly where you are placing your attention, and if that effort is truly paying off. Are you seeing any results from the effort you’re putting in, or are you wasting energy on things that do not deserve your time?

Saturn in Scorpio is ruthless and anything that may be stopping you from achieving success, from the having the life that you know you deserve, is going to be brought to light now. Sometimes this comes in the form of a cleansing. Saturn in Scorpio is showing us exactly what isn’t serving us so we have no other choice but to let go of it. So for me personally, I’ve have been shown that I have been overcomplicating things again and I’ve had to completely rearrange my life plan, drop things I was working on, and start anew.

You’re going to be clearly shown what is working and what isn’t so I highly suggest you do pay attention what you’re being shown, and then let go of what isn’t working for you. Changing your plans and cutting ties isn’t failure. It’s change, it’s growth, it’s progress and it’s paramount that you do it Now!

To help with this consolidation process, I’ll share with you my Night Routine:

Before bed each night, I’ve been making it a habit to go over my day in my mind. I go over all the amazing things that happened and re-live them through my imagination and celebrate them. Then I think about all the “bad” things that happened and I re-play them in my head the way they could have gone. Doing this heals the past and transforms the future. Watching myself talk easily with someone who, in my usual daily life I may have trouble communicating with, allows me to bring that into my waking world. The following day, I still carry that strong, positive image with me and I see it manifested before my eyes. I dissolve tensions with this easy exercise.

Then before sleeping, I cut any cords that are connected to me. I think about all the negative emotions that I’ve felt during the day and I picture them as cords connected to me. And one after the other, I slice through them, freeing myself entirely. I cut ties with anybody who has upset me. I forgive everybody who needs it. I let go of the past, I let go of the day. And I wake completely refreshed, with nothing holding me back. Even thoughts from the previous day, I am no longer burdened with. I re-create myself anew each night and wake up as that new person each morning. Feel free to try this out for yourself!

You are being fully supported!

Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn and are in harmonious flow with the moon in Taurus. They are providing you with the energy, drive and power to succeed, to climb the mountain of success, to start the business you’ve always wanted to start. Now is the time. Don’t hold back. Speak your truth and shine your unique light for the world to see!

This moon has reminded me of how lucky I am. I have been clearly shown that I already have everything I need to be happy. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat. I have a family who cares about me. I have friends who love me dearly and support my dreams. I have my health. I have time to create and every opportunity in the world for growth. But I’ve also been reminded of the extra things in life which I want, which I haven’t thought about in a long time. Taurus represents possessions and being surrounded in beauty, and I have been thinking about everything that I want out of this life once more in terms of material things. But with the help of Saturn, which shows no mercy, I have been able to focus on the material things which are actually going to benefit me, help drive me forward, and help me help others.

We all need beauty.

As humans we need to see beauty and feel it, and that doesn’t mean looking like Barbie dolls. It means connecting to our truth, our light, and expressing that. When you connect to what you truly want, to what makes you excited, and you express that, the beauty that emanates from you is true beauty and is so powerful. Surrounding yourself in beauty could mean a variety of things. What kind of things make you happy? For me I’ve realized how important my friends are to me. I’ve decided that I want to print a bunch of photos and put them up on my walls, so I can be reminded daily of how beautiful my life is. Nature is beautiful to me, so I want to bring plants into my home. Beauty is different to everyone. Whatever makes your heart sing is beauty to you, so follow that and don’t be afraid to show and celebrate it.

Take this full moon to ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” and then express it! That’s what you came here to do. You didn’t come here to fit into someone else’s box or label or idea of reality. You came here to create your own reality and that will never be able to fit into a box.

To cope with all the change occurring, still your body and let your mind expand without limit. Use your limitless imagination to create yourself and your life.

Love Christina

Aries Full Moon Message: Stay in Your Power! 1 Week Challenge: Stay in Love and Be Fully Present.

The full moon in Aries happening on October 8th, 2014 is an eclipse opposite the sun in Libra. Check out what’s in store:

Eclipses are the most powerful transit you can experience. They represent endings and new beginnings. Wherever Aries is in your natal chart is where you are getting a fresh start! For me, my Mars is Aries, which means my energy is quite childlike. I have bursts of energy, get extremely talkative and then need to sulk in the corner for a while alone… but then I burst back up a moment later inspired. It can be a lot to handle for me, let alone the people around me! I’m learning where I have been too childlike in my actions, refusing to be mindful of others’ feelings. Mars also represents sex. I’m also learning how important it is to truly give yourself to your partner, to fully surrender to the moment and to each other. When you can be fully present with the person you’re with, you activate a magnificent, sacred power. Try total vulnerability. I dare you!

Mercury went retrograde on the 4th and it stays there until the 24th. Expect some communication and travel difficulties… lost emails and traffic jams. On the upside, you will most likely run into old friends and be able to connect with them on a much more heartfelt level. Mercury retrograde gives you a break from the mind and allows you to enter into your emotions. It’s a true blessing if you go with it.

The sun squares Pluto exact on the 4th and opposes Uranus exact on the 7th. Uranus is coupled with the moon in Aries which opposes the sun in Libra, Venus in Libra and the N. Node in Libra. This opposition is asking you to look at where you are being to warrior like with yourself, your relationships, and you’re future. Where are you rushing through life and rejecting the moment? What aspect of life are you rejecting and running from when you know deep down that the moment is your point of power? Uranus, the awakener, might shock you into a sudden understanding about where you have been deceiving yourself. This can be alarming, but ultimately, makes you stronger. Whatever situation you’re in, you can handle it! Know that and trust in yourself entirely. Remove doubt and stick to your gut!

This full moon is bringing to light what was previously hidden from you. Pluto is showing you where you have been unconsciously giving your power away through jealousy, manipulation, anger, greed, fear and frustration. Remember that people who are in their full power feel no need to manipulate or exert force over others. That’s fear masking as strength. True power lies in peace and patience. Powerful people have no need to get angry at others for making mistakes for they understand that’s how we grow. Don’t take things too personally or seriously. When you are in your power, nothing and no one can hurt you.

With the Aries energy, it might be a little easier to get triggered, especially if the people around you are embodying the warrior aspect of this energy. Remember to stay grounded and connected to your body. Feel the aliveness within you and stay rooted in the Now.

Know that YOU have created your life. Where you are now is a product of your past choices. Realizing that fully by taking responsibility for yourself instead of blaming others for your circumstance, is the one of the most courageous things you can do. From a place of strength, you can move forward. Use this eclipse to let go of whatever does not serve you anymore. If you’ve been giving your power away to negative thoughts, people, situations through complaining and judging, make the choice now to stop.

1 Week Challenge: Stay in Love and Be Fully Present.

I’ve realized that I have a tendency to give my power away through anger. I allow silly things in my environment to trigger me and my fire starts to burn. It doesn’t help me in any way and it scares the c*** out of the ones I love. (I’m sure all you dragons out there can relate…) I know that my rage issues are keeping me locked in fear, limited, and drained of vital energy. So I’ve decided to give myself a 1 week challenge. For 1 week, I will not judge myself, my situation, nor the people in it. I will not complain, bicker, gossip or feed negative thoughts and emotions. I will stay in love and remain present. I will not let my ego reign. If anger comes up, I will acknowledge it and then let it go.

I will give my Higher Self room to speak through me and I will watch how staying present on a high vibration will create miracles within my life. I am going to fully practice what I preach to prove to myself that my theories actually work. I will not let my external world take me away from my inner peace. I will trust in the moment, trust in the flow of life and trust in myself. I will believe entirely that the universe is a mirror of me and that if I continue to be love in all moments, my outer world will match. I will focus on loving myself completely and know that only when I do, will I be able to fully appreciate others around me. Only when I feel completely abundant, will my external abundance manifest. If I get triggered, I will not allow myself to fall into anger and no matter how hard it is to stop worrying about time, I won’t. Instead I will trust that I will be able to do everything I want to do in life. I will act as if I have limitless time, love, energy, power and potential, because in truth, I do. We all do! And it’s time to stop hiding from how magnificent we all are!

I invite you to join me for this week of joy! I will be meditating every day and afterwards, repeating some uplifting affirmations.

Feel free to use any of these affirmations in your own practice:

-          I wake up excited each day. I love my life.

-          I remain present and in love. I am connected to my spirit.

-          I am respected and loved. I give love freely.

-          I am healthy and young. I am free to do as I please.

-          I have all the time in the world.

-          I am confident and talk easily with others. I make friends easily.

-          I am surrounded my amazing, funny, intelligent, creative, spiritual people who inspire me, teach me, and love me for who I am.

-          I am abundant. I have what I need to do what I want whenever I want to do it.

-          I remind everyone I encounter of their Divine nature.

-          I am free in every moment to be me.

-          I am fearless.

-          All my dreams come true.

Here’s a lil’ trick to make this week easier: If you feel especially triggered and feel yourself wanting to give your power away through anger, etc… throw on some music and dance out that energy instead. Channel your rage into art. Move your body and step back into the moment.

I will be reporting to you guys on what happens to me during this experiment. Feel free to let me know what kinds of miracles occur within your own life. Expect amazing things to happen and they will!


Love Christina

What is Qigong? What is Qi? How to Sense Qi.

Qigong, pronounced chee gung, is an ancient Chinese system of healing and energy medicine.

The documented history of qigong dates back to around 2,500 years, however, Chinese archeologists and historians and found references to qigong-like techniques five thousand years old, or older. The earliest evidence of these qigong-like movements were actually dances performed by shamans, depicted in rock paintings throughout China.

Qi is the Chinese word for “life energy” and gong means “work” or “benefits acquired through perseverance and practice.” Qigong is the art and science of using breath, movement and meditation to cultivate, strengthen and cleanse qi.

Practicing qigong enables us to be able to work with our own energy, as well as the energy of nature. Qi animates all living things. When we appreciate a beautiful tree, we are sensing the qi within it. We realize a unity: In truth, there is no separation between us and the tree. At its core, everything is energy. All is one.

Qi has been associated with electromagnetic energy, biochemical processes, bioluminescence, and consciousness. There are over 3,600 different kinds of qigong in China. The practices can either be martial, medical or spiritual. All forms involve a posture, breathing techniques and awareness. Some practices increase qi, while others work to circulate it, cleanse it, or emit it to others. Techniques can either be active or passive. Active forms of qigong include movement. The entire body moves from one posture to the next, as though performing a dance. The masculine quality, Yang, is active, yet it conceals the feminine quality, Yin, within. Outside there is movement while inside, the mind is peaceful and quiet. With passive forms of qigong, the body is externally Yin, still on the outside, while the mind is Yang on the inside, active and alert, paying close attention to the qi.

Qigong can be practiced by all age groups, including the elderly and physically challenged. It can be practiced daily to reduce stress, improve the immunity, increase vitality and build stamina. It has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic functions within the body. Qigong is not a cure-all, but is a highly-effective form of health care practice. It can be used in combination with traditional healing methods.

Qigong practice involves the meridian systems used in acupuncture and helps us cultivate a deeper understanding of our own beings. Consistent practice unifies the mind, body and spirit. It helps us remain connected to our childlike vitality throughout our entire lives. We age gracefully and heal much quicker. The inner transformation that practicing qigong provides us with is also translated to our outer world. We see greater harmony, stability and joy within our lives. As we release blockages within, anything in our external realities stopping us from reaching our highest potential is cleared.

There are many different sources of qi:

Breath qi from respiration.

Food qi from diet.

Original qi inherited by parents or from the universe.

Internal qi from inside the body.

External qi emanating from the body.

Nutritive qi that flows inside the meridians.

Protective qi which protects us against illness.

The Three Dan Tians

There are three dan tians in the body. The lowest is the most important energy center and is often referred to as dan tian or lower dan tian. It holds qi and jing, sexual energy, and pushes it through the body. It is associated with sexuality and vitality and is located just beneath the navel in the lower abdomen.

The middle dan tian holds qi and is related to breathing and the health of the internal organs. It is located at the level of the heart.

The upper dan tian holds shen, spiritual energy, and is located at the level of the third eye. It is related to the energy of consciousness and to the brain.

The three dan tians are like batteries that can be recharged. Focusing on the lowest dan tian to cultivate qi is a common practice.

The Three Treasures

There are three forms of energy known as the Three Treasures. These are Jing, Qi and Shen. These energy forms can be thought of as body, mind and spirit. Cultivating jing creates qi. Cultivating qi creates shen. The cultivation of shen returns us to the infinite.


Jing is the most Yin form of qi. Associated with the water element, it flows downward to the lowest dan tian and manifests as semen, sperm, vaginal lubricants, ova and menstrual blood. The Yang aspect is expressed as saliva. Jing is the energy of growth, increasing during youth and finally peaking at age twenty-one. Diminishing jing is associated with signs of aging, low libido, graying hair, poorer memory and osteoporosis.

Jing is created from the kidneys and lungs and sits in the lower dan tian. It flows through our bones and keeps them healthy and strong. It is the energy that creates our bone marrow and the grey matter of our brain. Anything that helps to improve the functioning of the kidneys and lungs will help increase jing. Regular qigong practice helps cultivate jing naturally. Jing has three external sources: our parents, the food we consume and our sexual partners. Sexual qigong practices can increase jing.


Qi is created in the spleen and sits in the middle dan tian. It flows through the main meridians and is associated with the air element. It manifests as breath but easily escapes through the mouth and nose unless conserved by practicing meditative breathing.

Blood is considered to be a qi component of our beings produced from the food we ingest after the qi has been extracted through the spleen. The red blood cells are nutritive and Yang while the white blood cells are protective and Yin. A daily qigong practice helps to cultivate qi.


Shen energy is associated with the element fire and is created in the liver and heart. It flows through our extra meridians and exits our eyes. Shen resides in the upper dan tian and is considered a Yang form of energy. Dancing and exercise can help us understand shen. Daily meditation practice can help us replenish shen. Shen is spiritual and psychic energy. When we practice meditation, we close our eyes and allow the fire we usually send out into the world to illuminate our inner world. Shen is lost when we spend too much time worrying about others. To cultivate shen, meditate.


How to Sense Qi

Qi is sensed differently from person to person. It may feel like an electric pulse for some people. It may arise as a bubbling sensation for others. When scanning an individual, there are eight common sensations healers will feel: coldness, warmth, numbness, vibration, tingling, pain, fullness and aching. When a person is healthy, their Yin and Yang will be balanced. Qi and blood will flow easily and naturally.

Qi flows vertically and horizontally through our bones, meridians and extra meridians. When a healer is scanning someone’s body, excess energy will often be felt as a pushing while a deficiency will be felt as a pulling. Excess Yang energy will often be sensed as warmth and tingling. On a physical level, there will sometimes be accompanying redness or inflammation in the area. When someone has a Yang deficiency, the healer’s hand will sometimes be “dragged” to the area of concern and not be readily movable from there. The energy will be felt usually be felt as an aching or numbness. When the palm feels cool energy, this indicates a Yang deficiency, which often refers to a blood deficiency, qi deficiency, or both.

Create a Qi Energy Ball

To start learning how to sense qi, you can create a qi energy ball in your own palms. Begin by standing comfortably. Relax your whole body, especially the joints. Keep your neck relaxed and your head suspended gently over your spine. Make sure your jaw is relaxed along with the muscles in your face. You may choose to allow your tongue to gently rest on the upper palate of your mouth. Sink your shoulders and elbows. Remain erect but relaxed. Drop your body weight through your body. Let it sink through your feet into the floor beneath you, grounding you. You want a solid foundation or “roots” so qi can easily flow and sway through you as it would a tree. Relax your chest and belly. Make sure your spine is straight, but your hips are relaxed. Breathe deep through your nose into your abdomen and let the air gently fall back out through your nose. Sense the air entering and exiting your being. Make sure you’re not standing in the Military posture, with your chest puffed out too far, which does not allow for proper qi flow.

Gently raise your hands, palms facing one another, until they are straight in front of you, elbows at a 90 degree angle. Bring your palms together and rub vigorously for a minute. When the minute is up, slowly bring your palms apart, still facing each other until they are about an inch apart. See if you can feel a tingling or a pushing sensation. The sensation will be similar to the feeling you perceive when you try to put two like magnets together. Play with the distance of your palms and see if you can stretch the qi ball you have created. With practice, sensing qi becomes easier and easier.

After you create a qi ball, it’s a good idea to send the energy somewhere. I like to send it into my auric field to protect me throughout the day. To do this, opens your arms on either side of you until they are stretched out fully. Turn your palms up to face the sky. Raise your arms until they meet above your head. Your palms should be facing one another. Then gently let your arms float down in front of you. Your fingertips will face one another as you close down the qi and ground yourself. Let your arms float back down beside you.

Love Christina

You are a PERFECT Divine Being with Infinite Potential and Power!

I was unpacking in my new place and was suddenly struck with a wave of complete bliss. Information flooded into me and I had to share. This vlog is all about practicing presence and remembering your Divine nature:

I’ve been dedicating myself to the moment, and realizing that whatever moment I’m in IS my purpose for being. By surrendering and accepting where I am entirely, I’ve been able to enter into the most profound states of peace and joy.

When you stop the mind and enter into your Being, the only thing you’re left with is your consciousness. You see that in truth, you are PERFECT and COMPLETE. You are EVERYTHING and don’t need anything to feel happy. How could anything outside you bring you more love when you already are that love? All the love in the world exists within your very being. Embodying that love is as simple as becoming still enough to sense it.

When you enter fully into the Now, there is no more wanting. There is no more need to dwell in the past or long for an imaginary future. The Now becomes so brilliant, so shimmering with life, that you realize being in the moment IS your purpose. You see, feel and understand entirely that you are a completely Divine being with infinite potential and power. Your very existence becomes a miracle. Each moment, a gift.

The ego will always try to sway you into believing that you have to worry about time. It will try and deceive you into thinking that another moment in the future is going to bring you more joy than you can experience now. It will constantly judge and criticize others to feed itself, to keep you locked in separation. Don’t be fooled!

Die, before you die, and realize that there is no death… just consciousness. Stop latching onto the need to think, analyze and worry. Refuse to be defined by labels. Know that the mind is a tool. Use it and don’t let it use you. Return to presence. Take in a deep breath and know deeply that you came here to experience, to simply be.

Every moment is perfect. Everything that transpires in this reality is a part of the unfolding of consciousness, or rather the play of consciousness. All the negative aspects… yes, still good, still a part of you. Let go of your attachment to suffering to create an identity, and stop. Feel the aliveness within your body and all around you.

You are already complete. You came here to experience and learn through that perfection. There are no mistakes. Trust in yourself and be free.

Love Christina

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