A Decor Idea + Conscious Artist: The Ancient Infinite

I've decided to start featuring Conscious Artists on my channel: artists who create work that inspire others to wake up and spiritually evolve. Artists that are helping raise the awareness of the collective consciousness and in turn, raise the vibration of our beautiful planet! If you are an artist that creates art to help people grow, email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and I'd be happy to promote your work! I'm interested in art of all kinds: drawing, painting, sculpture, music, etc...

I recently picked up a gorgeous labradorite stone necklace from a craft market in New Westminster, BC. It was made by Lynda & Al's One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Designs. They take custom orders: 604-754-0041.

Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family and was first discovered in Labrador, Canada. It is,  however, referenced in older Inuit tribes and is claimed to have fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis.

It's a magical stone, the choice of shamans and healers, that awakens one's innate psychic abilities. It strengthens the aura and can bring up memories from this life and past lives to be healed. It protects the wearer from the negativity and misfortunes of this world, allowing him/her to safely enter into deeper states of consciousness or visionary states. There is also a major healing aspect to the stone, helping the wearer to overcome addictions.

The Ancient Infinite

I recently fell in love with a new musician! He goes by the name of The Ancient Infinite. He makes folk music, but it is oh-so-much more! His lyrics are clever, trippy and hilarious and often include aliens, psychedelics, spirituality, and conspiracy theories as a theme. His raw, emotionally-charged, witty vocals had me hooked the first time I listened to him sing.

In my newest video, I paint a mural on my wall and feature 3 songs from The Ancient Infinite:

A Space Suit Odyssey
Do What I Can
Satanic Mind Control

Check out The Ancient Infinite's websites and give him a like:


Love Christina


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Qigong Meditation: Clear Your Mind

A while ago I read the book, "The Way of Qigong" by Kenneth S. Cohen, and found a really enjoyable meditation to help clear away mental fogginess. I do this meditation often after staring too long at the computer screen or when I need a mental reset. It also is great for alleviating headaches.

This meditation is from the Taiji Quan style of Qigong and was first introduced to the Western world by Dr. Stephen Chang. To begin:

1. Sit comfortably with a straight back. Place your hands wherever feels comfortable.

2. Close your eyes and simply become aware of your breath. Breath naturally.

3. Take a deep inhalation through your nose. Imagine a beautiful white mist travelling up your tailbone and entering your spine. Imagine your tailbone and spine as hollow tubes for the mist to travel through.

4. Allow the mist to enter your lower back, mid back and upper back, then travel up into your neck and finally, brain.

5. Let the mist swirl around in your brain travelling to any dark spots in your mind's eye, anywhere that needs attention.

6. Let the mist exit your head, tainted, and travel out into the world to be transmuted into light.

7. Exhale toxic qi through the mouth. Return to normal breathing.

8. Repeat the process of sending qi up into your brain another 2 times. On the final round, part the clouds in your head to make way for a beautiful turquoise sky. Sit with the sky for a little while. You may even feel as though you have become one with the sky. Hold this image for as long as you can and then return to your day refreshed.

To deepen your meditation practice:

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Love Christina

Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny (E-Course starts 11.22.14)

Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny

A 2-Week Course Designed to help you get connected to your heart so you can express your greatest joy fearlessly!

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Find Your Life Purpose Align Your Desires With Your Destiny (with titles)small


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The course will be assigned to your PayPal email address.

If you do not have access to this email address, I can arrange to transfer

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You will receive a welcome email outlining the course immediately after registration.


Why Staying Happy is an Important Choice to Make!

I believe that when you’re happy you’re are more in touch with what you are. You are more intimately connected to your true self, and to Source consciousness. When you say goodbye to delusional thoughts of unworthiness and connect to your spirit, you realize that at your core, you are an eternal presence and that presence is completely loving. At your core there is a bliss that never leaves you, different from the fleeting pleasure experienced from passing situations and emotions.

How do you connect to your true Being?

I like to dance. I like to shake my body and swerve my spine. It moves me out of my head and into my body, into my spirit. I become one with the dance and one with the moment:

I like to meditate. I become the silent watcher, observing the in-out flow of my breath, aware of the aliveness within me and all around me.

I also like to push my body to the limit. Run as fast as a can. Jump of cliffs into freezing cold water. Why? Because of the presence these activates bring. When I exercise, I don’t have time to dwell in the past or worry about the future. I exist in the Now and enter fully into the moment.

Why is staying on a high vibration important?

When all thoughts disappear and you enter into your Being, there is no choice for you but to experience true love. There is no more seeking to find it. From this place of pure presence and bliss, consciousness, energy, God, whichever you prefer, can work through you. The light you came here to spread into this world can be emitted easily. From this place of true power, you have more power to create. You came here to experience, to learn, to love and to create, didn’t you?

Feeling good and having an amazing life is a choice and making that choice is as easy as entering into the Now and accepting that you are already perfect.

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Love Christina

Taurus Full Moon Message: Shine Your Unique Light!

The full moon in Taurus, happening on Nov. 6th, 2014 is opposite the sun in Scorpio. Venus and Saturn are also in Scorpio, which means the energies are going to be intense baby!

Taurus represents what we value in life. What do you want out of your life? What are you passionate about? What did you come here to specifically do? What does your heart want? Not what your spouse wants, not what the media wants of you, but what do YOU want?

Everyone is unique and YOU have come here to express your own unique vibration. The Scorpio energy, especially in Saturn, is showing you where you may be deluding yourself. Saturn is control, discipline, the teacher of all the other teachers, and in intense, truth-seeking Scorpio, you’re getting to see (whether you like or not) exactly where you are placing your attention, and if that effort is truly paying off. Are you seeing any results from the effort you’re putting in, or are you wasting energy on things that do not deserve your time?

Saturn in Scorpio is ruthless and anything that may be stopping you from achieving success, from the having the life that you know you deserve, is going to be brought to light now. Sometimes this comes in the form of a cleansing. Saturn in Scorpio is showing us exactly what isn’t serving us so we have no other choice but to let go of it. So for me personally, I’ve have been shown that I have been overcomplicating things again and I’ve had to completely rearrange my life plan, drop things I was working on, and start anew.

You’re going to be clearly shown what is working and what isn’t so I highly suggest you do pay attention what you’re being shown, and then let go of what isn’t working for you. Changing your plans and cutting ties isn’t failure. It’s change, it’s growth, it’s progress and it’s paramount that you do it Now!

To help with this consolidation process, I’ll share with you my Night Routine:

Before bed each night, I’ve been making it a habit to go over my day in my mind. I go over all the amazing things that happened and re-live them through my imagination and celebrate them. Then I think about all the “bad” things that happened and I re-play them in my head the way they could have gone. Doing this heals the past and transforms the future. Watching myself talk easily with someone who, in my usual daily life I may have trouble communicating with, allows me to bring that into my waking world. The following day, I still carry that strong, positive image with me and I see it manifested before my eyes. I dissolve tensions with this easy exercise.

Then before sleeping, I cut any cords that are connected to me. I think about all the negative emotions that I’ve felt during the day and I picture them as cords connected to me. And one after the other, I slice through them, freeing myself entirely. I cut ties with anybody who has upset me. I forgive everybody who needs it. I let go of the past, I let go of the day. And I wake completely refreshed, with nothing holding me back. Even thoughts from the previous day, I am no longer burdened with. I re-create myself anew each night and wake up as that new person each morning. Feel free to try this out for yourself!

You are being fully supported!

Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn and are in harmonious flow with the moon in Taurus. They are providing you with the energy, drive and power to succeed, to climb the mountain of success, to start the business you’ve always wanted to start. Now is the time. Don’t hold back. Speak your truth and shine your unique light for the world to see!

This moon has reminded me of how lucky I am. I have been clearly shown that I already have everything I need to be happy. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat. I have a family who cares about me. I have friends who love me dearly and support my dreams. I have my health. I have time to create and every opportunity in the world for growth. But I’ve also been reminded of the extra things in life which I want, which I haven’t thought about in a long time. Taurus represents possessions and being surrounded in beauty, and I have been thinking about everything that I want out of this life once more in terms of material things. But with the help of Saturn, which shows no mercy, I have been able to focus on the material things which are actually going to benefit me, help drive me forward, and help me help others.

We all need beauty.

As humans we need to see beauty and feel it, and that doesn’t mean looking like Barbie dolls. It means connecting to our truth, our light, and expressing that. When you connect to what you truly want, to what makes you excited, and you express that, the beauty that emanates from you is true beauty and is so powerful. Surrounding yourself in beauty could mean a variety of things. What kind of things make you happy? For me I’ve realized how important my friends are to me. I’ve decided that I want to print a bunch of photos and put them up on my walls, so I can be reminded daily of how beautiful my life is. Nature is beautiful to me, so I want to bring plants into my home. Beauty is different to everyone. Whatever makes your heart sing is beauty to you, so follow that and don’t be afraid to show and celebrate it.

Take this full moon to ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” and then express it! That’s what you came here to do. You didn’t come here to fit into someone else’s box or label or idea of reality. You came here to create your own reality and that will never be able to fit into a box.

To cope with all the change occurring, still your body and let your mind expand without limit. Use your limitless imagination to create yourself and your life.

Love Christina

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