Celebrate Every Moment!

We’ve been taught to celebrate only when we’ve accomplished goals, when we’re happy, when things are going our way. But this frame of mind keeps us stuck on a low vibration. It enforces the idea that negative emotions and situations are bad and that we should feel guilty about them. Which, of course, is the farthest thing from the truth. But to our minds, it seems that way, and still being a mostly mind-identified society, we listen.

Sometimes our guilt and shame about being “less than good/Godly” (which is impossible) becomes a source of aliveness for us. We attach to our negative emotions and use them as a source of identify, to feel separate, which delights our egos. An illusory power comes with this deception, which makes it seemingly more difficult to let go of our false identities and surrender to the moment.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve re-learned recently that will change your outlook on life, if not your life itself:

Negative emotions/people/events aren’t bad. They’re simply there to remind you that you’ve stepped out of alignment with your highest virtue.


Continually fighting against yourself and your life circumstance will only serve to keep you stuck in time and prevent you from ascending to a higher state of awareness. If you choose to stop viewing negative things as bad and realize that no matter what form life takes, it always has to be Godly/divine, because that’s all there is, then you’re free.

I invite you to stop running from you’re “negative” emotions and instead, invite them with a vigor. You’ll soon see that it’s only when you run from something that it has any power over you. Celebrate your negative emotions as if they were positive ones. Celebrate negative people, negative events as a part of the divine, as a part of God.

And remember, you only feel negative emotions when you’re out of alignment with your Higher Self. You only feel “bad” when you’re living in alignment with the intentions of others. Celebrate your genius! Celebrate the beautiful guidance system you’ve been given to help you spiritually evolve!

Set an intention that aligns with your highest truth!

The next time you’re feeling blue, ask yourself: Am I in alignment with my highest good? Am I making decisions that are helping me evolve? Am I treating my body with respect, feeding myself good food, exercising? Am I treating others with the respect that I want? Am I choosing to give love in every situation no matter what form it takes, even negative?

If you find out you’ve been led astray by your cunning mind, take a deep breath, become centered and realize that EVERY moment is an opportunity for you to start again. Look at your negative emotions as a chance for you to do a mental/emotional/physical and spiritual reset. You’ve fallen off your evolutionary path and have been swept up by your mind. It happens. To everyone. No biggie.

Begin again. Set an intention for your life that suits your highest good. What did you specifically come to Earth to do? What do you want to create? What kind of person do you want to be/want to be remembered as? What impact do you want to leave on this world?

In my own daily practice, I’ve been setting the intention to be the highest love, to speak the words of highest love, to embody the highest love, to embody my Highest Self, my highest wisdom… no matter what circumstance I’m faced with, yes, even “negative.”

This simple yet powerful practice of setting an intention instantly changes your vibration. Suddenly you’re not walking around with the intention of the collective consciousness. You’re empowered, happy, centred and free.

The power to create a beautiful life is in your hands. Stop waiting to celebrate life and choose to do so now. You’ll quickly see that everything you desire will come to you effortlessly if you put yourself on the right vibration first.

Change your perspective. There is no good nor bad. There only is.

Love Christina

Cancer Full Moon Message: Happiness Gets in the Way of Joy

The full Moon in Cancer, which peaked on Jan. 4, 2015, is opposite the Sun in Capricorn. This is our security access, Cancer representing emotional stability and Capricorn, our career and reputation. What do you want on an emotional level? Is your partner giving you everything you deserve? How are your finances? How is your career? Are you getting paid an amount worthy of the effort you put in? What do you need to feel secure, happy and stable at home and at work?

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, it’s the nurturing mother but also, the unconscious child. Here’s great example I took from Tom Lescher’s e-book: Aries rushes in and crashes the plane. Taurus survives, checks its body and realizes it’s alive. Phew! Gemini goes and sees what kinds of supplies it can find, communicates with the direct environment, and finally Cancer takes those supplies and builds a shelter.

Cancers adore creating a beautiful home to live in. They need a stable home environment to feel secure. They’re very protective and nurturing, and like a mother, very accepting of others’ emotions. Out of all the signs, they feel the most. Ruled by the moon, they’re deeply emotional, intuitive creatures. They don’t shy away from someone having an emotional breakdown. They’ve been through many themselves… and can relate.

On the upside, Cancer realizes it’s extremely emotional and learns how to master its emotions. When this happens, Cancers can develop an amazing sense of humour, which is usually sarcastic. They know they’re super emotional, they know that what their expressing isn’t always logical, and with practice, they can learn how to laugh at themselves to cope!

On the downside, Cancer can be a little self-absorbed, caught up in their own myopic world, caught up in their feelings, unaware of how their emotions are affecting other people. This is when Cancer turns into the unconscious child. The Cancer has to realize that just because it feels everything, that doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

A balanced Cancer is a beautiful sight to behold. Cancers make wonderful actors. The amount of emotional depth they can express uninhibitedly is absolutely breathtaking to watch. A balanced Cancer knows when to take time out. Cancer needs its alone time in its shell, its cave, to process its emotions.

For this full moon, expect a lot of emotions to be coming up to the surface for you to feel. And don’t shy away from them. Emotions make us human and are our greatest indicators of what we truly want and need for this life. Things that are blocking you from feeling emotionally and financially secure will be coming up to the forefront of your consciousness.

What is keeping you from feeling truly joyful?

For me, I’ve been realizing that happiness has been getting in the way of feeling and expressing my true joy. The Capricorn Sun has been bringing up thoughts about all things I “need” to feel complete, to feel empowered, to feel stable. All the things I don’t have, which I want. All the things I could be in the future, which will “make me happy.”

As a society, we’re programed to believe that things outside ourselves will make us happier, more complete beings. We’ve turned into happiness robots, seeking one thrill after another to feel pleasure. But pleasure inevitably always turns to pain. The thing that brings us happiness today will be something out of fashion tomorrow, something that no longer serves to gratify our egos. And so the search continues, the suffering continues.

But it never ends until you choose to stop searching. Until you realize that nothing outside you is going to bring you more joy than you already have within you.

The Capricorn Sun will show you what you are “missing” and the Cancer moon is going to allow you to feel that lack. Take this as a golden opportunity not to seek further, but to shed. Let go of that which you “need” to feel complete. Let go of the lies you tell yourself to feel secure in this unstable world. Let go of the need to seek external pleasures and ask yourself what’s left over.

Joy. Peace. Bliss. An awareness that will never leave you that requires nothing to feel complete.


Pluto, our personal power, is coupled with the Sun in Capricorn. Uranus, the awakener, is in Aries in a T-square with the Moon and Sun. These energies are intense. The truth about what you need in your relationship and career is going to slap you in the face until you wake up.

For me, this has come in the form of letting go of imaginary futures. Along with Saturn in Sagittarius, I haven’t been able to hide from the truth that the present moment is all I’m ever going to have. Continuing to feed my mind is not only blocking me from true joy, but also true creativity. I’ve learned that in order to evolve, I have to let go of attachments and outcomes and appreciate what I have now.

Nobody has it better, no matter how much they try to prove it with egoic actions. Everybody is here having a human experience. Everybody experiences pain. No one is exempt from the learning we experience through emotions. Everyone on this plant longs to feel loved. Longs for the perfect partner. Feels loneliness that ultimately stems from separating from Source consciousness.

It’s time we all stop looking outside ourselves for approval and acceptance. It’s time we stop comparing ourselves to others and realize that doing so keeps us trapped in separation, in delusion, in suffering.

Love what you have now. The place you’re in, you’re in for a reason and it’s up to you to dive in to find out what that reason is. Celebrate your unique vibration and know that there’s someone out there looking in on your life, browsing through your pictures, comparing themselves to you, calling your life “perfect.” The grass is always greener on the other side…

To cope with the overly emotional Cancer moon, I’ve been painting, plunging into my emotions to understand them and learn from them. I encourage you to find an outlet that allows you to do the same. Dance, sing, play, laugh and dream.

And don’t be afraid to cry. Purge what no longer serves you and make room for the glorious new.

Love Christina

Gemini Full Moon Message: Connect!

The full moon in Gemini happening on Dec. 6th, 2014 is opposite the sun in Sagittarius. This is our mental access, Gemini representing the lower mind, and Sagittarius, the higher mind. Airy Gemini rules communication. Gemini seeks to interact with its direct environment. It seeks to learn everything it can about its environment so it can stay current. A Gemini wants to be in the know and often this includes technology. Geminis will constantly be searching for the latest and greatest gadgets. They want to stay connected. The bigger picture doesn’t matter so much to them. It’s all about what’s hot right now.

Whereas Gemini is seeing the next rock and jumping to it, then seeing the next rock and jumping to that, Sagittarius is seeing the entire lake and the beautiful countryside on the other side of that lake. It’s moving to that countryside and creating a community there. The key for this full moon is to find a balance between these two energies. Information will be flowing in quickly. Expect grand ideas and lots of communication. Expect understanding and enlightenment through deep philosophical talks. Expect laughter and giggles from joking around with loved ones. The Gemini energy is changeable and fun. Geminis are so changeable and love to talk so much that they can enter into any conversation and lighten it up with a joke.

Allow this full moon to illuminate your desires for connection. How do you want to connect to others? What do you need to communicate to feel stable, happy and secure? Are you reaching out to others or are you spending more time in seclusion. The time to speak is now! If there’s been anything you’ve been holding onto, go ahead and open your mouth. The right words will come pouring out. Say what you’ve been too afraid to say. Language will be eloquent and effortless for a while.

Once you’ve said what you’ve needed to or thought out what you’ve needed to with the elevated mental awareness you’re receiving, then consider branching out. How can you take your brilliant ideas and give back to your world? How do you want to contribute to a better future? What community would you build if you could build one? Who would you invite to live with you? Envision your perfect world. Use your mental clarity to inspire others.

Expect the Unexpected!

Jupiter goes retrograde Dec. 8th, 2014 and stays there until April 8th, 2015. All the outer growth and expansion you’ve been seeing over the last few months will once again be turned inward. Expect deep introspection and inner alchemy.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have been squared since Nov. 26th, 2014 and will stay that way until Dec. 27th, 2014. Squares are a hard aspect that cause energy to be pulled in two separate ways, but ultimately can bring further insight, growth and new talents. Uranus is revolution and Pluto is evolution. This square is causing huge transformation. If you’re an Aries, expect the urge to make bold decisions. You have the power to revolutionize your world. Capricorns, expect change on a different scale. Losing and letting go of things to make room for the new. Cancer and Libra, grand changes are in the works for you as well.

Uranus shocks with sudden change. It forces us to change by showing us things we’ve never seen before. Pluto transforms us through death, the death of loved ones, the death of ego, the death of relationships and former selves that no longer serve us.

For me this shock has come in the form of having to witness a loved one extremely ill. I’ve had to surrender to the fact that I can’t save everyone and it’s not my job to. Death is inevitable and not something to be feared.

Pluto, the cosmic control freak, the planet of death and rebirth, has shown me that death is just as natural and normal as living. Without it there would be no evolution nor growth. Welcome death on a daily basis: the death of your past, the death of your ego, the death of what no longer serves you.

Let go and allow the intense changes to occur and trust you’re being Divinely guided to where you need to be. Create space in your life for miracles. Relish in the unknown and the strange.

You didn’t come to Earth because it was going to be easy. You knew it was going to be difficult and emotionally taxing, but deep down you know you can handle everything you’re presented with.

Remain present and do what you can in the moment. Nothing else matters but right Now.

Love Christina

E-Course Wrap Up Chat: Find Your Life Purpose!

My e-course, Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny, has commenced and to wrap it up, I hosted a Google+ chat with a couple of my amazing students:

If you missed the registration date and want to join for round 2, I have decided to offer it again in January to start the new year off right! I've spread the course out into 3 weeks. It starts on Jan. 22nd, 2015 and runs until Feb. 11th, 2015.

I've also lowered the price to $55. If you want to purchase this course as a gift for someone for Christmas, I can always have the course transferred to an email of your choice. Just email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after your PayPal transaction.

Read more about the course here: http://www.christinamartine.com/find-your-life-purpose

I look forward to working with more of you beautiful beings!

Happy holidays!

Love Christina

Accept What IS. Relinquish Control. Stop Fighting Against Life. Create REAL Change.

Do you ever look back on your life and realize all those “negative” moments from your past were actually there to help you evolve? Does it dawn over you that you were always in the exact place you needed to be for your evolution?

Recently this happened to me… again. I was thinking about my previous work places and how at every single job I went to (and there were many) the same pattern kept recurring: I would get curious about a person and want to connect to them on a core level. I wanted to talk to them about spirituality and astrology, but I never did. I held back for fear of looking strange, for fear of losing my job, and the list goes on.

Eventually, after the third time this happened, I realized this pattern wasn’t going to go away until I took action. I realized life was trying to push me forward, so firstly, I forgave myself. I forgave myself for not taking action up until this point. And I let go. Thinking and planning about what to say and when had gotten me nowhere. My excessive never-ending thoughts had kept me locked in fear, locked in time, locked in ego. As soon as I had the courage to let go, to surrender to the unknown, I was free to speak easily. With my mind out of the way, my words bubbled up effortlessly. What had been trapped inside my heart for so long had finally been released.

As soon as I spoke my mind, I realized I had passed my own test. The way things transpired were completely different than my mind thought they were going to happen. In fact, everything was much easier. It struck me instantly that I, with my endless thinking and planning, was the one who was overcomplicating things yet again. Life was simple. Life was easy. It was me thinking it was difficult that was making it so.

I’m not sure if I was simply satisfied with my progression and felt no need to be working for “normal” 9-5 job anymore, (actually it was 7:30-4) or if it was the stars giving me the extra push I needed, but I left my workplace and decided that I was done hiding from my purpose, hiding from the person I knew I was inside.

The pressure I felt, the depression even, after leaving yet another job was intense at first. Old thoughts floated up to the surface of my perception, became my reality for a bit: I couldn’t cut it again, I’m not good enough, I’m not normal, I don’t fit in, etc. But without pressure, we don’t evolve. And some of us more stubborn creatures need quite a bit of pressure to transform.

And so it was pain that pushed me forward. The pain of not living in alignment with my truth. I decided that no matter how scary it was, I had to start living for me, doing what I needed to do here, regardless of what anybody thought.

Following My Passion

This huge shift occurred within my consciousness, right after I thought I was done with my learning! Right after I thought I had it all figured out. Boy was I proven wrong and glad for it.

After I left my last workplace, I began my Qigong studies. Opening up my channels and allowing energy to flow where previously it had been stifled, not only had an effect on my physical health, but crossed over to my external world as well. I noticed that as I purged toxic qi from my body, toxic thoughts and situations were being purged from my life too.

My energy healing studies was something I had put off for a long time. I’m quite not sure why. Maybe it just didn’t feel right to begin until I was fully prepared on all levels. But as soon as I started my practice I knew that I was doing something totally in line with what my soul wanted to be doing here on Earth. I had found my calling, so to speak.

I felt an excitement for my life, for the moment, that I had lost for a while. Once again I felt like a child, eager to study, to learn and to play. Time was no longer an issue. My intense presence allowed life to work through me. Because I was doing what I came here to do, the universe was conspiring to help me and it thanked me in the form of an idea.

A few weeks ago as I was relaxing, not in my mind at all, the idea struck me: coach people using astrology. It was so evident to me that this was a part of my path. For years on end, at all the various workplaces I attended, all I ever wanted to do was connect to people, to guide them.

It was only when I decided to stop worrying and over-planning my life, that I could hear the voice of my Higher Wisdom. It was only when I stopped trying to force things that life started to work for me.

Relinquish Control

A major theme for the current life I’m living has been: let go. I’ve come to understand that there’s more power in relinquishing control over the moment. So no matter how delicious it feels to think about the past or plan for the future, I’ve been refraining. I know that thinking keeps me locked in time and locked in fear. It feeds my ego, feeds the part of me that desires pain and separation, the part of me that needs to feel separate to feel in control.

I’ve come to understand, once again, that the mind is truly fragmented and insatiable. The more you feed it, the hungrier it gets. The more you think, the less you live. The power you feel from thinking isn’t true power nor control, just a never-ending waste of energy and precious life.

So I invite you to try out this radical idea with me: Accept what IS entirely. Stop fighting the moment you’re in. Stop resisting what IS. What could be more insane than fighting what’s happening to you in the Now, the only place you’ll ever be? How can life work through you, how can you learn your lessons, if you’re blocking yourself constantly with thought? You can’t… is the plain and simple answer.

True bliss comes from within. True power, from beyond the mind entirely. Our society is extremely sick after having been forced in school for years on end to think ALL DAY. We’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe that this is normal and healthy, but it’s not. And the state of world, of the environment and its people, proves this.

How You Can Actually Create Change

Fighting against the system, going to endless protests, in my opinion doesn’t solve much. It keeps us locked in the state of fear that the rulers of our world use to keep us enslaved. Fighting against one another, no matter how justified it seems, is still feeding the very thing that keeps us from reaching our highest potential. Focusing on the pain of the world and being emotionally triggered by the drama here is exactly what the elite of this world desire for you. If you’re distracted, enraged, separate from your fellow man, if you have an enemy, you’re all that much easier to control. True change starts within and is manifested without.

If you want a better world, stop complaining about it. Stop feeding the negativity that is so delightful to your ego. Stop judging your fellow humans. Stop the separation. Know deeply that there is no competition. There is no winning in this game that we all seem to love playing. When you identify with mind, with your ego, you will never find peace. You will never be satisfied and in your power.

So as difficult as it to simply let things be as they are, you must. Taking action from this state will create the change we so desperately need on this planet if we want to go on living.

In truth, every moment you HAVE chosen. Accept it entirely and enjoy.

Love Christina

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