Christina Interviews Unicole Unicron

I have found my Arcturian sister, Unicole Unicron! She is an artist, futurist, life coach, and entrepreneur. Check out her website: and join the Unicult, a collaborative art effort dedicated to the promotion of Joy!

Watch our chat to hear Unicole’s opinions on overcoming media brainwashing, connecting to interdimensional beings, and creating a better future!

Find Unicole here:

Love Christina

Virgo Full Moon Message: Find Spiritual Balance

The Full Moon in Virgo is happening on March 5th, 2015 and is opposite the Sun in Pisces. Full Moons are always a chance for us to rebalance. Virgo represents our day to day affairs, our health, our work, our diet, the tools we use to navigate through the physical world. Pisces represents the void, the spirit world, the world beyond the one we can see. So for this Full Moon, ask yourself: How am I treating myself? Are you feeding yourself properly? Are you getting enough protein and healthy fats? Are you eating organic fresh green food? Ask yourself: Do I like my job? Am I treating my coworkers with the respect they deserve? Am I treating myself with respect? And on the other end of the spectrum, are you feeding your spirit? Are you taking time out of your day to meditate, to slow down and step into your being?

For me personally, I've taken this Full Moon to find balance between the physical world and the spirit world I feel so connected to. I've realized that if I don't treat myself and body right, and don’t remain grounded and connected to this realm, I won't have an effective vehicle for my spiritual exploration. Eating healthy and exercising gives me the energy to sit in meditation for an hour if I want to. It gives me the clarity to act as a vessel for consciousness, to be vehicle for consciousness.

My energy practices allow me to step into the universe that exists within me that is formless, pure potential. In doing so, I become connected to my power. I feel and understand that I am a God, not a victim of circumstance. I feel the magnificence that I am and see clearly that it’s up to me to choose the correct vibration and create my life.

Stop playing the victim. Stay in your power and choose your vibration. You are a God creating your world.

Venus is in Aries and it will stay there until March 17th. Love is spontaneous at this time. There's no sugar coating going on. Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn on the 4th and on the Full Moon is coupled with Uranus, also in Aries. With the hard aspect to Pluto and Venus being so near to Uranus, there can be confusion in relationships. There's a strong desire for freedom. Uranus and Venus together leads to being attracted to creative self-expression, new ideas, excitement. There's a need to explore, to branch out, to be a rebel rather than depend on your partner for a sense of connection. Pluto can lead to power struggles and fighting.

Mars in Aries will be square to Pluto and conjunct Uranus on the 11th. So once again, expect power struggles or control issues to arise. Whenever Mars and Pluto team up, there's a desire to point fingers, to focus on the polarity of right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. So really take the time to watch your words. All this Aries energy makes us extremely impulsive. We're speaking without thinking. If you catch yourself playing the blame game, take a breath. Stop feeding your pain body. Stop allowing the external world to take you away from your peace. If you don’t like your situation, change it. Stop playing the victim and step into your power. Know that you are a God. You are a creator. Choose to surrender to the Now and know that in every moment you are being guided. Trust in your heart and stop feeding the mind. Rise above the need to compulsively think and check in with your ego.

The Sun will be conjunct the fixed star, Achernar, which represents endings. So there will be a sort of ending in your life right now, whether that's a job, a relationship, or a pattern a behaviour. Let it go. Let go of anything not serving you. Simply your life. If you're doing anything just to make another person happy to or spare them pain, stop doing it. Stop living up to other people's expectations and live for you. Trust in your heart. It knows best.

Mercury is in Aquarius right now, so we've been receiving lots of genius insights, thinking in very creative, expansive ways. It enters Pisces on the 12th, so watch your words. Double check your emails. Ask questions. You might hear what you want to hear or don't want to hear, and neither may be the truth! With Neptune also in Pisces, this is a very dreamy time, so if you're treating yourself properly in any way, your imbalances are going to be more difficult to manage. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself.

If you’re feeling stuck in any way, look up what sign Jupiter is in your birth chart. This your way out.

Branch out. Change your scenery and change your perspective. Focus on the beauty that already exists in your world. Choose to feed that which you desire. Know deeply that you are creating this world with your vibration and that anything is possible!

Remember that the world you see around you is a reflection of you. It is you. A mantra that I will leave you with is: Tat Tvam Asi, a Sanskrit mantra that translates to: You are that. The world that you see is a reflection of your soul or Atman. Just as you are your soul, you are the infinite. You are experiencing the Brahman, the ultimate reality through your Atman. The more you can dwell in your Spirit, the more you learn about your infinite potential to create.

Love Christina

Leo Full Moon Message: Expect New Abundance!

The full moon in Leo, happening on Feb. 3, 2015, is opposite the sun in Aquarius. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac that comes right after Cancer. I mentioned in my last full moon report that Cancer can represent the child. So you go from the child, who now understands it’s emotional and survival needs to Leo, the teenager, with personal wants and desires. Leo is the individual. It’s, “Look at me! Look what I can do!” It’s the performer. Ruled by the sun, centered in the heart, Leo is a shining light that needs an audience.

Opposite Leo is Aquarius: the collective, the humanitarian. So the key for this moon is to balance out these energies. Ask yourself, “Am I living in alignment with my heart, with my highest good? Or am I living to please others, taking things too personally?” If you are connected to your personal power, then you’ll draw in amazing reflections of you. You’ll put yourself on the right frequency to manifest amazing partnerships, friendships, business ventures, and lovers! You’ll create the enlightened community Aquarius longs for.

Jupiter in Leo is coupled with the moon and opposing the sun. They’re all in harmony with Uranus, the awakener, in Aries. Jupiter and Uranus are in a trine and will be that way until August 11th. This is a time for golden opportunities, for celebration, laughter and freshness. Jupiter is our expansion, it’s abundance, it’s success, and it’s in harmonious flow with Uranus, so expect to be shocked with delightful opportunities. Good things are coming your way! If you’ve been working hard on something for a while, your efforts are about to pay off. Opportunities that previously were missed or were simply not there, are going to be coming at you like wildfire! Expect good news, new abundance, new ventures, new connections, a fresh start.

Mars is in Pisces and stays there until Feb. 19th, 2015. You may be feeling the urge to pursue more spiritual activities at this time. Go for it! If you’ve been feeling a little lazy, don’t worry about it. It will pass. You’ll be back up and at ’em in no time.

Venus is in Pisces and will stay there until Feb. 20th, 2015. Relationships are going to be softer. You’ll be able to forgive those who you haven’t been able to before now. Expect more compassion all around, but be weary of your own evasiveness. Pisces is dreamy and doesn’t always realize that it’s off in it’s own little world.

On Feb. 7-8, 2015, Venus will be sextile Pluto, which will be an exciting time for romantic relationships. Expect strong sexual connections.

Feb. 8-9, 2015, Venus will be conjunct Chiron. This is a great time to heal relationships, forgive and move on. Create something new!

Mercury is in Aquarius and stays there until March 12th, 2015. This is the time to think outside the box, to get creative and to make new connections. To do the things you’ve been too scared to do. With Jupiter and Uranus on your side, and the fun-filled full moon, you will be 100% supported. Even if you make “mistakes” during this time, you’ll gain so much more insight into whatever you chose to pursue and come out stronger, wiser and more joyful. Mix up your routine. Ignite your inner fire!

Mercury goes direct on Feb. 11th, 2015, so if your communications have been a little foggy, just be patient and remind yourself, “This too shall pass.”

Neptune returns to it’s home in Pisces and will stay there until 2024. This is the awakening we’ve been all talking about. This is the enlightenment everyone’s been excited about, the Golden Age, the 5th dimension. It’s happening! Pay extra close attention to your dreams as they will be extremely clear and vivid during this time and can help you along on your journey.

Love Christina

Christina Interviews Shamanic Practitioner Elena Andromeda

My latest interview was with the beautiful and wise Elena Andromeda, who is a shamanic practitioner, empathic healer, channel and intuitive life coach. On her website, you can find links to her videos, services and online shop:

Check out Elena’s YouTube channel:

And Etsy shop:

In our interview we talked about past lives, empathic abilities, connecting to spirit guides and animals, and enhancing intuition. We also joked about our favourite and more challenging zodiac signs!

Love Christina

Christina Interviews Starseed Healer Desiree aka Cosmic Jungle

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing fellow YouTuber, Desiree. We chatted about her starseed awakening and her various tonal healing practices: crystal bowls, light language and sound healing. And as always, we prophesied about what’s in store for the future of humanity. Watch the video below to get tips on anchoring in higher frequencies, staying on the love train and riding on the love tracks!                                 


Desiree is a wife, mother, starseed healer, contact specialist, teacher, vlogger, artist, galactic priestess, intuitive historian and seeker of esoteric/galactic knowledge. She works with a variety of different modalities: energy medicine, sacred geometry, vibrational healing, light language, crystal skulls, spiritual coaching and detox & cleanse facilitation.

Desiree is the founder of Cosmic Jungle. A multi~dimensional starseed healing boutique. The name came to her during her initial starseed awakening, back in 2002. It signifies her conscious contact to her cosmic & multidimensional crew: Sirians (B), Hathors, Reptilians, Sassani, and The Ascended Masters- El Morya & Lord Ganesh. In the same breath, she acknowledges these particular archetypes are also representations of her higher multidimensional selves. Over the years, Desiree has consciously been working with these different beings to complete her individual and collective missions. She has set the intention, and has commenced upon the journey in activating her rainbow body and ascend. At a collective level, she is here to help raise the vibration of the planet and assist in the great awakening via healing, teaching and sharing a new energy modality called~ E3. 

Check out Desiree’s website:

And YouTube channel:

Love Christina

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