Pisces Full Moon Message: Balance Your Lower, Middle and Higher Selves!

The Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo occurs on August 29th, 2015. It is a SUPERMOON and the closest one to the Earth in all of 2015! What does that mean for us? Extreme emotions, strong spiritual energy, and enhanced intuition.

Pisces rules the spiritual realm and Virgo, the Earth. For this Full Moon, balance out those two energies. Ask yourself, am I connected to the Earth, my Lower Self? If you constantly see recurring numbers appear to you or get signs and synchronicities from the universe, you are most definitely connected to your Lower Self. The Lower Self is Mother Earth and the way to her is through the heart. Ask yourself, “Is there anything I haven’t forgiven someone else or myself for?” If there is any resentment inside you, that will surely manifest as either a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical dis-ease. Or perhaps as a situational dilemma. Our outer realities are always a match to our inner worlds. How to change your life situation? Heal your soul, and the mind and body will always follow.

Once you heal your inner child by connecting to your own heart, you’ll have the clarity and innocence to connect with the Earth once more, just as you naturally did when you were younger. You can experiment with connecting to your Lower Self by asking questions. Watch for your Lower Self to respond to you directly THROUGH life. Watch the clouds form into a hand that points to the answer you’re looking for.

Once you’ve connected to your Lower Self and are comfortable with experiencing miracles on a daily basis, it’s time to connect to your Higher Self, the Ascended Master version of you, the you that knows no fear. Most people connect with their 5th dimensional selves. The details and labels don’t necessarily matter. It’s the connection that does. How do you tell if you’ve connected to your Higher aspect?

In my own experience, merging with my Higher Self honestly feels… heavenly. When I am completely merged with my Higher aspect, I feel no fear of the future, nor do I dwell on the past. My attachment to thinking disappears along with my attachment to outcomes, people, situations, things… pretty much everything. I only exist in the present moment and feel an immense gratitude for my own life and for the existence of all life everywhere. I constantly celebrate every moment, feel light, free and alive in my body… but do not attach to my form. I remember that I am an eternal presence inhabiting a human body for a short time, here to learn and love unconditionally in all moments.

It’s important to not forget about the Middle Self as well, the self that we identify with on a daily basis: our mind, our ego. Our egos are a necessary function for navigating through this physical world. The mind is an amazing tool. Just remember: thoughts are just thoughts, not always truthful and in line with reality. Question your own mind! Remember: If a thought is causing you unhappiness and you find out that it’s not true, let it go. Choose positive thoughts and watch how life starts to work for you, rather than against you. Only focus your intention and attention on the life you desire. Don’t waste your time worrying about the dramas of this world. What you focus on, you will draw to you.

Venus is currently Retrograde, making us reconsider and re-evaluate our relationships, making us question our values. If thoughts similar to these have been popping up in your mind, trust me, you are not alone: Do I really like my job? Am I getting paid enough? Do I suit my partner? Is this the life I TRULY want? What the heck do I actually want to be doing here? Thankfully, Venus goes Direct on September 6th, 2015. All the work we’ve been putting into ourselves to resolve those questions will be seen.

Venus is also conjunct Mars in Leo, making us put even more focus on our relationships, business, what we value in this life. Mars doesn’t take no for an answer. It gets to the core of the situation, even if it has to fight its way there. And the core for this Full Moon happens to be our partners and our spirituality. Is your partner your soul mate? What do you really want? Who do you really want to be?

The Sun in Virgo is coupled with Jupiter, also in Virgo, at the time of the Full Moon. This is an extremely positive aspect, allowing us to TAKE ACTION on all the wonderful whims from our soul. Those whims will be extra potent at the Full Moon as the Moon is going to be coupled with Neptune, also in Pisces, its ruling planet. This is a beautiful time to create art, dance, sing, PLAY outside in nature and connect to the Earth.

Since Jupiter entered Virgo, things have become a little more serious. With Neptune Retrograde, we now have the ability to take our dreams and actually see them though. To take the steps to start living the lives we want to. And that all starts with leaving the competitive plane and entering into the creative one. Knowing fully that there is MORE than enough for everyone on this planet. To truly get what you want in this world, you have to ignore the CREATED lack, the CREATED illness and the CREATED fear. You must stay true to your own internal compass, ignore the fear programming from the media and take action from a place of presence, power and peace. Only focus your intention and attention and emotion on what serves you, hold your dreams firmly in your mind all the time, and do not waver from what you want. Do not be distracted by the drama of this world and remember that underneath all the chaos, there is Order, and only love.

Mercury enters Libra on the 27th and will stay there for 66 days! It goes Retrograde on September 17th and will stay there until October 9th. Once again, expect re-evaluation, particularly of your relationships and career, along with personal and universal law. This will be an artistic Retrograde and a time to really find balance through investigating our own inner worlds.

Have a beautiful Full Moon!

Love Christina

Aquarius Full Moon Message: Offer Your Heart to the World!

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on July 31st, 2015. It’s a Blue Moon and Supermoon opposite the Sun in Leo. The Sun loves being in Leo and overall, this Full Moon is extremely positive. The key to finding balance during this time is to really ask yourself, “What did I come here to do? What makes my heart sing? What do I love giving joy to? What makes me unique? What makes me come alive?” Once you find out what your unique vibration is (Leo), it’s time to offer it to the world (Aquarius).

Venus is currently Retrograde and will stay that way until September 6th. Use this time to really question your values. Once you know what you want to do, it’s important to ask yourself WHY you want to do it. What are your wants feeding? Do they benefit the world at all? If your desires are superficial and only serve yourself, 100% of the time, even if you get what you want, you won’t be satisfied. You can spend an eternity seeking for things, for people, for situations outside of you to bring you joy. But it won’t last. All external pleasures eventually turn to pain. True joy is created from within. Align with your highest values. Align with your highest good. Ask yourself, “What is the highest vibration choice I can make in this moment?” Program yourself daily. (It’s happening on a subconscious level anyway. You’re used to taking orders from external authority, so why not BE that authority yourself?) Set your intention to only connect to the highest Source of love and to channel only that into this world. Practicing this will allow you to step into vulnerability and vulnerability will bring true strength. Know that you are a powerful manifestor helping shape this world with your focus. Nothing is separate from you. Even the God or universe you pray to is a part of you. Step into that knowing fully and all fear will vanish.

Saturn is also Retrograde. It goes Direct on August 1st. In the meantime, know that with Saturn Retrograde and Mars in Cancer, it may be more difficult to find the motivation to see our goals through or even grasp what those goals are. We are in an intense period of re-considering everything. When Mars enters Leo on August 8th, you will find the energy and vitality that you’ve been searching for. Mars loves to be in Leo because it gets to play and be expressive and fight for what it loves.

Jupiter will be coupled with Venus on August 11th so expect extremely positive energy that day. Mercury moves in Virgo on the 7th of August, helping us to ground our intense masculine energy of the moment, reconnect us to the goddess within and to the goddess herself, our beautiful Earth.

Love Christina

How to Attract Your Soulmate

One of the #1 questions I get asked in coaching sessions is, how do I attract my soulmate? The first suggestion I always have is: Get in touch with your own soul! And...

1. Stop searching. Instead, turn inward. Is there any anger, resentment, shame or guilt within you that you have yet to let go of? If so, whether you like it or not, you will attract those qualities to you in the form of another person. Any unresolved traumas within us manifest in our outer realities so we’re forced to face them, release them, and grow. Instead of involving other people and potentially causing others pain and unnecessary drama, why not do the inner work on yourself first? Send love to any pain or darkness within you so you can attract someone in line with your highest good.

2. Let go of attachment to your ego. (Not the ego itself, which is a requirement for this physical experience.) If you look for love from the mind and try to find a perfect partner that fits your list of requirements, expect to be disappointed. Your ego is insatiable and constantly seeks to find things “wrong” or “bad” about other people to keep itself separate. This separation creates an illusory sense of power that continuously consumes and destroys for fun. There will always be something to judge someone negatively for. Focus on what you love about the people you surround yourself with.

3. Be the love you are seeking. Know that who you truly are cannot be described with labels and cannot be defined by form. When you let go of the need to be SOMETHING and simply be, you experience that your Being is the love you’re seeking. Don’t ask for more love! Be that love! Dwell in that love, and yes, send it out to the world. By giving it away, you’ll experience what love is, and know that you are made it. Ask yourself, “If I loved myself entirely, would I take this action? How would I respond to this situation?”

4. Heal yourself. The perfect partner or relationship that you think will bring you into completion is really a reflection of who YOU could be if you were a fully healed being. If you connect to your heart and listen to the voice of your inner child, you’ll save yourself the drama of moving from one relationship to the next, endlessly searching for the “right” partner, which only arises because you are not connected to that inner child. With an awakening into your true self, you’re childlike passion for life blossoms once again. You no longer need a person to validate you or make you feel loved. You become that love and send it to all beings. You recognize that all beings are a part of you and deserve your love. You become spontaneous once more, creative and free, and fall in love with life. There are no more conditions on your love. What you seek flows naturally to you.

5. Let go of the need to control. Control is toxic and cuts us off from our creativity. Holding onto the past or trying to manipulate the future to unfold in accordance with the demands of your ego will always 100% of the time cause suffering. Your ego can only survive when you exist in time. When you choose to let go of time, let go of a­­ny ideas of who you are or should be, you’re free. You create space within your life for miracles to flow to you on a daily basis. Trust in the divine order of the universe to bring you the person who will serve your highest good in the moment.

6. Fall in love with YOU! Be ki­­nd to yourself. Treat yourself with compassion, respect and gentleness. Eat healthy food from the Earth that nourishes you on all levels. Exercise, move your body, FEEL the aliveness within you. Being love, sending love and receiving it will be natural to you. ­­

Love Christina

Christina Interviews Intuitive Consultant Gigi Young

My interview with the beautiful and wise Gigi Young is up and ready to view! Gigi is a professional intuitive consultant and offers readings through her website: http://www.gigiyoung.com. She is a gifted psychic and makes extremely helpful videos on her YouTube channel about spirituality and enhancing intuition. Also, she is a fellow BC girl! Watch our chat to learn more of Gigi's opinions on astrology, developing psychic gifts, and connecting to higher dimensional beings. 

A message from Gigi: “It is not just my job to look at the higher dimensional strings that are pulling you along, it is my job to help you navigate them; to help you move into your highest potential. Intuitive readings fall flat if they are merely a series of predictions with no deep knowledge or guidance behind them. It is my job to help provide clarity on where you are right now and where you have been and then bring the focus on how to align yourself into your highest potential.”

Contact Gigi for a reading today. She is truly as gifted as she is beautiful!

Love Christina

Capricorn Full Moon Message: Love Your Shadow Self

The Full Moon in Capricorn happening on July 2nd, 2015 is opposite the Sun in Cancer. This is our security access, Cancer representing a stable home and family, emotional security, and Capricorn, a stable career, a position of power. With Mars also in Cancer, this is an emotional time. Expect your inner child to cry out unexpectedly, especially with Mercury in Gemini. If there are any unresolved traumas from your past, they will be brought to light now.

The Moon is coupled with Pluto, giving you the courage and personal power to face your inner demons. If tensions are high, know that whatever you’re faced with, you can handle. Remember that your enemies are your greatest teachers and are the aspects of you that you must learn to send love. If someone is reacting to you in a negative way, know that in one form or another, that is an aspect of your shadow self that needs your attention. Everything in your realty is a vibrational match to you, whether “good” or “bad.”

If negative emotions arise during this Full Moon, breathe and FEEL them. Resist the urge to mask any uncomfortable sensations with thinking or doing. We learn through feeling our emotions, not by analyzing them. Remember, everyone is on a unique journey. We’re all learning how to master our emotions and thought forms, and to navigate the ship that is our body. If someone lashes out at you, remember, sometimes it’s YOU who gets to be the teacher. Teach by BEING and remember not to take anything personally during this time (or ever). Another persons’ reactions may have nothing to do with you nor be grounded in reality. Stay true to your values and set your boundaries. The only person who can make you feel unworthy is you. Don’t give your power away to another person with a hurt inner child. Don’t obsess over drama. Feel your emotions, breathe into the moment, and move on.

If you have the courage to listen to the pleas of your inner child (Cancer) and reconnect to your heart, you’ll be able to step into a position of authority (Capricorn). Ask yourself, “Is the power I’m feeling feeding my ego or is it feeding my spirit and allowing me to fulfill my destiny?” With Neptune Sextiling the Moon and Trining the Sun, this is an amazing time for creative expression. With Mercury in Gemini Sextile Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, this creative expression may come in the form of language. New projects, teaching opportunities, romance, new business ventures or relationships. Passion is in the air! With the heavy Pluto influence, you will have the power and strength you need to actually start living your destiny. This is a great time to start projects, make business deals, and put your dreams into action. The perfect cards are in your hands. How you play them, will be up to you. But know, whatever choice you make, will bring you success.

With all this powerful energy and drive to move forward, we can get a little caught up in our goals. Remember to take time out for yourself to rest and rejuvenate. Know your limitations and they’ll become your strengths.

As for love, Venus will be in Leo until July 18th. Pamper your partner! Overt gestures of kindness will be appreciated. Venus Sextiles Mercury on July 4th and 5th, allowing for an easy flow of communication. If something needs to be resolved through words, use those days to be heard.

Love Christina

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