Full Moon in Gemini Message: Is the Media You’re Consuming True?

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on Nov. 25th, 2015 and is opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. Gemini represents the gathering of information along with the mastering our direct environment. Sagittarius, while it loves to take in information, rather seeks for meaning and truth to expand it's environment to ultimately create an enlightened world. For this Full Moon, ask yourself the question: What information am I taking in? Is it useful to me? Is it true?

With Neptune in Pisces squaring the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, all coupled in Sagittarius, this can be a time of great confusion. While our energy, our mind and egos are apparently invested in seeking truth, Neptune is veering us off course, pulling us ever so softly into delusion.

Saturn is currently conjunct the Sun, making us tense, serious and determined. Make sure not to overwork yourself, even though it feels as if you NEED to come to some sort of completion, find your “perfect” identity or be “the best” right NOW! Life is a journey…

Making things a little more difficult, Neptune makes the first of three exact squares to Saturn on Nov. 26th, 2015, the next two occurring on: June 17th, 2016 and September 10th, 2016. Use this aspect to ask yourself: Am I being too practical and ignoring the spiritual? Am I living in la la land and ignoring the world? Where I'm I stuck in fantasy? Where am I too concerned with what others think about me? How can I balance both worlds and remember the truth?

While we earnestly seek for truth on the internet, through books and documentaries, etc... subconsciously we are being programmed by symbols that though we have forgotten the meaning of, are permanently embedded into our psyches. These symbols are so powerful that even when we come close to reaching the truth, they can steer us astray, subconsciously affecting our choices. And is it not our choices that have created our current circumstance?

"Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law.” – Confucius

The subconscious entraining began years ago. In childhood, we learned that green means go. We also learned that a triangle placed on its side means go. Now, even into adulthood, when we see a green triangle placed on its side in a commercial for chips, even for a brief moment, subconsciously we're already shouting "Yes, that's good! I want that! I'll buy it!" even if on a conscious level, we don't want the chips and we understand fully how unhealthy they are for us.

It's time to start questioning the information we're taking in, especially the media were consuming. Even innocent movies aimed at children are rife with programming. How did your childhood movies shape your definition of male, female, noble, evil, etc? What archetypes live within you? What idols are you internally worshiping?

Most of us are waking up to the fact that we've all been victims of trauma-based mind control and have been programmed from childhood with false history (we're not the most advanced civilization to walk the Earth) and fake science (our existence is not a fortunate accident). More and more citizens of Earth are realizing that the "dream" they've worked so hard for isn't so dreamy at all...

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Taurus Full Moon Message: If You Truly Loved Yourself, How Would You Act?

The Full Moon in Taurus is a Supermoon that occurs on October 27th, 2015, opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Taurus represents what we love and value in life. It’s physical things, possessions, the material world. Scorpio represents other peoples’ things, desires, cutting away what is no longer useful to make room for something greater, dying unto something or someone to find true fulfillment.

The Moon will illuminate what you’re holding onto. Are you thinking thoughts that benefit your Highest Good, or holding onto thoughts of unworthiness? Are you thinking negatively, putting yourself down or judging others? Are you holding onto any toxic emotions, anger directed at yourself or another? What are you feeding yourself with? What are you feeding?

The Sun will shine light upon what we must let go of. If there are any parts of you that you’re ashamed of, now is the time to let them go. Ask yourself, “If I truly loved myself, how would I act? How would I treat others? If I was 100% complete now, what would my life be like? How would I behave? Where would I place my attention?”

The truth, of course, is that at your core, you ARE already complete. Step into this knowledge fully this Full Moon by becoming the witness of your own thoughts. Your subtle idiosyncrasies and ingrained patterns of behavior will be easier to witness from an objective viewpoint now. Use the razor-like sharpness of the Scorpio Sun to narrow in on what you fear. The only way to truly be free of a bad habit, a negative emotion, or an undesirable situation, is to FACE it head on. Anything you embrace entirely, can no longer have any power over you.

Sit with your own shadow and invite any darkness within you to purify with you during meditation. Our darkness needs love too. Remember, everything flows from the same Source and is an expression of love. Feel into this truth and remember, that if anyone else is reacting to you negatively, it’s only because they’re afraid. Treat your enemies like children in pain, for that is what they are. Send the same love to ALL Beings. Nothing is separate from you.

Choose to look at life from a Higher Perspective. See that everything occurring is a part of the unfolding of consciousness. Ask yourself, “Why did I come to Earth, if I’m already complete?”

To be.

The Full Moon will activate the approaching Saturn/Neptune square. The Moon will be quincunx Saturn and sextile Neptune. Use this placement to find balance between your connection to spirit (Neptune) and this physical world (Saturn). How are you being of service to others, and how are you treating yourself? Remember, if you don’t firstly create happiness from within, you will have nothing to give others. Spend time giving joy to activities that make you smile. Let love pour from you eternally, and know that the more you give, the more you receive. The more you practice giving your love away, the more you realize that there is nothing else.

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Shadow Work for All Zodiac Signs

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There’s a light and dark side to everything and in order to be a fully healed, awake and aware being, it’s imperative to send love to both sides. When it comes to astrology, I have mostly focused on the light side of the zodiac in my Full Moon energy updates, but today I’m switching things up a little. I’m purposely going to talk about the “bad” habits of each zodiac sign in order to help you know yourself more completely and become conscious of any darkness within you. It is my wish for this blog to be of assistance to you on your healing journey.

You are NOT your Sun sign or your Moon sign… Your birth chart is a map of your soul and by reading it, you can learn how you chose to focus your energy for this life and look into your past lives, etc. Think of the zodiac signs like filters that your consciousness moves through. Yes, you have free will and the power to do as you please here and create any reality that you want, but to deny that you are separate from the cosmos, and aren’t being affected by it in all moments is, in my opinion, quite naïve. Use this list to help you with any signs that come up often in your chart:

Aries: Aries comes from Pisces (the spiritual realm) straight into this world, energized and alive, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. They possess the energy and passion of a child and the strength and power of warrior. Being the baby of the zodiac, Aries has can be quite egotistical as they are trying to protect their own innocent hearts. For the Aries out there: Make an effort to compliment others. Balance your energy with your opposite sign, Libra, and spend time each day in another person’s shoes. Ask yourself, how are my actions affecting the people around me? Am I being kind to others or blowing through life like a maniac? Aries people have a lot of energy and tend to jump from one thing to the next to the next… to the next. They’re spontaneous and super quick, but their energy can be de-focused. My advice? Slow down. You’ll get more done, do a better job, and enjoy life more if you do. If you feel like you can’t, spend some time exercising to burn off all that fiery energy! And finally, remind yourself that it’s safe to express your emotions. The greatest strength in this world is an open heart.

Taurus: Beautiful, sensual, luxurious, you definitely know how to have a good time and enjoy the physical pleasures of this Earthly experience. But my goodness, you are stubborn! Being a fixed sign, you have the tendency to only see things your way. It makes sense to you, so it MUST be right, right? Well, no, that’s not always the case. To become aware of your own obstinate nature, spend some time doing new things with new people. Don’t get fed up with life and stuck in your routine, when there is so much more beauty awaiting you. Allow others to be the way they are without trying to force them to see your views. Everyone is on their own journey. Let go of the need to judge others so harshly. Don’t take things so personally. Purposely do things that put you out of your comfort zone, that make you afraid, that shake you up and make you question your own beliefs. Balance your energy with your opposite, Scorpio, and focus on emotionally connecting to other people around you. Remind yourself: it’s okay to let go, to not have to be in full control at all moments. You are safe and protected by divinity. I know that you’re trying to protect YOUR heart and YOUR possessions and YOUR life, but trust me, if you open your heart to the world, everything you desire will be yours.

Gemini: Quick-witted, fun-loving, do-a-million-things-at-once, Gemini! You are a pro at keeping on top of the latest and greatest in all forms and all your friends (I bet there are many) come to you for a laugh, or a heartfelt chat. You’ll do either, because you want to talk, constantly, about everything under the sun! But just because you can juggle 15 balls at once, doesn’t mean that you have to! Slow down and take time out for yourself. Force yourself to relax if you have to. Take a bath. Yes, you can take a bath Gemini style and make sure there are plenty of candles, bubbles, magazines and soothing scents surrounding you. Oh, and maybe some snacks too, some bath toys, more reading material, a clock so you know how long you’ve been relaxing for at all moments, and let’s throw in your favourite movie playing somewhere, and a hot guy or girl waiting for you with a towel just because! :P It’s also a good idea to start to really listen to ideas of others. Balance out your energy with your opposing sign, Sagittarius. Take in the big picture and remember that just because you always have something to say, it doesn’t mean that you have to say it. Geminis can come off as a bit pretentious because they are so quick-witted and yes, can be a bit emotionally distant. It’s commonplace for a Gemini to laugh at their emotions or analyze them, rather than feel them. When you’re in the bath, splashy splashing around with all your toys, spend some time feeling your emotions and resist the urge to analyze them!

Cancer: Sweet, emotional, tender-loving Cancer, oh how I adore you so. You are the master of creating a beautiful space to relax in, to feel comfortable and safe in. You do it so well that others flock to you and they stay because you serve them such good food! Be wary of others taking advantage of your generosity. Having an open heart and being empathetic towards others doesn’t mean that you have to lose yourself in others and forget to care yourself. Set your boundaries. Know your limitations and take the time you need to revert back into your shell. You don’t always have to be the one mothering others, making sure ALL of your family is okay at all moments. Spend time alone with your emotions in order to understand them. You feel so much that it can be overwhelming, I know. Meditate, get in touch with your inner world to remind yourself that yes, you are safe and it’s okay to open your heart again. Don’t get lost in your emotions and remember to open up to those have hurt you. They’ve only done so because they were suffering. Send your enemies the highest love and they will no longer have any power over you. Balance your energy with your opposite, Capricorn. Do something with those emotions. Express yourself, share your heart with world. Crawl out of your shell, step out of the comfort and safety of your home and make an impact on this world.

Leo: Passionate, fun, exciting Leo! You are the sunshine that lights up everybody’s life. The King or Queen of the jungle, the Lion or Lioness who desires, needs to be feed, needs to be seen and heard and loved by all! Compassionate and giving by nature, it’s easy for you to maintain an open heart, something that can difficult for most people in this chaotic and sometimes frightening world. Your shadow, however, comes in the form of pretending to be as bright as the Sun when you aren’t feeling like one. “I’ll just fake it and be bright anyway and people will love me,” is how Leos can navigate through life. And yes, it works! But gaining the respect of others is not as important as you learning to respect and love yourself for everything you are. Learn to accept yourself entirely in those moments when you don’t feel so sunny. Balance out your energy with your opposite, Aquarius. Turn your attention away from your own desires for a moment and think about the bigger picture. Realize that true happiness will come from being of service to this world. And forgive yourself for being shy! Remember, you came from Cancer and are still learning how to love yourself unconditionally. If you don’t feel like being sunny, you don’t have to put on air to please others. You shine so bright just being who you are and everyone you meet is affected and learns from your light.

Virgo: Logical, down-to-earth, obsessive Virgo, with your perfect body and perfect job and perfect partner and perfect life! You are the practical master of getting things done. The opposite of Pisces, you see where things are not quite right, and you fix them! In fact, you feel like it’s your duty to fix yourself and others. It’s how you express your heart. Remember to relax and balance out your energy with Pisces. Spend time in nature, re-connect to the Earth and force yourself to stop thinking if you have to! There will always be something “wrong” or “negative” to focus on. The wiser thing to do is choose to focus your energy on the all the good things you want to draw into your life. For the one of the healthiest signs of the zodiac, Virgos can actually get sick often because of how much they worry. The hypochondriacs of the zodiac for sure! Take time out of your busy day to dream and explore your own imagination. Pick up a pen and draw, just because. You don’t always have to have a goal in mind. Remember, you’re here to experience and FEEL. You don’t have to constantly think about what your feeling and how it’s affecting your life and what it will mean for other people and your future and… Stop! Just pick up the pen and draw some rainbows because their pretty goddamnit! :P

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Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries Message: Where is Your Heart?­­­

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse BLOOD MOON in Aries occurs on September 28th, 2015. So… is the world going to end? No! Of course not, but the Moon will be sort of orange, so there’s that…

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Libra, along with Black Moon Lilith and Juno. All these aspects will of course be opposed to the Full Moon in 4 degrees Aries. The Aries and Libra axis focuses on relationships! The one we have to ourselves, to our partners, to our work, and to our world. Everything is a form of relationship! The question for this Full Moon will be, “What do I truly need in my relationship to be happy? What do I truly want?” With Juno, an asteroid representing soul mates and marriage partners right next to the Sun and Mercury, Retrograde in Libra, also next to the Sun, this Full Moon is going to shake up your world and make you think deeply about relationships!

Eclipses represent closures. This may ­­­be a period in your life where a relationship ends to make room for your true soul mate/twin flame relationship to blossom. Dark Moon Lilith next to the Sun, to me, is bringing up our deepest, darkest selves. We will no longer be able to hide the truth of our desires.

Vesta, an asteroid representing devotion, will be right next to the Moon in Aries during this Eclipse, encouraging us to ask ourselves, “Am I devoted to the right person? To the right religion? The right world? Am I truly being of service to this world? Am I aligned with my Highest Good, my Highest Calling?” The way to the life of your dreams will be shown to you now if you slow down enough to listen to the guidance all around you, and within you.

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, once again, we’re re-considering our relationship choices. Romantic, yes, but also the one we have to our work, our home and our LIFE! Mercury in Libra thinks about love, beauty and peace, but also JUSTICE and TRUTH! Now until the 9th of October when Mercury goes Direct, we get the chance to dream, dive into creative pursuits, use our intuition and open our hearts to possibilities only once dreamed of.

Saturn has finally entered Sagittarius! And hallelujah! The entrance, for me, was a rocky one, maybe even more so because my Saturn IS in Sagittarius! During the Eclipse, Saturn will be square Mercury in Libra causing tension between our relationships and True Calling, what we came here to do, who we came to be, how we came here to be of service! It’s time now to ask ourselves how we can balance our home life, career, day-to-day tasks with our grand spiritual missions and retain our human-ness while remembering we are eternal, multidimensional Beings of Light!

Have a beautiful Full Moon!

Love Christina

Pisces Full Moon Message: Balance Your Lower, Middle and Higher Selves!

The Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo occurs on August 29th, 2015. It is a SUPERMOON and the closest one to the Earth in all of 2015! What does that mean for us? Extreme emotions, strong spiritual energy, and enhanced intuition.

Pisces rules the spiritual realm and Virgo, the Earth. For this Full Moon, balance out those two energies. Ask yourself, am I connected to the Earth, my Lower Self? If you constantly see recurring numbers appear to you or get signs and synchronicities from the universe, you are most definitely connected to your Lower Self. The Lower Self is Mother Earth and the way to her is through the heart. Ask yourself, “Is there anything I haven’t forgiven someone else or myself for?” If there is any resentment inside you, that will surely manifest as either a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical dis-ease. Or perhaps as a situational dilemma. Our outer realities are always a match to our inner worlds. How to change your life situation? Heal your soul, and the mind and body will always follow.

Once you heal your inner child by connecting to your own heart, you’ll have the clarity and innocence to connect with the Earth once more, just as you naturally did when you were younger. You can experiment with connecting to your Lower Self by asking questions. Watch for your Lower Self to respond to you directly THROUGH life. Watch the clouds form into a hand that points to the answer you’re looking for.

Once you’ve connected to your Lower Self and are comfortable with experiencing miracles on a daily basis, it’s time to connect to your Higher Self, the Ascended Master version of you, the you that knows no fear. Most people connect with their 5th dimensional selves. The details and labels don’t necessarily matter. It’s the connection that does. How do you tell if you’ve connected to your Higher aspect?

In my own experience, merging with my Higher Self honestly feels… heavenly. When I am completely merged with my Higher aspect, I feel no fear of the future, nor do I dwell on the past. My attachment to thinking disappears along with my attachment to outcomes, people, situations, things… pretty much everything. I only exist in the present moment and feel an immense gratitude for my own life and for the existence of all life everywhere. I constantly celebrate every moment, feel light, free and alive in my body… but do not attach to my form. I remember that I am an eternal presence inhabiting a human body for a short time, here to learn and love unconditionally in all moments.

It’s important to not forget about the Middle Self as well, the self that we identify with on a daily basis: our mind, our ego. Our egos are a necessary function for navigating through this physical world. The mind is an amazing tool. Just remember: thoughts are just thoughts, not always truthful and in line with reality. Question your own mind! Remember: If a thought is causing you unhappiness and you find out that it’s not true, let it go. Choose positive thoughts and watch how life starts to work for you, rather than against you. Only focus your intention and attention on the life you desire. Don’t waste your time worrying about the dramas of this world. What you focus on, you will draw to you.

Venus is currently Retrograde, making us reconsider and re-evaluate our relationships, making us question our values. If thoughts similar to these have been popping up in your mind, trust me, you are not alone: Do I really like my job? Am I getting paid enough? Do I suit my partner? Is this the life I TRULY want? What the heck do I actually want to be doing here? Thankfully, Venus goes Direct on September 6th, 2015. All the work we’ve been putting into ourselves to resolve those questions will be seen.

Venus is also conjunct Mars in Leo, making us put even more focus on our relationships, business, what we value in this life. Mars doesn’t take no for an answer. It gets to the core of the situation, even if it has to fight its way there. And the core for this Full Moon happens to be our partners and our spirituality. Is your partner your soul mate? What do you really want? Who do you really want to be?

The Sun in Virgo is coupled with Jupiter, also in Virgo, at the time of the Full Moon. This is an extremely positive aspect, allowing us to TAKE ACTION on all the wonderful whims from our soul. Those whims will be extra potent at the Full Moon as the Moon is going to be coupled with Neptune, also in Pisces, its ruling planet. This is a beautiful time to create art, dance, sing, PLAY outside in nature and connect to the Earth.

Since Jupiter entered Virgo, things have become a little more serious. With Neptune Retrograde, we now have the ability to take our dreams and actually see them though. To take the steps to start living the lives we want to. And that all starts with leaving the competitive plane and entering into the creative one. Knowing fully that there is MORE than enough for everyone on this planet. To truly get what you want in this world, you have to ignore the CREATED lack, the CREATED illness and the CREATED fear. You must stay true to your own internal compass, ignore the fear programming from the media and take action from a place of presence, power and peace. Only focus your intention and attention and emotion on what serves you, hold your dreams firmly in your mind all the time, and do not waver from what you want. Do not be distracted by the drama of this world and remember that underneath all the chaos, there is Order, and only love.

Mercury enters Libra on the 27th and will stay there for 66 days! It goes Retrograde on September 17th and will stay there until October 9th. Once again, expect re-evaluation, particularly of your relationships and career, along with personal and universal law. This will be an artistic Retrograde and a time to really find balance through investigating our own inner worlds.

Have a beautiful Full Moon!

Love Christina

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