Libra Full Moon Message: Lightning-Speed Growth in Love!

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces that occurred on March 8th, 2016 was an intensely healing time for us all. With The Sun, Moon, Neptune, Ceres and Chiron all in Pisces, we were asked to dive deeply into our own Beings to discover what we needed to let go of in order to make room for the new. It was an intensely feminine, creative and receptive time for us all. If you had the courage to let go of emotional attachments, come the Full Moon, you’ll see the physical manifestation of that courage.

Pisces is a master of change and knows that change is truly the only constant. While working up to the Full Moon, ask yourself, can I let go of anything in my life to make room for new energies and experiences to flow? Can I give away any of my things, can I let go of negative emotions that I hold onto for a sense of security? Wherever Pisces lies in your chart, is where you’re going to have to allow change to occur in order for healing and renewal to begin.

Use the intensely feminine energy of the moment to enter into the universe that dwells within, to discover what your own heart longs for. If a negative situation continues to arise that causes you to feel a negative emotion, question it. When did you first feel that negative emotion? Can you remember the situation clearly? Go over the situation again and again until it no longer causes you any negative emotional response. Send love to the inner child within you. Send love to your “enemies” and they will no longer be enemies. If you can figure out the exact moment when any emotional trauma was created in the body and go to the source of that trauma, it will soon dissipate. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming exercises can often help make us face painful situations and turn them into events that we can eventually look fondly over. Remember, you CANNOT change the past. What’s done is done, but you can change your perception of it, and that changes the Now.

When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra arrives on the 23rd of March, expect the closure you’ve been waiting for surrounding relationships. If you’ve had the courage to do your inner-work to release outdated emotional programs, you’ll see more clarity, connection and confidence within your interactions. With the Moon cast in shadow, we get a chance to look into the dark side of our own minds when it comes to our partners, and of course, ourselves. Whatever we want someone else to do, is what we crave the most for our own lives. If you notice that your partner is doing something wrong on the Eclipse, instead of pointing it out, simply start implementing what they “should” do yourself. Our reality is a holographic projection of our inner world. If you want change to occur on the external, change yourself.

This might be a tricky thing to remember since Mercury will be in Aries. Aries doesn’t think, it acts! If you’ve been supressing any words, they’ll come bubbling up now… Even more of a reason to release emotional attachments BEFORE the Lunar Eclipse. The Sun and Uranus will also join Mercury in Aries, making us all even more erratic and spontaneous, especially with our words.

Wherever Libra is in your chart is where you’ll be receiving a healing… but with the Moon Eclipsed, expect to be doing some deep shadow work. For example, with my Sun and 3rd House in Libra, I’ll be releasing ego issues which will then translate into how I interact with my environment.

Chiron, Neptune and Venus still in Pisces, we will still be focusing on healing, but rather with the mirror others’ provide. Overly sensitive, sometimes dreamy and even delusional at times, be careful not to fall too deeply into fantasy. Pisces is also the sign of escapism through drugs, food, over-stimulation of any kind… Ground yourself daily by going out for a walk. Place your hands onto the earth. Hug trees. It’ll do wonders for you.

Mars in Sagittarius will be trining Mercury and the Sun and sextiling the Moon. I see these aspects as extra power to speak our truth to our partners. Once again, be wary: Sagittarius is the sign of opinions. We all have em… but of course there’s a time to speak and a time to stay silent. Even if you feel like you’re “right” it may not even matter to someone else’s journey. Don’t waste your energy trying to heal people who aren’t ready to receive your blessings! Remember, sometimes though we may want to help someone in pain with our words, the kindest thing we can do is simply hold space for them.

With the Full Moon opposite Mercury, expect to vacillate between what YOU need and what your partner needs. Find balance by conversing openly without judgement. Always use discernment, but never take anything personally. Approach life from Spirit and witness all unfolding as it should.

With Saturn trine Uranus, expect difficult life lessons to shock you into changing and growing spiritually.

Ask yourself, what do I need most right now in this moment? Am I treating myself with respect, gentleness and compassion? How can I best be of service to humanity?

Dreaming, healing, travelling on the astral planes abound, along with intense spiritual insight and lightning-speed growth when it comes to love.

Have a beautiful Full Moon!

Love Christina

Virgo Full Moon Message: Turn Your Fantasies into Reality!

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The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Feb. 22, 2016, and opposes the Sun in Pisces. The Full Moon will shine light on the aspect of your life that Virgo represents. For example, with my Venus in Virgo, the Full Moon will allow me to take a deeper look into my love life, to see things that were previously unavailable for my eyes. This Full Moon will be a deep heart opener for me.

I see the axis of Virgo and Pisces as reality vs. fantasy. The opposition the Sun and Moon creates provides us with an opportunity to find more balance within our lives. With Ceres (asteroid representing nurturing) and Chiron (another asteroid: The Wounded Healer) currently in Pisces close to Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) and the Sun, this is definitely a time for dreaming. A time for deep meditation and contemplation, a surrender into unknown territory.

Use the Piscean energy to become still and ask your heart what it truly wants. The will of your heart is aligned with the will of the universe, and that will is always pure, and always serves the all. It is your duty to find out what you love giving joy to. Why did you come to Earth? What are your gifts? How can you be of service to the world? True satisfaction arises naturally when we offer our hearts freely without needing anything in return. When we give, we feel the love we’re seeking and find the completion and connection we crave. When we feel abundant and worthy, wealth follows.

We all have dreams that want to come to life through us. We came to the physical dimension to experience and express our unique gifts. When we live in alignment with our heart, our true calling, we create space within us for miracles to flow. The universe is always conspiring to help us. It cannot be any other way, no matter how hard the mind tries to convince us otherwise. All we have to do to fully step into our true power is get out of our own way…

For this Full Moon, drop any attachment to ideas about who you “should” be. Let go of your identity, even for just a moment, let go of your story, your past and future, and listen to the beat of your own heart, to the wisdom contained within your very Being. Observe the endless fountain of energy that pours forth from you in all moments, the eternal, immortal stream of wisdom and power that yearns to be brought into the light. What wisdom does your heart yearn to share? What dreams want to come to life through you?

Once you’ve found your calling, use the Virgo Moon to help you create a plan of action. What steps could you take today to see your dreams through? What steps could you take tomorrow? This week? What would it feel like to NOT see your dreams come true? What would your life look like if you were truly empowered? How would you act? Who would you hang out with? Why is it absolutely necessary for you to see your dreams through?

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Dream big! And then TAKE ACTION! But don’t overwhelm yourself. Working for the all without firstly taking care of yourself isn’t beneficial to anyone.

Ceres and Chiron, both in Pisces, are helping you heal and asking you where you need to be gentler with yourself. For example, with my Moon in Pisces, I’m healing emotionally and learning to be more compassionate with my own heart! And with the hearts of others.

Life will seem especially dreamy on the 28th of February as Neptune couples with the Sun. Refrain from making any life-changing decisions. Create art, meditate, continue to plan. Execute in March.

Remember, the stars are a reflection of what’s going on within us as individuals and as a collective. They don’t take us away from our free will, but instead show us how to align with it.

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Love Christina

Cancer Full Moon Message: Cherish Time Spent with Loved Ones

The Full Moon in Cancer occurs on December 25th, 2015 and is opposite the Sun in Capricorn. The last time we had a Full Moon on Christmas was in 1977! Prepare for an emotional, intuitive, magical healing Moon. Neptune in Pisces will be sextiling the Sun and trining the Moon, allowing us to fully merge with Spirit, while maintaining our connection to the Earth. The Capricorn Sun is asking us to be brave, to go after what we want, and to ultimately climb the ladder of success to merge with our Higher Selves.

Cancer represents family so the Full Moon couldn’t come at a better time! Because emotions will be intense, you may want to set your intention before meeting your relatives this Christmas. If you’re highly empathic, you may pick up on peoples’ emotions and thoughts even more so now. Cancer is highly psychic and can tap into other people without even trying. Before sitting down to eat, especially if you’re imbibing, say a little prayer and set your boundaries.

Setting your intention can be as simple as closing your eyes and saying aloud or internally:

“Dear Soul Mind Body of (your name), I love you, honour you and appreciate you. You have the power to act with grace and compassion this Christmas and send the same love, the Highest Love, to all Beings. You have the power to react with kindness and to remain balanced and grounded in reality. You have the power to remain vulnerable and trust that you are safe. You have the power to always remember your connection to Source consciousness, to remember your Divinity in all moments. You have the power to say NO when you want to. Do a good job! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

And of course, you can add in whatever else comes to mind in the moment. By consciously choosing to set your intention you’re purposefully directing your energy in a way that is aligned with your own soul. I encourage you to do this daily to prevent yourself from unconsciously living out the intentions of others.

Mercury in Capricorn will be trining Jupiter in Virgo at the Full Moon, making this an auspicious time for business! Uranus goes direct right after the Full Moon also, making this an amazing time to start new projects, to do anything we’ve been putting off for a while. When Uranus goes direct, ALL the planets will be direct! If you have a brilliant plan you’ve been waiting to execute, execute now! You’ll have this powerful inspiration until January 5th, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, ending in Capricorn on the 26th of January.

What were you doing around July 26th, 2015? That’s when Uranus went retrograde. Think about that, because whatever you were doing around that time, you’ll be returning to now with full force.

Because Uranus is in Aries, you want to look to where Aries is in your natal chart. That’s the area where you’ll need to take risks and try new things. For example, my Mars is in Aries, so where I direct my energy will change. Around July 26th, I quit my part time job and started working from home full time. And so now… that energy has come back around. Time to expand my business even more, with my soon-to-be-launched online social media site!

Finally, take some time during this Christmas to reflect on how far you’ve come this year. With awareness, look into your own past and congratulate yourself for everything you’ve achieved and for how much you’ve grown as a soul.

Happy holidays!

Love Christina

Leo Full Moon Message: Your Desires are Valid!

The Full Moon in Leo occurs on Jan. 23rd, 2016 and is opposite the Sun in Aquarius. This celestial opposition asks us all, “Are you living out your true creative potential?” What are the reasons behind your actions? Are you listening to the guidance coming from your own heart, or living to please others, making decisions that go against your personal truth simply to save yourself from conflict or judgement?

The New Moon in Capricorn asked us all to question where we were placing our attention, where we were directing our power. We were forced to see if we were living in alignment with our Highest Good, taking actions to benefit our soul and the collective. The effort that we’ve all taken to return to our Highest Truth, our True Calling in Life, will be illuminated come the Full Moon.

The Leo energy asks us playfully to return to what brings us the most joy in the moment, and reminds us vehemently that we’ve all come here to play in order to learn. Inner Child work will be a major theme during this time. In order to find the freedom and childlike innocence that arises naturally with a return to purity, it’s paramount to find a way to express the intense energy we’re being presented with.

Think of a creative activity that no one associates you with. Choose something that your mind thinks you are NOT. If you’re a musician, try writing. If you’re an artist, pick up a guitar or go dancing, etc. Allowing yourself to delve deeply into a creative activity which you have no attachment to will allow you to step into the true freedom of expression that your soul craves. Through the act of creating with no expectation, no attachment, no end goal, a portal will open within your very being for Source energy to flow through. The act of creating simply to create will remind you that you are an endless fount of limitless energy and pure potential. Any feeling you’re craving, any thing outside you that you feel you need, you’ll realize is within you. It’s never a person or a place that allows you to feel happy, satisfied, complete. It’s always you in the moment choosing to open your heart and give without conditions.

Take the freedom that arises from creation without attachment and bring that with you into your daily routine, your work, your play, your relationships. The Aquarius Sun is asking you to now LET GO of any attachments. As we emerge into a new year, a new age, vibrating with fresh energy, completely renewed, we see that everyone is entirely unique, though intimately connected. And though we may not always be able to understand each other’s viewpoints and the reason behind why we choose certain paths, we can feel that each path is valid in its own right. We can see that there is enough room for everyone’s voice to be heard, for everyone’s heart to be expressed without restraint. There is simply no more need to judge another for choosing to live life with a belief system other than the norm, when the “norm” (is there even such a thing?) is obviously no longer something healthy to strive for.

With Mercury in Retrograde in Capricorn, we’ve been given another chance to review our own morals. Ask yourself, “Am I choosing to live FULLY? Am I truly grateful for this existence? Are my actions representative of my gratitude? Am I taking Right Action? Am I truly facing my fears or evading them, living in the realm of excuses?” On the 25th, Mercury will go direct once more, allowing us to start living from a place of Higher Authenticity than ever before, if we choose to, that is.

With Mercury and Pluto coupled together on the 29th, this can be a time where our fears can seem overwhelming. Our shadow is bubbling up to the surface of our consciousness in order to be purified. Our own darkness is an aspect of us that needs our love too. January has not been easy on any of us and we’ve all been feeling the weight of serious decisions on our minds. This month will bring powerful transformation on a Soul level which will affect our entire reality, if we can choose to face our fears instead of run from them.

With Mars in Scorpio, its home, T-squaring the Sun and Moon, this can be an intensely emotional, even aggressive time. If you’ve been suppressing your sexuality or not allowing yourself to express your anger in a healthy way, this aspect will illuminate that and the Pluto-Uranus square will provide you an opportunity to choose something completely NEW!

Sexual energy is what the universe is built on. It IS creative energy, but we’ve forgotten how to use it. Instead of having sex to feel physical pleasure, remember that sexual energy can be used to HEAL the body, mind and spirit, to create art, to manifest your dreams into reality. If you’re sexually unsatisfied and not taking action to remedy this, you’re not taking responsibility for your spiritual health, for your own happiness, which ultimately affects the whole. A sexually unsatisfied person with no outlet leads to outbursts of anger and sometimes unintentional pain for others. Sexual energy wants to move through us. It’s the force that creates worlds, and if we choose to ignore it, misuse it or suppress it, we fall out of alignment on all levels.

Mars in Scorpio is asking us all, “What do you TRULY desire?” It’s time to stop worrying about if our desires fit into another person’s or society’s standards. Being of service to the whole without firstly learning how to get in touch with your own heart is a dangerous game that leads to pain.

It’s not desire that is wrong. It’s attachment to desire that brings suffering. It’s our desires that drive us, that allow us to create technologies that skyrocket us into the future, that allow us to learn, heal and change.

The most wonderful news of all? Your true heart’s desires ARE the desires of God, and ARE in alignment with your Highest Good. The wants of your heart are never wrong or sinful or invalid in any way shape or form. The heart is our connection to spirit, the way back to the truth, which has been hidden from us for far too long. Following our desires is our salvation from the chaos we’ve dreamed into life. Our commitment to our desires IS our Purpose. To live an honest life, giving joy to whatever makes us most happy in the moment is the only true requirement for bliss and fulfillment.

Breathe deeply and remember your perfection Now. You are so important. I love you.


Full Moon in Gemini Message: Is the Media You’re Consuming True?

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on Nov. 25th, 2015 and is opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. Gemini represents the gathering of information along with the mastering our direct environment. Sagittarius, while it loves to take in information, rather seeks for meaning and truth to expand it's environment to ultimately create an enlightened world. For this Full Moon, ask yourself the question: What information am I taking in? Is it useful to me? Is it true?

With Neptune in Pisces squaring the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, all coupled in Sagittarius, this can be a time of great confusion. While our energy, our mind and egos are apparently invested in seeking truth, Neptune is veering us off course, pulling us ever so softly into delusion.

Saturn is currently conjunct the Sun, making us tense, serious and determined. Make sure not to overwork yourself, even though it feels as if you NEED to come to some sort of completion, find your “perfect” identity or be “the best” right NOW! Life is a journey…

Making things a little more difficult, Neptune makes the first of three exact squares to Saturn on Nov. 26th, 2015, the next two occurring on: June 17th, 2016 and September 10th, 2016. Use this aspect to ask yourself: Am I being too practical and ignoring the spiritual? Am I living in la la land and ignoring the world? Where I'm I stuck in fantasy? Where am I too concerned with what others think about me? How can I balance both worlds and remember the truth?

While we earnestly seek for truth on the internet, through books and documentaries, etc... subconsciously we are being programmed by symbols that though we have forgotten the meaning of, are permanently embedded into our psyches. These symbols are so powerful that even when we come close to reaching the truth, they can steer us astray, subconsciously affecting our choices. And is it not our choices that have created our current circumstance?

"Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law.” – Confucius

The subconscious entraining began years ago. In childhood, we learned that green means go. We also learned that a triangle placed on its side means go. Now, even into adulthood, when we see a green triangle placed on its side in a commercial for chips, even for a brief moment, subconsciously we're already shouting "Yes, that's good! I want that! I'll buy it!" even if on a conscious level, we don't want the chips and we understand fully how unhealthy they are for us.

It's time to start questioning the information we're taking in, especially the media were consuming. Even innocent movies aimed at children are rife with programming. How did your childhood movies shape your definition of male, female, noble, evil, etc? What archetypes live within you? What idols are you internally worshiping?

Most of us are waking up to the fact that we've all been victims of trauma-based mind control and have been programmed from childhood with false history (we're not the most advanced civilization to walk the Earth) and fake science (our existence is not a fortunate accident). More and more citizens of Earth are realizing that the "dream" they've worked so hard for isn't so dreamy at all...

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