Aries Full Moon Message: Intense Desires and Massive Change!

The Full Moon in 23 degrees Aries opposite the Sun in 23 degrees Libra will be a fresh start for everyone. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, emerges from Pisces, the spiritual realm, unafraid and uninhibited, passionate to dive into life’s adventures. Soon, however, Aries learns that life isn’t always so pleasant, and thus the guard comes up to protect the innocent heart. The playful child becomes the warrior of light.

With the Moon conjunct both Uranus in 22 degrees Aries and the dwarf planet Eris in 23 degrees Aries, expect people to be on the defense. Eris, the dark goddess of war, Mars’ female counterpart, along with Uranus, planet of shock and spiritual awakening, will bring sudden impulses in relations of all kinds: family disputes, relationship quarrels, emotional disturbances and mood swings. With the Sun opposite Uranus, it may prove difficult to integrate all the changes occurring in your life right now.

With Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn conjunct Mars in 12 degrees Capricorn, we’re all feeling an increase in passion, which may manifest in our career, sex drive, or create a stronger lust for power. Remember that true power comes with a surrender to spirit.  

With Mars sextile Neptune in 9 degrees Pisces, you have the power to bring your dreams to life right now, but with Mars square Jupiter in 7 degrees Libra, your stubborn drive may be distracting you from your soul path. If you’re feeling the need for more, question what emotion the thing you desire will bring you. Then focus on that emotion now. The frequency you emit will naturally bring your desires to you. If you’re finding it difficult let go of yearning, question why you feel incomplete. With simple observation, you’ll realize that you can only feel incomplete when you think you are. When thinking stops, there is only Divine Perfection left over.

With Mercury sextile Saturn in 12 degrees Sagittarius, your thoughts thankfully will be on the more practical side, so when any tension does arise for you to deal with, you’ll be level-headed enough to not fall into delusion. With Jupiter sextile Saturn, staying grounded, remaining within the eye of the storm, will be your saving grace. Remember, negative events are not happening to you. They’re simply happening and always occurring for the evolution of your soul, whether the mind believes so or not. With Saturn still square Neptune, when life gets tough, it may be very desirable to fall into fantasy, but this will only make things more challenging for you.

With Mercury square Pluto and Mars, your drive may block you from making meaningful connections at this time if you let your happiness become dependent on specific outcomes. Focus on slowing down completely. Ask yourself, what is my Highest Joy in this moment? Then do that! When we complain about what we lack, when we cling to the past or long for an imaginary future, we cut ourselves off from the flow of energy and true power that wants to create miracles through us.

With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Libra, you may be desiring above all else for connection, but with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn along with Venus in 27 degrees Scorpio, this will prove a challenging time for harmony within relationships of all kinds.

With both Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn along with Venus in Scorpio, this will be a time where the truth is illuminated in relationships. Use the laser-like vision of Scorpio and the emotionally mature wisdom of Capricorn to discern who no longer deserves your precious energy. If someone in your life is casting negative judgement upon you, do not take it personally. When people constantly project out negativity, this only serves to illuminate their own deep-rooted self-hatred. In order to deal with that self-hatred, often people will latch onto a fake identity created in the mind to feel powerful, but this power is fake and highly unstable. When this identity is threatened by true beauty, power and truth, the weak and fearful mind-identified individuals will lash out with toxic emotion or thought in order to elevate their illusory selves. Do not give your power away to these people who essentially have the consciousness of children. These people have forgotten how to connect to the endless fountain of love that exists within them and thusly seek to feed off others around them.

If someone is constantly projecting out toxic emotion onto you, they are usually highly UNCONSCIOUS and in pain, plain and simple. An awakened being does not feel the need to ever cut another being down. Offer the Highest Love to unconscious beings stuck in the mind. Remind them of who they are by slowing down and remaining present. Remind them that they don’t have to defend or project any self created within the mind.

The good news is that the deeply inferior ego of the wounded is an accumulation of thoughts about a self that doesn’t even exist. The superior ego created to hide the deeply insecure self also doesn’t exist. When we all wake up and realize that we don’t have to fight to protect anything, suddenly nothing is personal. Life starts working for us, rather than against us.

We grow with encouragement. No matter what anyone says or does to you, always offer love.

If you’re living in service to self mode, this will be fully illuminated at the Full Moon. If you find yourself to have more than you have now, to be more than you are now, this will only reflect back to you a reality that is created within scarcity mentality. Question, “Who am I?” The observer that witnesses your thoughts, your emotions and this temporal world does need anything to feel complete, safe, blissful and free. Focus on maintaining a connection to the part of you that is eternal, the silent watcher.

Once you feel connected to the limitless creative potential flowing into you at all moments, ask yourself, “What did I come here to share with the world? What world do I want to create?”

Love Christina

Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Message: Feel and Let Go

The 24 degrees Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 16th, 2016 and is opposite the Sun in 24 degrees Virgo. I see this as a fantasy vs. reality opposition. The Sun and Moon is square Mars in 23 degrees Sagittarius, making this Eclipse on the more aggressive side. We’re all feeling tension arise within us, and the desire to lash out, to stand up and fight for our beliefs, is there. When your situation gets too heated, I highly encourage you to not project out your pain through words. We’re purging our own toxic emotions along with the pain of the collective and falling back into finger-pointing is never the answer.

It’s easy to look outside ourselves and judge others for their actions, but we don’t know what’s best for another soul. Someone may look like they’re in intense pain to us, but in reality they’re meant to be there in order to grow. Forgive yourself for falling into judgement and instead offer compassion.

When pain does arise, the temptation to slip back into fantasy will be there along with the temptation to ignore any tension entirely and to “think” your way out of difficult situations. With Mercury retrograde in 17 degrees Virgo trine Pluto in 14 degrees Capricorn also retrograde, your thoughts are powerful and transformative right now, but can also be your own worst enemy. Along with the retrograde energy reminding you of past projects and friendships that need revisiting, it’s also showing you where you’re still stuck in the mind. Retrogrades turn energy inward. Use this deeply reflective time to observe your thinking patterns and remember, thoughts are just thoughts. Nothing more! If a thought doesn’t bring you any joy, you never have to keep it.

In my private coaching sessions ( I ask every client what they want to be doing and why. Then I inquire into why they haven’t been following through with the things they love to do. More often than not, it’s limiting beliefs that stop them from moving forward with their passions. The most common ones are: If I try I’ll fail. It’s too late for me to start now. Nobody will care. And the all-time favourite: I’m not good enough.

Let’s say your main limiting belief is I’m not good enough. Speak that thought aloud: “I’m not good enough.” See how silly that sounds? When you speak the thought aloud you tell your mind that you can consciously choose to give power to the thought or not. Once again, it’s only when you run from your pain that it can have any power over your life.

The Full Moon in Pisces, alongside the S. Node in 12 degrees Pisces and Neptune in 10 degrees Pisces, is asking you to FEEL. This a time of intense healing for everyone. Look to where Neptune, Chiron and the Moon are in your natal chart to see where you are receiving this healing personally.

The Lunar Eclipse is asking you to let go. What thoughts and emotions are holding you back from joy? What destructive patterns of behaviour are you refusing to look at? How are you externalizing your pain instead of facing it head on? Mars square the Sun and Moon, while bringing up tension in relationships of all kinds, is also bringing tension within. Where are you directing your energy and why? Is it serving your Highest Good or is it simply comfortable? Who are you trying to please and why? This Eclipse may be a final goodbye to an ego that no serves you.

Venus in 21 degrees Libra sextile Mars and opposite Uranus in 23 degrees Aries retrograde is your saving grace this Full Moon, your way to channel your aggression healthily. Venus gently calls Mars back into balance, all the while asking you to channel the electric energy from Uranus into something you love. These aspects bring us renewed passion and creativity, innovative ideas, magnetic attraction, intimate social connections. A fresh perspective on relationships of all kinds and a willingness to forgive. Remember, even if you don’t know how to forgive, all you have do is be willing and the universe will provide the rest.

Mars trine Uranus offers you new and exciting opportunities to play, learn and connect. Your instincts are on fire right now. When wondering what step to take forward, always listen to what your body has to say over the mind, even if the answer inconveniences or terrifies the ego.

“Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I'll be mad.” – Rumi

Jupiter is now in Libra and will stay there until October 2017. The last time Jupiter was in Libra was in 2005! Use this glorious time to connect deeply to your own heart. How can you send more compassion to yourself? Talk to your heart: “How are you? What do you need from me? What activities make you happy? What activities make you sad? What do you truly desire?” The love your offer yourself will make it so much easier to offer it unconditionally to others. This is a beautiful time of deep connection, romance, passion and creativity. What unique gifts did you come here with to share?

Realize deeply that your world, the people you encounter, the events that unfold, are all a holographic projection of the world within you. Instead of constantly trying to fix others or heal traumas through relationship, turn inward. How are you manifesting the world in which you see and why? How is your situation helping you grow? Why are you choosing it?

Sending you love,



Capricorn Full Moon Message: Explore the Darkness…

The Full Moon in 27 degrees Capricorn occurs on July 19th, 2016 and will be opposite the Sun in Cancer. This is our security access, Capricorn being physical, financial security and Cancer being the same, but firstly emotional stability. With Uranus in 24 degrees Aries is squaring both the Moon and Sun, you may be finding it difficult to find any security as Uranus is shocking you into growth. There’s a constant need for stimulation and excitement right now. Uranus in Aries asks, “Where does your personal power come from and how are you using that power? Expect emotional mood swings and erratic behaviour from others as, just like you, they’re dealing with self-esteem issues that will eventually birth new confidence and compassion.

With Mars in 25 degrees Scorpio sextile the Moon and Trine the Sun, a renewed enthusiasm for life is arising along with the drive to pursue your dreams and see them through. With Mars quincunx Uranus, you may be feeling impatient. Remember, you’re in exactly the place you need to be in for the evolution of your soul. You don’t get to know why certain things are happening. Trying to control or manipulate your life will lead to disappointment. The good news? The amped up passion we’re experiencing along with the need for excitement is manifesting new experiences, partners, ideas and talents.

After the Pluto and Venus/Sun/Mercury opposition we survived, we’re left with a new way of viewing the world. Uranus not-so-gently questions, “What are you going to do now with your new perspective, with your new way of seeing, feeling and interacting with the world?”

Death was a major theme for a lot of us this month:

The death of attachment to other people for validation or approval: Once again we’re faced with the truth that no one can take away our pain, solve our problems, our offer us the love we’re meant to offer ourselves.

The death of attachment to ego for a sense of security: Nothing that we achieve in some imagined future will ever make us more complete than we are now. When we do arrive at said future, where we’re “perfect” according to the mind, we’ll still be here and Now, and yes, still exactly the same as we are currently underneath the grand illusion of form. Divine, whole and complete Beings, expressions of the One Consciousness, manifesting itself into the physical world to explore and play.

Saturn in 10 degrees Sagittarius trine both Venus in 9 degrees Leo and Mercury in 11 degrees Leo, there’s a seriousness to our thoughts right now. Use this time to explore the ego’s insatiable need to feed itself. Imagine: What if I never were to see any of my goals through? Would I then be less worth of love or respect? Am I truly not good enough yet, and if so, why? What would happen if I Iost my sight tomorrow, or any of my senses for that matter? How would I feel if my parents or my siblings died? How about my partner or best friend, my pets?

Exploring the darker side of life doesn’t create more negativity. It keeps us grounded, connected to reality, to the truth, and allows us to step into gratitude for what we do have. The state of gratitude the realism puts us in enables us to witness that we are already complete. The state of completion we choose to put ourselves in puts us on a different timeline where more abundance is manifested by us, for us.

Mercury and Venus in Leo, along with Mars in Scorpio is allowing us all to love again even after we’ve been hurt. The energy of Leo reminds us that a closed off heart is a weakness, not a strength. For this Full Moon, forgive those who have hurt you. Realize they we’re never hurting you, and only hurting themselves, unaware of how to deal with their pain and thus projecting it out onto others. Set firm boundaries and only choose to allow others to treat you with the same respect and love you give yourself.

Life is messy. Humans are flawed. Moments are imperfect. All of this is temporary… What’s the point in holding on to anything at all when nothing or no one can ever be owned?

Realize deeply that until you learn to offer your heart the same love you would give to another person, toxic relationships will continue to arise in your reality to steer you back to your own heart. Send the Highest Love to yourself and all Beings. Be honest, fearless and remember that you came here to enjoy your Divine Perfection.

Love Christina

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Message: Art For Art’s Sake!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 18th, 2016 in 25 degrees Aquarius will be opposite the Sun in 25 degrees Leo. Uranus in 24 degrees Aries will be trine the Sun and sextile the Moon. With the Moon in shadow, our personality grows brighter, even more so with Uranus sextiling it. Along with erratic mood swings and sudden bursts of electric inspiration, expect visionary insights and a glimpse into the future.

The Aquarius/Leo access represents creativity, freedom and individuality. Ask yourself, “Where am I creating from and who am I creating for?” Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you’re creating your reality in every moment with where you choose to focus your attention. If you’re creating from the mind alone for the respect of other minds, you’ll find temporary pleasure that will inevitably turn to pain, a ceaseless craving for more. Both Leo and Aquarius remind us to return to the heart and to create art for art’s sake. In doing this we realize that the act of creating is what we came here for, not the admiration, not the final product. Ask yourself, “How can I celebrate myself as a unique expression of the Creator while remaining aware that I am intimately connected to everything else in existence?”

With Venus in 15 degrees Virgo trine Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn and opposite Neptune in 11 degrees Pisces, this is a dreamy, powerful, transformative time in love. Ask yourself how you can create more freedom within your relationships. If you find yourself criticizing your partner or your friends, remember, your projections onto your outer world are a reflection of what you carry within. We all grow through more encouragement and kindness. You can always choose love regardless of the situation you’re in. Every moment is an opportunity for you to recreate yourself anew.

With Mars in 6 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn in 9 degrees Sagittarius, we’re learning that we must become the own authority over our lives and take 100% responsibility for our actions. With both planets square Neptune we find ourselves desirous, pulled to action, adventure, the unknown. And then when we bite off more than we can chew, it can be easy to fall back into old habits, addictions and thinking patterns. How can you remain passionate but grounded and aware of how your actions are affecting others?

The Moon sextile Uranus is forming a Yod to Mercury in 23 degrees Virgo and Jupiter in 25 degrees Virgo. If you channel your brilliant insights into something practical, you’ll be rewarded with the evolution of your soul. Yods represent karmic missions we undertake in order to grow. With Jupiter and Venus conjunct, this is a fruitful time with pecuniary affairs. Business deals will seem to go more smoothly than usual as people find diplomatic communication arising effortlessly.  

Think back on what intentions you set at the Leo New Moon on August 2nd. How have they manifested in your life? Take a moment to thank yourself for how well you’re doing on your journey!

Have an amazing Full Moon!

Love Christina 

Sagittarius Full Moon Message: Be Honest!

The Full Moon in 29 degrees (the final degree) Sagittarius occurs on June 20th, 2016 and is opposite the Sun in Gemini, which is conjunct Venus in 3 degrees Cancer. Themes of love and value will be strong for this Full Moon, so if you’ve been confused for a while in those areas, you may find yourself sighing with relief. Innovative ideas for making money are available to you now. All you have to do is ask the universe to provide. Witness your thinking patterns. What kind of spells are you casting each moment? Is your heart open to receiving love on every level? Command yourself to reclaim any power you’ve given away to the banks, to authority figures, to negative thoughts and emotions, to turbulent relationships, to the past, to worrying about an imaginary future. This world is infinitely abundant. It’s a choice now to open yourself to the miracles that want to be brought to light through you.

With Venus opposite the Moon, you may find yourself dwelling for too long in your emotions, losing sight of the bigger picture, which is always available to you. Since the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius focuses on truth, Gemini being many truths and Sagittarius being the ultimate truth, this will also be an intellectual, chatty Moon, but a more sombre one. With Mercury in 11 degrees Gemini, it’s natural home, square Saturn (retrograde) in 11 degrees Sagittarius and square Neptune (retrograde) in 12 degrees Pisces, the tendency to fall into negative thought patterns will be present. The seriousness of the energy may be so overwhelming that it will be seem extremely desirable to escape realty with drugs or alcohol, but with the S. Node still in Pisces, this is not a good idea.

Since Jupiter is in 15 degrees Virgo, this is still very much a practical time of planning of dedicating yourself to the world, of grounding and re-aligning to the present moment. With Jupiter square Saturn and opposite Neptune, the pressure is on. Ask yourself, “Am I putting my energy into a life path that aligns with my heart or am I simply keeping busy?” If you’ve been distracting yourself from the desires of your soul, expect your busyness to no longer assuage you now.

The Mutable Grand Cross that we just left was hard on all of us, especially for those of us with a lot of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces energy in our charts. Destruction, death, transformation were major themes. The reality we knew was ripped apart from beneath our feet and we’re still reeling from the quake.

To find peace, look to Pluto (retrograde) in 16 degrees Capricorn trine Jupiter and Sextile Neptune. Your power right now will come from you choosing to be 100% honest and authentic with how you feel in every moment. If you feel afraid, say it aloud: “I’m afraid. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Choosing radical honesty won’t bring more negativity to you. It will heal you and allow your energy to transform. If you’re suffering, STOP ATTACHING TO YOUR THOUGHTS! Attachment to thinking brings suffering. Freedom is always available to you. To re-immerse yourself in that freedom, sit up straight, take in slow, deep breaths and just be. Just observe the automatic function of thinking. Witness all from a place of neutrality. Fear may arise, but the fear will only be the fear of death: the death of your attachment to ego. Don’t try to think your way out of a complex situation. Speak your truth and move your body! Release any stagnant energy and ground into the earth to heal. If you need help, ask for it. Send what you cannot control to the divine to take care of. You don’t need to have all the answers now, nor ever. Your power lies in the unknown and the unseen.

Honesty hurts, yes, but pain is an inevitable part of this life. Suffering, however, is not. Be radically honest even if it hurts those you love most, because it will hurt them far more if you’re hiding the truth. Ask your heart, “Who am I? What beautiful gifts can I use to be of service to the whole?” Send your heart freely into this world without expecting anything in return. The act of unconditional service will heal you and return you to the divine perfection you’ve always been.

Love Christina

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