Scorpio Full Moon Message: Good Karma!

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The Full Moon in 20 degrees Scorpio occurs on May 10th, 2017 and is opposite the Sun in 20 degrees Taurus. This is our sexual/sensual axis and appropriately, a major theme for this Moon is intimacy. The Sun in Taurus illuminates where you could be slowing down and deepening your connection to your sacred temple body and the natural world. 

Experiment with each element. If you’re usually a mental person, venture into the forest and sit with the trees to ground yourself.  Ask the earth a question and pick up a rock to inspect it for subtle hints. Bathe in a river and ask the spirits who live there to help you empathize or become more flexible. Dance around a fire and watch how the flames burn without restraint. Ask them to energize you or transform your apathy into passion. Raise your arms and feel the wind at your back, gently pushing you in the direction of truth. Ask the breeze to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts or attachments. Allow it to impregnate you with visionary insights and a clear thinking.

Realize deeply that because nature is creative, you, who contains all the same elements nature does, are also a creative genius!

Sun trine Pluto (retrograde) in 19 degrees Capricorn and Moon sextile Pluto: Pluto, still retrograde, is putting pressure on you to explore your inner world. Are you walking a path in alignment with your Highest Good and for the Highest Good of All? If not, this Moon, especially with the added pressure from Pluto, will push you to transform. Call upon Shiva the Destroyer to remove anything stopping you from living in alignment with your True Soul Path. The transformation process you’re experiencing is sometimes messy and painful, but a Higher Version of you will arise from ashes, reborn stronger and wiser. In order to allow this new version of you to emerge, you must clear space within. If you’re holding onto secrets, addictions or obsessions, they will now rise to be purged. Emotions are powerful now, and the desire to connect on a soul level is there. If others are draining you, perhaps this is the time to let them go for good.

Jupiter (retrograde) in 14 degrees Libra square Pluto: Your emotional healing and transformation may cause some disturbances in relationships. With Saturn retrograde in 26 degrees Sagittarius, old fears from this life and previous ones are arising once more for the collective to view. Send love to any tension that arises and when presented with a difficult situation, ask the question, “If I truly loved myself, what would I do?” If you cannot accept or change a situation, sometimes the most loving thing to do is walk away, end the friendship, or say goodbye for good to a toxic habit.

Mercury in 26 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus in 26 degrees Aries and trine Saturn: Thoughts are electric! Instantaneous Higher Dimensional downloads are available to you now. Saturn is giving you the strength and endurance to put those thoughts into a do-able plan of action. Keep writing! Keep channelling! On June 10th, Jupiter turns direct and you’ll see your efforts manifested into the physical. Be patient! So much joy and abundance is coming your way!

Mars in 13 degrees Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune in 13 degrees Pisces: Extra excitement and curiosity abound! Bursts of energy to work on your projects and to play. With Jupiter square Neptune, you may be tempted to fall into fantasy when the pressure feels intense. Remember, you can handle anything you are presented with! You have chosen it to facilitate your Highest Growth! Say YES to life, say THANK YOU to your enemies/challenges and watch how quickly life starts to work for you, rather than against you.

The Full Moon is conjunct the fixed star Zubeneschamli (Arabic word meaning Northern Claw) in 19 degrees Scorpio. The star is a part of the Northern Scale of the Libra Constellation, which used to be a part of the ancient Scorpio’s claws. This star relates to the scales of karma. While the Southern Claw represents misfortune and paying for bad deeds, the Northern Claw brings good fortune, honour, riches, happiness, and high ambition. Like the ultra-feminine Scorpio, allow yourself to receive. If you’ve been doing good deeds, good things are coming to you!

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Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

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