5th Dimensional Healing

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I'm excited to announce my new healing method, 5th Dimensional Healing. I will be publishing a book with the same name very soon! To perform one of the techniques, a 5D Redo, read the instructions below.

5D Redo Steps:

To perform a quick and efficient 5D Redo on yourself, take the following steps:

  1. Find a quiet place to shut your eyes for a moment. If you’re in a crowded place, head to a bathroom for some privacy. Take in some slow, deep breaths to get yourself in a meditative state.
  2. Find the Initial Soul Detour, the moment where you first remember experiencing the fear, anxiety, etc. that is still triggering you now.
  3. Re-live the painful memory, looking through your own eyes. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions once more.
  4. If you feel tension arise in your body, focus on it. It’s there to be released. Take a deep breath in and imagine light from Source moving down toward you. Say, “I draw my 5th Dimensional Self into this (name the emotion) and transmute it to love throughout all Densities, Dimensions, Time and Space.”
  5. Re-watch the scene from an outsider’s perspective. Dis-attach yourself from the emotions that used to trigger you. Watch yourself act out the scene as if it wasn’t you at all. Play the scene through like a movie. This will allow you to dis-attach from the pain that used to trigger you. You can choose to re-play the scene backwards in your head. You can speed it up and replay it over and over again to make it funny. Replay the scene until you don’t see it as something negative, but rather, just something that happened.
  6. Now that you’re comfortable with changing the memory and it no longer triggers you, you can perform a Soul Reroute. Continue to watch yourself from an outsider’s perspective. What action would have returned you to your true soul path? What action would have been most in alignment with your heart? If your memory involves a person treating you poorly, for example, instead of cowering in fear, stand up for yourself. See yourself loudly proclaiming, “Do not disrespect me!” If you’re alone, scream it out loud! Feel the fear physically releasing from your body. Watch yourself leaving the presence of the other person for good and never returning. Do whatever you have to do to cut your soul contract with that person and reroute to a more preferable timeline.
  7. Open your eyes to witness your new timeline. Offer a prayer of thanks to the Divine for gracing you with such a powerful sense of awareness and the ability to heal.

You are the Source:

Soul Detours happen for a reason and always make us stronger. We must never punish ourselves for straying from our path. We don’t, however, have to let them ruin our lives.

When you become aware that you’ve taken a Soul Detour, simply reroute yourself back to your true soul path with a 5D Redo. Although you cannot travel into the past with your physical body within the 4th Density that you find yourself emerging into, you can travel there with your Light Body or view it with your Third Eye. You can send your energy to a specific area of consciousness or simply view it and by doing so, send the same energy. Viewing areas of consciousness without actually travelling there with your Light Body may be just as effective for you.

Remember, all that is occurring is occurring at once within the moment, with no separation. Whether you perceive yourself to be a separate form moving through space and time or not, in your true form, which is formless, you are already connected to wherever you are trying to go or whoever you are trying to see. By going to the level of the soul with 5th Dimensional Healing, you travel directly to the Source whether you feel yourself physically moving or not.

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