Libra Full Moon Message: Embrace the Unknown!

The Full Moon in 21 degrees Libra on April 11th, 2017 is opposite the Sun in 21 degrees Aries, self (Aries) vs. other (Libra). With the Moon conjunct Jupiter in 17 degrees Libra, we want to connect with loved ones, and share our insights, hardships and breakthroughs. The Sun, conjunct Uranus in 24 degrees Aries, however, opposite Jupiter (retrograde), our emotions are erratic and unpredictable, and when fear arises, outbursts of anger or inflated egos can follow.

Venus is currently retrograde and turns direct April 15th. This is a time of inner reflection. What do you love? Why do you love it? Where do you want to focus your love? With Jupiter also retrograde until June 10th, new career paths are opening up for us, along with new areas of study. What do you love to learn? What gifts do you have to share with others?

Saturn goes retrograde April 6th and stays there until August 26th. Bad patterns of behavior, negative attachments to outcomes or people, ancient fears you thought you were done with, are all arising for you to view. Saturn is ruthless and when it turns retrograde, it can seem like one horrible thing after another keeps happening! The truth is that what’s occurring isn’t “good” or “bad.” Only the mind makes it so, and oh boy does the mind want to make it so! It can be extremely inviting to analyze WHY certain things are occurring, but it won’t actually make your pain go away. Trying to solve your problems through the vehicle of thinking only STOPS YOU FROM FEELING what you are meant to feel for the evolution of your soul!

The solution? Stop trying to solve your “problem” and realize there isn’t one, and there has never been one. Breathe deeply and re-align with your soul, with the Creator. Trust that what the universe is presenting you with is for your Highest Benefit. Say YES! Say THANK YOU to EVERYTHING that arises and watch how quickly your “problems” vanish. When Saturn turns direct once again, if you’ve chosen to remain present and face your fears, you’ll reawaken with a higher level of maturity and awareness.

The unknown can be scary, but only to the mind that wants to understand what it simply cannot! EMBRACE the magic of the unknown, even though it can be terrifying at times. The fear will pass, and in place of it, you will rise anew. When you venture into the present, into the unknown, you are no longer able to hold onto any story of who you are, who you were, or who you’re meant to be, and that’s OKAY!

It’s OKAY not to know! It’s okay to let go. *phew*

Mercury goes retrograde April 10th and stays there until May 4th. Use this time to take a break from your mind! In sensual Taurus, this is the perfect time to relax, take long bubble baths, and float off into la la land. The most wonderful ideas always come when we’re peaceful!

Pluto turns retrograde on April 21st and remains there until September 29th! Expect even more inner reflection and a total re-route of your soul path. What you previously thought you “came to Earth to do,” is going to change. This may be inspired by something painful, such as a death, or a breakup, as Pluto transforms through the path of destruction.

Back to the Full Moon! Moon and Sun square Pluto in 19 degrees Capricorn: While the harmonious Libra Moon allows us to connect to others and actually listen to them, with it square Pluto, it’s easy to fall into intense power struggles and fixed opinions. If you can’t get your way, maybe you aren’t meant to! Go for a walk and blow off some steam. Re-centre yourself in nature and remind yourself of what’s truly important!

Venus in 27 degrees Pisces, retrograde, we’re extra sensitive in relationships of all kinds now. Even more so with Venus square Saturn in 27 degrees Sagittarius. Old fears from previous relationships are arising. Are we truly worthy of love? Will he/she leave me? Is this really worth it? Maybe I should hold back…

The solution? Dive in head first 100%, especially in romantic relationships. If you give it your all, and it still doesn’t work, at least you can leave with a clear conscious with no regrets.

Mars in 22 degrees Taurus invited us to be sensual and slow down. Mars trine Pluto gives us the determination to succeed. The thing is, the timing isn’t quite right yet for everyone with Jupiter and Uranus square Pluto, and with all the retrograde action. Less is more right now as we learn the lessons we need to in order to grow. Surrender is key.

The saving grace amidst all the confusion we’re facing is the Moon conjunct the fixed star Spica.

Taken from

 “ Moon conjunct fixed star Spica gives success, honor, wealth and love. Comfortable and secure living conditions always seem to be provided for. It also gives psychic awareness, androgynous qualities and interest in spirituality and religion. Can transmute above average sexual energy into artistic, creative and spiritual work. This favors scientists, occultists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians.” Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

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