Virgo Full Moon Message: Alchemical Transformation!

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Virgo is opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Pisces. With the Sun conjunct Mercury in 27 degrees Pisces, it may be very tempting to get lost in your fantasies, especially surrounding your ego. Use the logical Moon in Virgo square Saturn in 27 degrees Sagittarius to maintain your connection to reality.

The Moon and Sun form an Irritation Rectangle with Jupiter in 21 degrees Libra opposite Uranus in 22 degrees Aries. Jupiter opposite Uranus sends us electric insights from Higher Dimensions, which bring us extreme tension unless we share! Ask yourself, “How can I offer my unique perspective to the world to benefit all souls?” Whatever Source is blessing you with now, you are meant to share! We only experience what we truly are, LOVE, when we offer that love freely to the world!

Jupiter opposite Uranus makes us crave freedom. If you find yourself wanting more, or clinging to an imaginary future, stop! Attaching to outcomes, or wanting to see, hear, or taste certain things will always bring suffering. An enlightened master realizes that attaching to the senses leads to suffering. Focus on sending love to what you have now and realize deeply that the situation you are in now is exactly where you are meant to be. Allow Source Consciousness to move through you, healing and transforming your energy, cellular memory, and DNA. If you have the courage to send love ANYWAY, you will be rewarded with a greater perspective. If you can see through the illusion of separation, and realize that EVERYTHING is the same and everything deserves the same love, you will move gracefully into enlightenment, which is your natural state of being.

The Irritation Rectangle brings up tension within relationships and the urge to attack verbally, to force our new perspective on our partners and friends. With the Moon square Saturn as well, we may feel that we have all the answers in any given situation. With Mercury also square Saturn, our stubbornness can turn into dogma.

Take a moment on the Full Moon to release from your mind entirely. You may be surprised to discover that the answers you previously thought were the ultimate truth were only pointing you in the direction of something greater that doesn’t require constant reaffirmation. With Pluto square both Uranus and Jupiter, the lessons we are being presented with right now are overwhelming and physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritual draining at times. Breathe through the uncomfortable sensations and don’t analyze your situation until the alchemical process occurring within you has reached completion.

Relax into not knowing. Relax into sitting with yourself alone. If any tension arises, send it love and so0n it will dissipate. Saturn trine Mars in 1 degree Taurus and trine Uranus is reminding you how powerful it is to FEEL alive in your body. Remember that your true wealth is always in your health. Sit in meditation and invite qi into your form. Practice yoga, dance, MOVE your body in whatever way feels comfortable and release toxic energy. Invite in those Higher Dimensional energies that are SO accessible right now. Get inspired and share your brilliance with the world!

Pluto in 19 degrees Capricorn is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. If you have the courage to BE with yourself and take 100% responsibility for your actions, an alchemical process will unfold from within you. Your psychic intuition is strong right now, but emotions may also be intense. The inner tension you feel is transforming you on a soul level, and affecting everyone around you. Use this Moon to rebirth yourself anew. Forgive yourself for any awkwardness experienced because of the Eclipses and remain present. Focus on maintaining your health and state of grace and you will magnetically attract into your life what is best for your soul.

Asteroids and Fixed Stars:

The Moon is conjunct the fixed star Denebola, the Tail of the Lion, in the constellation Leo. Denebola has the nature of Venus and Saturn, the Saturn character dominating when the tail is pulled. If you feel provoked in any way or feel your pain body being triggered by the energies present this Full Moon, you may feel the instant desire to lash out at those around you. This can lead to humiliation, anger and intense discord within relationships.

Realize that your pain is NOT yours, only passing. Pain only arises to lead us back to our own innocent nature. Even growing pains lead us back into alignment with what we are, which is always peaceful and loving.

Focus on maintaining the strong qualities of Saturn: strength, maturity, grace and patience. The Venus aspect can bring vanity or cockiness, but also: self-control, courage, and the feeling of safety.

The asteroid Pallas Athena is conjunct the Sun in 23 degrees Pisces, coupled with Chiron in 24 degrees. Pallas Athena rules courage, wisdom, warfare, problem-solving and creative intelligence. She seeks to find truth before taking defensive action, but won’t hesitate to strike if provoked. Wherever you have Pisces in your chart right now, you are being provoked in order to heal. Realize that what you are experiencing is occurring for the Highest Benefit of your Soul. Don’t rationalize to find the truth in your situation. Sit with your pain and allow it to directly inform you why it’s there.

Have a Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

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