Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Message: Use the Pyramid Portal Power!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 22 degrees Leo will be opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Aquarius, the axis of creation, excitement, adventure, service, innovation.

Moon sextile Jupiter in 23 degrees Libra and Sun trine Jupiter: Old relationships will be renewed and revitalized. You may notice things about your partner that previously were unbeknownst to you. Subtle details about their personality will be intensely intriguing. Graced with new eyes and infinitely inspired by the world around you, expect to form new bonds with others. New friendships formed now may last a lifetime.

Moon trine Saturn in 25 degrees Sagittarius and Sun sextile Saturn: Use your emotionally maturity to make wise decisions for long term goals. A pragmatic outlook helps you deal logically with any stress arising. Re-visiting traditional methods and re-inventing them will prove useful.

Moon trine Uranus in 21 degrees Aries and Sun sextile Uranus: Step out of your comfort zone and trust that you’re being guided in every moment. Meeting new people now will be exciting and enlightening. Allow strangers to share their wisdom and offer the same in return. Be wary of stubbornness or an inability to let go of deeply engrained beliefs. Let go of the past and begin again anew. Focus on what your heart needs first so you can offer your love effortlessly to the world.

Mercury in 5 degrees Aquarius sextile Venus in 5 degrees Aries and Mars in 10 degrees Aries: Thoughts are powerfully clear right now with Mercury in the expansive, airy, and ever curious water-barer, Aquarius. With Mars in its natural home of Aries, expect to be more inspired by your inner feelings rather than the external world. Follow your impulses as your psychic sight is on point right now. With Mars and Venus conjunct added to the mix, what loving Venusian thoughts arise after sensing your powerful intuition?

With Venus retrograde March 4th until April 15th, this is a wonderful time to turn inward and ask yourself, “What do I truly love? What am I passionate about and am I directing my passion with full force?” If you have your Ascendant in Taurus or Libra, expect this time to be extra introspective for you.

Jupiter sextile Saturn: Exercising caution will prove beneficial now. Think about your long-term goals. If anyone or anything is affecting those goals negatively or causing you unnecessary pain, cut them/it loose. You don’t need to justify yourself to others who don’t have the capacity to listen. In fact, you don’t need to justify yourself or your actions at all. We’re not meant to be understood and nether is life. Overthinking and constantly feeding your anxiety won’t solve anything. Use the ruthless power of Saturn to say goodbye to what doesn’t serve the greater good of All. There is nowhere to go but here, and here you are already whole. Jupiter, currently retrograde, turns direct on June 10th, manifesting those long-term goals you’ve been patiently working on.

Jupiter opposite Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto in 18 degrees Capricorn: If you feel the need to rebel or escape, you’re not alone. Allow the pressure to build and transform you. Don’t resist it or else it may explode within your personal relationships and cause more harm than good. With Pluto in Capricorn, we want to be in control right now, calling the shots. Even more so with Uranus in Aries. The extent of our personal and greater power is dawning on us, but it will only be truly realized and utilized if we offer that power to others to serve the whole. What pressure is within you and how is it transforming you? What will you do with your power once it is birthed?

Saturn sextile Uranus: Along with the strong Mars energy present, Uranus is enabling us to focus more on ourselves lately. Come the eclipse, we’ll see that using our personal power to help others awaken will be more satisfying than anything. What electric insights did you come here to share? With the Saturn energy so strong right now, you have the power to turn your wildest fantasies into reality.

Uranus square Pluto: “Should I feed my ego by buying a pair of new shoes or should I help others to make myself look good?” Obviously, the latter choice seems to serve the whole, but taken from the perspective of mind alone, won’t actually create any lasting change. The whole is always a reflection of what’s inside. Heal your soul first, and your mind, body and external world will follow.

The pattern created at the Eclipse is called a mystic rectangle aspect pattern. The X in the centre of the rectangle represents the inner turmoil or pressure building, while externally we seem cool and collected. Allow the tension to build and find creative ways to find release. Don’t be afraid to open up to others about what you’re going through. Chances are, they’re feeling the intensity of energy just as much as you are.

On top of the rectangle, creating a 3D pyramid shape, we have Saturn, Father Time, holding everything together, reminding us to remain practical and slow down! This aspect will enable us to experience real magic if we learn to channel our energy into what serves us and the whole, rather than dispel it at others through venting, etc.

Have a happy Full Moon and see you soon!

Love Christina

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