Cancer Full Moon Message: What Gifts Will You Share?

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Cancer occurring on Jan. 12th, 2017 is opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Capricorn. Pluto in 17 degrees Capricorn is conjunct the Sun square Uranus in 20 degrees Aries, making our egos much more stubborn than usual. We desire freedom but hesitate to take action for fear of damaging our egos. While the Moon is asking us to flow with life, to express our fears and joys without restraint, we’re afraid to open up fully. If we do let go, however, the pressure of Pluto will lead us down an inexorable path of fate, creating an unalterable change within our Beings that will enable us to feel more deeply for ourselves and the world. With Jupiter in 22 degrees Libra and Uranus both square the Moon, we have a Grand Cross on our hands here that is bringing up quite a bit of tension.

Jupiter square Uranus: The desires to feed our egos and achieve solely for our small selves will be challenged by the world which we see. Can we continue to sit and do nothing for those who are suffering simply because we’re spiritual and “it’s all a part of the Divine Plan?”

Jupiter in Libra has shown us too many options for us to handle with grace. Thankfully, now with Mercury in 29 degrees Sagittarius beside Saturn in 22 degrees Sagittarius, we’re beginning to put all the puzzles pieces together to form a picture. We see that in order to fully serve ourselves we must serve the whole. To find true completion, we must offer our gifts to the world without want for anything in return. Our minds have been set free once again, after a ruthless Mercury retrograde, and once more we see that we are blessed beyond measure. With the awareness of our blessings, the choice to serve others becomes effortless and obvious.

Wise old man, Saturn, will be the one we turn to this Moon for the answers. Saturn trine Uranus is enabling us to do more, see more, branch out and do things we’ve been too afraid to try before. But we’re approaching these new ventures with caution and calculation. Jupiter sextile Saturn: We see that we must use our God given gifts to help others live happy and healthy lives. Indeed, we are all servants of the Divine.

Moon trine and Mars and Sun sextile Mars in 18 degrees Pisces: We are reminded that less is more right now. Trying to push against an oncoming current is futile. Better to let go and flow downstream.

Venus in 9 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune in 10 degrees Pisces and Mars: This is still very much a time to dream and allow your mind to wander to far off lands. What is it that you would love to create above all else? Use your powerful visions and ability to look into the unseen realms right now to bring your deepest fantasies to life. If you’re feeling extra sensitivity within romantic relationships, talk about it. There’s a good chance that your partner is feeling the same and may just be too scared to open up. With Venus and Mars conjunct, this is a romantic time to connect on a soul level.

With all the planets direct until Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6th, this is a powerful time to start new projects, but with the Piscean energy still lingering, don’t rush into anything! If you push too hard right now, your efforts will come crashing down hard on you.

Remember, if things get too tense during this Moon, take a break to do something out of the ordinary. Cancer, though extremely emotional at times, is also hilarious when they wake up to their emotional outbursts. Never take anything personally and please never take yourself or this life too seriously! God bless!

Love Christina

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