Gemini Full Moon Message: You Don't Need to Be Right!

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Gemini occurring on December 14th, 2016 will be opposite the Moon in 22 degrees Sagittarius. Along with communication, Gemini rules interacting with our direct environment. With the Moon in this position, you may feel pulled all over the place emotionally, excited by what you see around you. I consider Gemini to be the curious, playful, and intellectual child. This is an excellent time to follow your creative whims and try things you may have been too afraid to explore in the past.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 19 degrees Sagittarius opposite the Moon: You may be feeling very defensive right now, which may be creating some tension within your relationships. If others around you are extra opinionated or stubborn, remember that they too are processing the same emotions that you are. Always offer encouragement and compassion, and if you can’t find the strength to do this, walk away and return to the situation when you can. Holding onto anger or tenaciously needing to be “right” will put your evolution on hold. Life doesn’t unfold according to how your ego wants it to. You receive what you need when you need it. Often what annoys you the most about others is what you need to work on within your own Being. Say thank you to what the universe is presenting you and let it transform you. If the transformation is messy or uncomfortable, breathe deeply and slowly, and soon it will pass, leaving you stronger, wiser and more aware.

Moon trine Mars in 25 degrees Aquarius and Jupiter in 18 degrees Libra: Your thought process will be much more expanded than usual. The Moon trine Jupiter in particular will make you especially excited to connect to others and share these thoughts, making the Saturn/Sun conjunction a little more bearable. With the Moon sextile Uranus in 20 degrees Aries, emotions will be a little erratic, but once again, this position creates wonderful opportunities for you to get together with others and share visionary insights.

Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter and trine Uranus: Your ego may be especially inflated right now, as new ideas and exciting visions for the future enter your consciousness. Remember, that nothing you “create” is ever created by “you,” your mind or your body, which are not who you truly are at all. Nothing is permanent, nothing persists and nothing can be controlled.

“ In Buddhism, the three marks of existence are three characteristics (Pali: tilakkhaṇa; Sanskrit: trilakṣaṇa) of all existence and beings, namely impermanence (anicca), unsatisfactoriness or suffering (dukkha), and non-self (anattā).” – Wikipedia

Mercury in 12 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 16 degrees Capricorn: Your thoughts may be on the more serious side at the moment, but your practical focus will help you actually see your goals though into the physical. The power of Pluto will be completely transforming the way you view yourself, others and the world. The silver lining will be Neptune in 9 degrees Pisces sextile Mercury, reminding you to slow down, dream, and observe the beauty all around you.

Jupiter sextile Saturn and Saturn trine Uranus: What were merely ideas once before will now be tangible. With Jupiter opposite Uranus and square Pluto, you can clearly see how your dreams are manifesting into the physical. You may be more driven than usual to adhere to the desires of your own ego, which once again, may cause some rifts in relationships. Ask yourself, “How can I balance the desires of my heart with the desires of others? How can I remain non-attached to all desires?”

Uranus square Pluto: When others don’t meet your demands or understand your sentiment, you may feel the need to go off on your own and exclude others. Remember that this tension is arising within the entire collective to be cleared! Forgive yourself for being selfish and egotistical and step back into unity.

Overall, this Moon will bring up a lot of disharmony within relationships, but with forgiveness, awareness, and humility, old soul contracts will be released for good.

If the healing process is overwhelming, enter into a meditation and think about the person that is annoying you the most to make the chord-cutting process easier to handle. Ask yourself, “What would that person have to do or say in order for me to forgive them completely?” Then do or say exactly that! Offer your heart the Highest Love in the world and watch your external reality completely shift to match your new vibration.

Sending you warm wishes for the holidays and see you in the new year!

Love Christina

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