Taurus Full Moon Message: From Chaos Arises Truth

The Full Moon in 22 degrees Taurus occurs on November 14th 2016, opposite the Sun in 22 degrees Scorpio. With the Moon conjunct the minor planet Sedna in 25 degrees Taurus and Algol, the Demon Star, in 26 degrees Taurus, this moon will force tension to the surface. Sedna, Queen of the Ocean, represents victim mentality, a destructive tenacity that leads to the exploration of darker realms. With Algol so close, one of the most feared stars of all, the violence arising, perhaps self-inflicted, will make this Moon extra unstable. Ultimately the pain endured will push us to make the choice to take full responsibility for our actions. The star Zaurak in 23 degrees Taurus adds a serious tone to this Moon, but ultimately this will leave us with a greater understanding of the whole, perhaps with an entirely new perspective and purpose.

With the Sun conjunct the star Astraea, Goddess of Justice, in 21 degrees Scorpio and near Mercury in 3 degrees Sagittarius, we can clearly see the injustices occurring in our world and are being pushed into action. With the star Ceres in 23 degrees Aries, representing the mother, conjunct Eris, Goddess of War, in 22 degrees Aries, and near Uranus in 21 degrees Aries, we’re learning what yearnings from our hearts ring clear and true. The desire to embody our Highest Aspect may be so strong now that we’re willing to resort to violence to align with it.

With Mercury sextile Mars in 3 degrees Aquarius, Higher Dimensional information is pouring into us. Refrain from wasting energy trying to fix the external, always a reflection of what occurs within, and instead channel your electric insights into creative expressions to serve the Highest Good of All.

With Jupiter in 12 degrees Libra sextile Saturn in 12 degrees Sagittarius, our success will arise naturally from remaining grounded, practical, yet open-minded. As a complete Being who has come to the Earth to share your brilliant gifts, ask yourself now, “What did I come here to share?” Realize deeply that you’re unfolding exactly as you’re meant to. To laugh or scorn another for navigating through the human experience at a different rate is similar to mocking a flower who hasn’t yet bloomed: useless and insane. Hold space for those you encounter. Offer kindness, compassion and gratitude and watch the world respond with the same.

Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn square Jupiter and Uranus reminds us that the tension arising surrounding relationships and what we value most in life is truly teaching us more about the nature of our own consciousness. If you find themes of control, manipulation or obsession expressing themselves within your reality, ask yourself how they’re helping you grow. Perhaps the very thing that annoys you most is an aspect of your own psyche to explore in more depth? With our limited perspective of self, we often notice what we need to work on in ourselves, within the world we see. If triggered by a specific person, what would that person have to do in order for you to relax and offer love instead of judgement? Do that now and watch your world change. Trying to manipulate or control others will always prove to be an exercise in futility.

If you find yourself frustrated during this time of transition, ask yourself, “Who is frustrated?” You may find the answer, “I am,” comes shortly after. Question further: “Who is I?” With continuous self-inquiry into this simple question, you’ll come to find that only the small I, the ego, can maintain frustration. Only the limited perspective of the ego desires to change the moment you’re in, which is, of course, always exactly what you need for your Highest Evolution.

This Moon will be emotional and intense, but through the chaos will rise true strength of character, the Highest Beauty imaginable: an open heart with an unwavering knowledge of the truth. 

Love Christina

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