Aries Full Moon Message: Intense Desires and Massive Change!

The Full Moon in 23 degrees Aries opposite the Sun in 23 degrees Libra will be a fresh start for everyone. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, emerges from Pisces, the spiritual realm, unafraid and uninhibited, passionate to dive into life’s adventures. Soon, however, Aries learns that life isn’t always so pleasant, and thus the guard comes up to protect the innocent heart. The playful child becomes the warrior of light.

With the Moon conjunct both Uranus in 22 degrees Aries and the dwarf planet Eris in 23 degrees Aries, expect people to be on the defense. Eris, the dark goddess of war, Mars’ female counterpart, along with Uranus, planet of shock and spiritual awakening, will bring sudden impulses in relations of all kinds: family disputes, relationship quarrels, emotional disturbances and mood swings. With the Sun opposite Uranus, it may prove difficult to integrate all the changes occurring in your life right now.

With Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn conjunct Mars in 12 degrees Capricorn, we’re all feeling an increase in passion, which may manifest in our career, sex drive, or create a stronger lust for power. Remember that true power comes with a surrender to spirit.  

With Mars sextile Neptune in 9 degrees Pisces, you have the power to bring your dreams to life right now, but with Mars square Jupiter in 7 degrees Libra, your stubborn drive may be distracting you from your soul path. If you’re feeling the need for more, question what emotion the thing you desire will bring you. Then focus on that emotion now. The frequency you emit will naturally bring your desires to you. If you’re finding it difficult let go of yearning, question why you feel incomplete. With simple observation, you’ll realize that you can only feel incomplete when you think you are. When thinking stops, there is only Divine Perfection left over.

With Mercury sextile Saturn in 12 degrees Sagittarius, your thoughts thankfully will be on the more practical side, so when any tension does arise for you to deal with, you’ll be level-headed enough to not fall into delusion. With Jupiter sextile Saturn, staying grounded, remaining within the eye of the storm, will be your saving grace. Remember, negative events are not happening to you. They’re simply happening and always occurring for the evolution of your soul, whether the mind believes so or not. With Saturn still square Neptune, when life gets tough, it may be very desirable to fall into fantasy, but this will only make things more challenging for you.

With Mercury square Pluto and Mars, your drive may block you from making meaningful connections at this time if you let your happiness become dependent on specific outcomes. Focus on slowing down completely. Ask yourself, what is my Highest Joy in this moment? Then do that! When we complain about what we lack, when we cling to the past or long for an imaginary future, we cut ourselves off from the flow of energy and true power that wants to create miracles through us.

With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Libra, you may be desiring above all else for connection, but with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn along with Venus in 27 degrees Scorpio, this will prove a challenging time for harmony within relationships of all kinds.

With both Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn along with Venus in Scorpio, this will be a time where the truth is illuminated in relationships. Use the laser-like vision of Scorpio and the emotionally mature wisdom of Capricorn to discern who no longer deserves your precious energy. If someone in your life is casting negative judgement upon you, do not take it personally. When people constantly project out negativity, this only serves to illuminate their own deep-rooted self-hatred. In order to deal with that self-hatred, often people will latch onto a fake identity created in the mind to feel powerful, but this power is fake and highly unstable. When this identity is threatened by true beauty, power and truth, the weak and fearful mind-identified individuals will lash out with toxic emotion or thought in order to elevate their illusory selves. Do not give your power away to these people who essentially have the consciousness of children. These people have forgotten how to connect to the endless fountain of love that exists within them and thusly seek to feed off others around them.

If someone is constantly projecting out toxic emotion onto you, they are usually highly UNCONSCIOUS and in pain, plain and simple. An awakened being does not feel the need to ever cut another being down. Offer the Highest Love to unconscious beings stuck in the mind. Remind them of who they are by slowing down and remaining present. Remind them that they don’t have to defend or project any self created within the mind.

The good news is that the deeply inferior ego of the wounded is an accumulation of thoughts about a self that doesn’t even exist. The superior ego created to hide the deeply insecure self also doesn’t exist. When we all wake up and realize that we don’t have to fight to protect anything, suddenly nothing is personal. Life starts working for us, rather than against us.

We grow with encouragement. No matter what anyone says or does to you, always offer love.

If you’re living in service to self mode, this will be fully illuminated at the Full Moon. If you find yourself to have more than you have now, to be more than you are now, this will only reflect back to you a reality that is created within scarcity mentality. Question, “Who am I?” The observer that witnesses your thoughts, your emotions and this temporal world does need anything to feel complete, safe, blissful and free. Focus on maintaining a connection to the part of you that is eternal, the silent watcher.

Once you feel connected to the limitless creative potential flowing into you at all moments, ask yourself, “What did I come here to share with the world? What world do I want to create?”

Love Christina

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