Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Message: Feel and Let Go

The 24 degrees Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 16th, 2016 and is opposite the Sun in 24 degrees Virgo. I see this as a fantasy vs. reality opposition. The Sun and Moon is square Mars in 23 degrees Sagittarius, making this Eclipse on the more aggressive side. We’re all feeling tension arise within us, and the desire to lash out, to stand up and fight for our beliefs, is there. When your situation gets too heated, I highly encourage you to not project out your pain through words. We’re purging our own toxic emotions along with the pain of the collective and falling back into finger-pointing is never the answer.

It’s easy to look outside ourselves and judge others for their actions, but we don’t know what’s best for another soul. Someone may look like they’re in intense pain to us, but in reality they’re meant to be there in order to grow. Forgive yourself for falling into judgement and instead offer compassion.

When pain does arise, the temptation to slip back into fantasy will be there along with the temptation to ignore any tension entirely and to “think” your way out of difficult situations. With Mercury retrograde in 17 degrees Virgo trine Pluto in 14 degrees Capricorn also retrograde, your thoughts are powerful and transformative right now, but can also be your own worst enemy. Along with the retrograde energy reminding you of past projects and friendships that need revisiting, it’s also showing you where you’re still stuck in the mind. Retrogrades turn energy inward. Use this deeply reflective time to observe your thinking patterns and remember, thoughts are just thoughts. Nothing more! If a thought doesn’t bring you any joy, you never have to keep it.

In my private coaching sessions (http://www.christinamartine.com/services) I ask every client what they want to be doing and why. Then I inquire into why they haven’t been following through with the things they love to do. More often than not, it’s limiting beliefs that stop them from moving forward with their passions. The most common ones are: If I try I’ll fail. It’s too late for me to start now. Nobody will care. And the all-time favourite: I’m not good enough.

Let’s say your main limiting belief is I’m not good enough. Speak that thought aloud: “I’m not good enough.” See how silly that sounds? When you speak the thought aloud you tell your mind that you can consciously choose to give power to the thought or not. Once again, it’s only when you run from your pain that it can have any power over your life.

The Full Moon in Pisces, alongside the S. Node in 12 degrees Pisces and Neptune in 10 degrees Pisces, is asking you to FEEL. This a time of intense healing for everyone. Look to where Neptune, Chiron and the Moon are in your natal chart to see where you are receiving this healing personally.

The Lunar Eclipse is asking you to let go. What thoughts and emotions are holding you back from joy? What destructive patterns of behaviour are you refusing to look at? How are you externalizing your pain instead of facing it head on? Mars square the Sun and Moon, while bringing up tension in relationships of all kinds, is also bringing tension within. Where are you directing your energy and why? Is it serving your Highest Good or is it simply comfortable? Who are you trying to please and why? This Eclipse may be a final goodbye to an ego that no serves you.

Venus in 21 degrees Libra sextile Mars and opposite Uranus in 23 degrees Aries retrograde is your saving grace this Full Moon, your way to channel your aggression healthily. Venus gently calls Mars back into balance, all the while asking you to channel the electric energy from Uranus into something you love. These aspects bring us renewed passion and creativity, innovative ideas, magnetic attraction, intimate social connections. A fresh perspective on relationships of all kinds and a willingness to forgive. Remember, even if you don’t know how to forgive, all you have do is be willing and the universe will provide the rest.

Mars trine Uranus offers you new and exciting opportunities to play, learn and connect. Your instincts are on fire right now. When wondering what step to take forward, always listen to what your body has to say over the mind, even if the answer inconveniences or terrifies the ego.

“Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I'll be mad.” – Rumi

Jupiter is now in Libra and will stay there until October 2017. The last time Jupiter was in Libra was in 2005! Use this glorious time to connect deeply to your own heart. How can you send more compassion to yourself? Talk to your heart: “How are you? What do you need from me? What activities make you happy? What activities make you sad? What do you truly desire?” The love your offer yourself will make it so much easier to offer it unconditionally to others. This is a beautiful time of deep connection, romance, passion and creativity. What unique gifts did you come here with to share?

Realize deeply that your world, the people you encounter, the events that unfold, are all a holographic projection of the world within you. Instead of constantly trying to fix others or heal traumas through relationship, turn inward. How are you manifesting the world in which you see and why? How is your situation helping you grow? Why are you choosing it?

Sending you love,



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