Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Message: Art For Art’s Sake!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 18th, 2016 in 25 degrees Aquarius will be opposite the Sun in 25 degrees Leo. Uranus in 24 degrees Aries will be trine the Sun and sextile the Moon. With the Moon in shadow, our personality grows brighter, even more so with Uranus sextiling it. Along with erratic mood swings and sudden bursts of electric inspiration, expect visionary insights and a glimpse into the future.

The Aquarius/Leo access represents creativity, freedom and individuality. Ask yourself, “Where am I creating from and who am I creating for?” Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you’re creating your reality in every moment with where you choose to focus your attention. If you’re creating from the mind alone for the respect of other minds, you’ll find temporary pleasure that will inevitably turn to pain, a ceaseless craving for more. Both Leo and Aquarius remind us to return to the heart and to create art for art’s sake. In doing this we realize that the act of creating is what we came here for, not the admiration, not the final product. Ask yourself, “How can I celebrate myself as a unique expression of the Creator while remaining aware that I am intimately connected to everything else in existence?”

With Venus in 15 degrees Virgo trine Pluto in 15 degrees Capricorn and opposite Neptune in 11 degrees Pisces, this is a dreamy, powerful, transformative time in love. Ask yourself how you can create more freedom within your relationships. If you find yourself criticizing your partner or your friends, remember, your projections onto your outer world are a reflection of what you carry within. We all grow through more encouragement and kindness. You can always choose love regardless of the situation you’re in. Every moment is an opportunity for you to recreate yourself anew.

With Mars in 6 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn in 9 degrees Sagittarius, we’re learning that we must become the own authority over our lives and take 100% responsibility for our actions. With both planets square Neptune we find ourselves desirous, pulled to action, adventure, the unknown. And then when we bite off more than we can chew, it can be easy to fall back into old habits, addictions and thinking patterns. How can you remain passionate but grounded and aware of how your actions are affecting others?

The Moon sextile Uranus is forming a Yod to Mercury in 23 degrees Virgo and Jupiter in 25 degrees Virgo. If you channel your brilliant insights into something practical, you’ll be rewarded with the evolution of your soul. Yods represent karmic missions we undertake in order to grow. With Jupiter and Venus conjunct, this is a fruitful time with pecuniary affairs. Business deals will seem to go more smoothly than usual as people find diplomatic communication arising effortlessly.  

Think back on what intentions you set at the Leo New Moon on August 2nd. How have they manifested in your life? Take a moment to thank yourself for how well you’re doing on your journey!

Have an amazing Full Moon!

Love Christina 

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