Capricorn Full Moon Message: Explore the Darkness…

The Full Moon in 27 degrees Capricorn occurs on July 19th, 2016 and will be opposite the Sun in Cancer. This is our security access, Capricorn being physical, financial security and Cancer being the same, but firstly emotional stability. With Uranus in 24 degrees Aries is squaring both the Moon and Sun, you may be finding it difficult to find any security as Uranus is shocking you into growth. There’s a constant need for stimulation and excitement right now. Uranus in Aries asks, “Where does your personal power come from and how are you using that power? Expect emotional mood swings and erratic behaviour from others as, just like you, they’re dealing with self-esteem issues that will eventually birth new confidence and compassion.

With Mars in 25 degrees Scorpio sextile the Moon and Trine the Sun, a renewed enthusiasm for life is arising along with the drive to pursue your dreams and see them through. With Mars quincunx Uranus, you may be feeling impatient. Remember, you’re in exactly the place you need to be in for the evolution of your soul. You don’t get to know why certain things are happening. Trying to control or manipulate your life will lead to disappointment. The good news? The amped up passion we’re experiencing along with the need for excitement is manifesting new experiences, partners, ideas and talents.

After the Pluto and Venus/Sun/Mercury opposition we survived, we’re left with a new way of viewing the world. Uranus not-so-gently questions, “What are you going to do now with your new perspective, with your new way of seeing, feeling and interacting with the world?”

Death was a major theme for a lot of us this month:

The death of attachment to other people for validation or approval: Once again we’re faced with the truth that no one can take away our pain, solve our problems, our offer us the love we’re meant to offer ourselves.

The death of attachment to ego for a sense of security: Nothing that we achieve in some imagined future will ever make us more complete than we are now. When we do arrive at said future, where we’re “perfect” according to the mind, we’ll still be here and Now, and yes, still exactly the same as we are currently underneath the grand illusion of form. Divine, whole and complete Beings, expressions of the One Consciousness, manifesting itself into the physical world to explore and play.

Saturn in 10 degrees Sagittarius trine both Venus in 9 degrees Leo and Mercury in 11 degrees Leo, there’s a seriousness to our thoughts right now. Use this time to explore the ego’s insatiable need to feed itself. Imagine: What if I never were to see any of my goals through? Would I then be less worth of love or respect? Am I truly not good enough yet, and if so, why? What would happen if I Iost my sight tomorrow, or any of my senses for that matter? How would I feel if my parents or my siblings died? How about my partner or best friend, my pets?

Exploring the darker side of life doesn’t create more negativity. It keeps us grounded, connected to reality, to the truth, and allows us to step into gratitude for what we do have. The state of gratitude the realism puts us in enables us to witness that we are already complete. The state of completion we choose to put ourselves in puts us on a different timeline where more abundance is manifested by us, for us.

Mercury and Venus in Leo, along with Mars in Scorpio is allowing us all to love again even after we’ve been hurt. The energy of Leo reminds us that a closed off heart is a weakness, not a strength. For this Full Moon, forgive those who have hurt you. Realize they we’re never hurting you, and only hurting themselves, unaware of how to deal with their pain and thus projecting it out onto others. Set firm boundaries and only choose to allow others to treat you with the same respect and love you give yourself.

Life is messy. Humans are flawed. Moments are imperfect. All of this is temporary… What’s the point in holding on to anything at all when nothing or no one can ever be owned?

Realize deeply that until you learn to offer your heart the same love you would give to another person, toxic relationships will continue to arise in your reality to steer you back to your own heart. Send the Highest Love to yourself and all Beings. Be honest, fearless and remember that you came here to enjoy your Divine Perfection.

Love Christina

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