Sagittarius Full Moon Message: Stay in Your Body!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on May 21st, 2016 and will be opposite the Sun in Gemini. The Sun in the first degree of Gemini will be conjunct Venus in 26 degrees Taurus, both planets opposite Mars and the Moon in the first degree of Sagittarius. This position will bring a bit of tension to relationships. Deep, emotional, passionate lovemaking may turn into aggression or power struggles. Avoid finger pointing or even trying to make sense of every single detail right now as the full picture won’t fully be clear until Mars moves out of its retrograde position at the end of June.

With Pluto and Saturn retrograde as well, this is a time for deep inner reflection. Where are you placing your attention? Do you love yourself completely? Are you making choices that align with your heart or your mind? Are you surrounding yourself with people who honour themselves and thusly have compassion to offer you? Self-love often comes down to boundaries. What are you choosing to let into your field? Now is the time to question your deepest desires and core beliefs. What are you going to do with the gift of life? What if there were no limits? Are you using your greatest manifestation tool, the imagination, wisely? What about asking what you CAN do rather than what you “should” do. Push the limits of your mind. Have fun imagining your perfect world. Get excited about the possibilities for growth and adventure! Jump up and down, dance and sing and FEEL the aliveness within you.

The Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn is bringing you opportunities for expansion like never before, but with this position, it’s not always going to be so effortless. This is a time of intense dedication, study, hard work being done in the physical. If you put in the work, face your deepest fears and step out of victim mentality, you’ll be able to see the abundance available to you now.

Choosing to slow down and enter into your body is a good idea now. If you’re noticing something “wrong” on the external, ask yourself why you’re being triggered by it. How is the event outside you pointing you back to your own heart? How is the negative event helping you grow? How can you send more love to your own heart?

This is a very sensual time right now, a time to fall back in love with ourselves! If you’re uncomfortable loving yourself, you’re going to have to find a way to do it! No one is going to save you from yourself or take you away from your problems. Trust me, I’ve tried this tactic many a time… Enter deeply into a meditation and simply sit with yourself. Invite your own pain or darkness to be with you. Send every single emotion that arises love, and watch yourself melt back into the peace that’s always been with you, that you’ve always been.

With a surrender to the moment comes an intense knowingness that all is truly one. That there is no final destination point, no need to impress anyone, for all is us. No rush, no limits, just love. Your only duty is to breathe in the moment, is to survive. If you can do this, you’re success is ensured. There cannot be any other way as you are the divine experiencing itself.

Treat all with the same compassion, love and respect for all is Source consciousness choosing to play in different forms in order to learn more about itself. Trust in your unique journey as valid and beautiful. Stay true to your heart and allow its beat to guide you through this temporal dreamscape.


The Sagittarius Full Moon will be bringing up themes of freedom. Sagittarius doesn’t like to have boundaries. It wants to roam the entire world uninhibited and wild. Where in your life do you feel the most free? Are there certain activities that make you come alive, that make you feel expansive within your body? Do your friends nurture that feeling of freedom? Does your job make you feel free? Where in your life do you feel constricted? Are you giving your power away to things that aren’t making you happy? If so, why? Why are choosing to live a life you don’t want to live? There are ALWAYS options. There is ALWAYS choice.

Sometimes it really is as simple as choosing to stop giving our attention away to things that rob us of our vital energy. Whether that’s a person, a place, a job, or a thought. If something isn’t making you happy, why are you choosing to feed it? People don’t change unless they choose to. Healers don’t heal people. People choose to heal themselves. Stop wasting your time on people who don’t deserve your attention. Focus on what makes YOU happy first. By loving your own heart, you ARE healing the world! Spend time with people who LOVE you, who accept you for who you are. And remember that if those around you are judging you, it’s only a reflection of their own inner dialogue. It has nothing to do with your own journey. Nothing anyone says can truly ever hurt the real you, which is eternal and impervious to another’s projection of fear.

With Neptune in Pisces square Saturn, things might seem a little heavy right now. The idea of losing yourself in drugs or alcohol may seem very tempting, but I’d highly suggest that you refrain from imbibing. With Neptune opposing Jupiter, if you do decide to avoid your problems by becoming intoxicated, or falling too far into fantasy, etc… your success will be put on hold. Once again, this is a time to be in the physical world, to really feel good in your body and face reality! If you choose to stay sober, face your fears, take responsibility for your life and stay present, you’ll create space for the Grand Earth Trine (super awesome portal in the sky) to bring you so much abundance on all levels: new job opportunities, new lovers, a new life.

With Saturn retrograde until the middle of August and Pluto retrograde until the end of September, this is a golden opportunity for you to really face the darker aspects of yourself in order to grow. If you can send love to your pain, you’ll learn that it’s always there to help you grow. If you’ve been thinking about your true calling and why you truly came to this planet, you’re not alone. Pluto represents our soul purpose or theme in life and with it currently retrograde in Capricorn, this is a time for us as a collective to be reconsidering how we’re treating the earth itself. We all came here to heal ourselves, each other and to help the earth transition. What are you doing on an individual level to heal your own soul? How are you being of service to others? How are you helping the earth heal?

The good news with the retrograde energy is past life friends and lovers showing up in our realities to remind us of our soul missions, to help return us to our truths. With Chiron in Pisces sextile Venus on the Full Moon, it’s likely we’ll be clearing some relationship karma. You have officially been warned! :P This could be extremely pleasant or a little messy…

Be EASY on yourself. This isn’t a time to rush anything. SLOW down and focus on your breath. You are PERFECTION pretending to be imperfect in order to have fun, to experience yourself in all realities. Feel into that and remember to laugh because this is just a dream.

Love Christina

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