Scorpio Full Moon Message: How are You Using Your Power?

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The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 22nd, 2016 and is opposite the Sun in Taurus. This axis represents what we desire in life. What do you value most in life? Why do you value it? Why do you want what you want? Where are those wants coming from? Your mind or your heart?

Scorpio rules sex, power, money, and on a higher octave, spiritual truth. For this Full Moon, ask yourself, “How am I using my power?” Are you connecting to the limitless fount of wisdom contained within your very Being? Are you listening to the desires from your heart or are you taking actions to simply please others? Do you feel grounded and connected to your body, to the earth? Can you feel your true power? If so… you won’t feel any need to manipulate others or put them down.

When we live in the mind and feed negative thinking or attach to negative emotions, we’re giving our power away. When we blame others for our problems or say someone else is “hurting” us, we’re giving our power away once again. We’re choosing to play the victim.

True success and freedom and power comes with proper boundaries. What energy are you choosing to let into your life? If someone is “hurting” you, why are you choosing to spend time with them? If you can’t accept someone’s behaviour and can’t change them, you’re only choice is to walk away. Take responsibility for your life, for everything happening to you. Know deeply that what is occurring is always for your Highest Growth, even if your mind cannot comprehend that.

The truth is that you are ALWAYS free to choose. Choose wisely.

The Scorpio Full Moon will allow us all to look deeply and honestly at our own relationships, especially our romantic ones. If you’re allowing yourself to be treated poorly by a lover or if you are treating your partner with disrespect, those actions will be brought to light now to be healed. For some this can mean the end of a bad habit, the healing of childhood traumas causing bad behaviour in relationships, or the end of a relationship itself.

When Venus enters into Taurus in May, the hard work that you’ve done to cut away what no longer serves you, be it people in your life that have been draining you or a bad habit that’s been causing you harm, will pay off. The space you’ll have created will allow you to draw in people who truly value you along with activities that genuinely nurture your soul.

If you’ve been disrespecting your body in any way, expect that to be illuminated in May. Use the energy of the bull to get re-connected to your body. Eat well, exercise. Sweat daily. Feeling confident in your body will translate to the rest of your life.

5 planets will be retrograde this April: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. This is a time of intense reconsideration. On the Full Moon, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will be square Jupiter in Virgo. Your external success/achievements will be put on hold temporarily as you’ll be focusing your energy inwardly. Sagittarius stands for truth and compassion for all Beings and the Earth. If you’ve been abusing yourself in any way and as a result, abusing others, expect that to be brought to light now. Face any pain that arises and trust that it’s burning away that which no longer serves you, creating space for true power and creative energy to flow.

On the 19th to the 23rd, Venus will be conjunct Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect some power struggles in relationships and possibly some unexpected finger-pointing. Our first reaction to someone else “hurting” us is to blame. Let’s all aim to ask ourselves why we’re causing the pain in the first place. What is your Higher Self trying to show you? Why is this situation necessary for your growth? Why are you choosing it?

Pluto will also be trine Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo, creating a Grand Earth Trine. If you can stay true to your own morals and stop playing the victim, you’ll see a greater sense of strength arise within you and your circumstances. Look to Jupiter (13-14 degrees) in your chart to see how this new power will be benefiting you personally.

The energy of the Scorpio Moon can be ruthless at times as it can bring out our darkest qualities for us to face. Scorpio doesn’t fear the darkness, it relishes it and learns from it. The Aries New Moon on the 7th was nasty and for a lot of us, it brought up a lot of fighting and name-calling. Come the Full Moon, if you’ve been brave enough to admit that you’ve been causing all your drama, you’ll be rewarded with clarity… and the peace of mind you thought the name calling was going to eventually bring you!!!

Although… with Neptune in Pisces square Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, that clarity may not last forever. It may be tempting to fall into fantasy to avoid your problems or facing your own shadow, but ultimately this will only bring more suffering. Face your fears. Feel your pain. Love your enemies. And soon you’ll see that nothing and no one can hurt you unless you allow them to. Unless you attach to your ego as “you”…

Still your mind. Focus on your breath, on how you’re being breathed into existence. There is never anything wrong with the moment. Only thinking makes it so.

Out of the ashes the phoenix arises re-born. We are going through a re-birthing process right now… After Scorpio pulls itself out of the depths of hell, it comes back to life stronger, wiser, with something to offer the world. If you’re going through a hard time, LOVE it! Allow your hardships to teach you more about the nature of your own consciousness.

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