Virgo Full Moon Message: Turn Your Fantasies into Reality!

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The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Feb. 22, 2016, and opposes the Sun in Pisces. The Full Moon will shine light on the aspect of your life that Virgo represents. For example, with my Venus in Virgo, the Full Moon will allow me to take a deeper look into my love life, to see things that were previously unavailable for my eyes. This Full Moon will be a deep heart opener for me.

I see the axis of Virgo and Pisces as reality vs. fantasy. The opposition the Sun and Moon creates provides us with an opportunity to find more balance within our lives. With Ceres (asteroid representing nurturing) and Chiron (another asteroid: The Wounded Healer) currently in Pisces close to Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) and the Sun, this is definitely a time for dreaming. A time for deep meditation and contemplation, a surrender into unknown territory.

Use the Piscean energy to become still and ask your heart what it truly wants. The will of your heart is aligned with the will of the universe, and that will is always pure, and always serves the all. It is your duty to find out what you love giving joy to. Why did you come to Earth? What are your gifts? How can you be of service to the world? True satisfaction arises naturally when we offer our hearts freely without needing anything in return. When we give, we feel the love we’re seeking and find the completion and connection we crave. When we feel abundant and worthy, wealth follows.

We all have dreams that want to come to life through us. We came to the physical dimension to experience and express our unique gifts. When we live in alignment with our heart, our true calling, we create space within us for miracles to flow. The universe is always conspiring to help us. It cannot be any other way, no matter how hard the mind tries to convince us otherwise. All we have to do to fully step into our true power is get out of our own way…

For this Full Moon, drop any attachment to ideas about who you “should” be. Let go of your identity, even for just a moment, let go of your story, your past and future, and listen to the beat of your own heart, to the wisdom contained within your very Being. Observe the endless fountain of energy that pours forth from you in all moments, the eternal, immortal stream of wisdom and power that yearns to be brought into the light. What wisdom does your heart yearn to share? What dreams want to come to life through you?

Once you’ve found your calling, use the Virgo Moon to help you create a plan of action. What steps could you take today to see your dreams through? What steps could you take tomorrow? This week? What would it feel like to NOT see your dreams come true? What would your life look like if you were truly empowered? How would you act? Who would you hang out with? Why is it absolutely necessary for you to see your dreams through?

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Dream big! And then TAKE ACTION! But don’t overwhelm yourself. Working for the all without firstly taking care of yourself isn’t beneficial to anyone.

Ceres and Chiron, both in Pisces, are helping you heal and asking you where you need to be gentler with yourself. For example, with my Moon in Pisces, I’m healing emotionally and learning to be more compassionate with my own heart! And with the hearts of others.

Life will seem especially dreamy on the 28th of February as Neptune couples with the Sun. Refrain from making any life-changing decisions. Create art, meditate, continue to plan. Execute in March.

Remember, the stars are a reflection of what’s going on within us as individuals and as a collective. They don’t take us away from our free will, but instead show us how to align with it.

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Love Christina

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