The Full Moon is in 17 degrees Capricorn opposite the Sun in 17 degrees Cancer. This is an extra emotional Moon since it's conjunct Pluto in 18 degrees Capricorn! Emotions are BIG and explosive. There is added tension with the Moon and Pluto both opposite the Sun, and Mars in 22 degrees Cancer. With the Sun and Mars conjunct, egos are BIG. If you find yourself attaching to an overly inflated ego or an inferior one, recognize that both are equally destructive. 

Ego wounds may be distracting you from your soul mission. With the Sun and Moon both square Jupiter in 14 degrees Libra, the tension you're experiencing may also disturb relationships. If you can genuinely listen to your own heart and find our way back into alignment with the Creator, the pressure of Pluto will CATAPULT you into an entirely new area of success. This success will come from a much deeper place: from your service to the world, which will result in the exultation of your spirit.

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Love Christina

Sagittarius Full Moon Message: Be Patient. You’re Healing!

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The Full Moon in 18 degrees Sagittarius occurs on June 9th, 2017 and is opposite the Sun in 18 degrees Gemini. While both these signs love the freedom to play and express themselves, especially with words or ideas, this Moon isn’t going to be so lighthearted. Issues involving health, relationships, finance and egos are arising to be healed.

While the Moon conjunct Saturn retrograde in 24 degree Sagittarius brings a definite seriousness to this Moon, and tensions within your home environment, the major aspect to focus on is Pluto retrograde in 18 degrees Capricorn quincunx the Sun. Quincunxes are 150 degree orbs that bring tension, conflicts that are difficult to reconcile. With Pluto retrograde, this is a time of deep inner reflection. Pluto is asking you to ask yourself, “Why do I want what I want? Do I want it to feed my ego, or do I want it because it serves my Highest Good, and the Highest Good of everyone?”

The tension of the Sun in Gemini may be causing you to want to achieve many things all at once, really quickly, but Pluto isn’t going to allow you to waste any more energy on achieving for the wrong reasons. Old ego tricks are surfacing to be healed for good, and this may be causing a lot of stress within your relationships. Remember, we’re all going through this together. Be patient with yourself. Slow down and focus on sending yourself love and sending that love out into the world. Everything will fall into place if you move out of your own way and trust that the universe has your back!

The Full Moon may feel like a crisis, but it’s a healing crisis you’re in. The pressure arising may bring up some old wounds and consequently old destructive patterns of behavior. Be patient if others are losing their minds a bit right now. Neurosis, obsessive behaviours are arising because we all feel like we’re losing control. The key thing to remember here is that we never had any!

The Moon is in the Ophiuchus Constellation, which represents passion and good heartedness, but also “waste, seduction, hostility, unseen dangers and slander. The fixed star Sabik in 18 degrees Sagittarius brings anxiety, lost energy, perversion and malice. With the Moon, this star also brings secrecy, jealousy and trouble through relatives. Full Moon June 2017 should trigger a rise in infectious disease, epidemics or a possible pandemic.” –

Neptune stations retrograde on June 16th, 2017 and stays there until Nov. 23rd, 2017. This may bring a largescale epidemic or disease for the entire world. The important thing to remember is that the Earth is alive and knows what’s best for her. Everything finds its alignment eventually.

Moon semisquare Venus in 3 degrees Taurus increases your need for affection and nurturing, especially after the bruising of your ego. Be mindful of where you’re seeking your attention from. With the added jealousy, anxiety, moodiness and self-indulgence present, you may want affection so badly you’ll lower your standards and find yourself with more heartache than you previously had before your escapades. Offer your own heart what you think someone else “should” provide.

Moon and Sun square Neptune in 14 degrees Pisces: To cope with the tension arising you may want to imbibe or numb yourself. Instead of suppressing your pain, call upon a Higher Power to help you face it and heal it for good. Remember, tension must be fed with thought. If it arises and you sit with it and send it love, eventually it will go away. You will return to your natural state of peace, bliss, and fulfillment, with the deep knowingness that you are already whole and came here to play.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune: There is an imbalance involving health and spiritual connection. Focus on maintaining your health and have faith that this truly is what it looks like when it’s all working out! If you continue to face your pain instead of run from it, success/satisfaction/completion will arise.

Jupiter turns direct on June 10th, 2017, which brings abundance, money, new ideas, new projects, success. It stays there until March 9th, 2018! Once Saturn and Pluto are both direct again in the fall, things will really start kicking into high gear. If you feel like you’ve been wading through quicksand, you’re not alone. Be patient! Saturn goes direct August 26th 2017 and Pluto goes direct Sept. 29th, 2017.

Venus conjunct Uranus in 27 degrees Aries brings you brilliant ideas for new creations, but also the need for privacy, independence or rebellion within relationships. Venus sextile Mars in 3 degrees Cancer, on the other hand brings a need for emotional intimacy, even co-dependency. Instead of vacillating between these two extremes, how can you find balance within your relationships? How can you open yourself to receive love rather than expect it?

Saturn trine Uranus and the N. Node in 27 degrees Leo retrograde creates a Grand Trine, still there from the last Full Moon. This is a portal allowing good energy to flow into your life if you’re willing to create space to receive. Do so by allowing yourself to feel all your emotions. Stop labelling them and view them with a sense of neutrality. Know that everything occurring is for your Highest Good. Step into the Light by remaining a healthy vessel for Divine Information to flow.

When you’re awake, you don’t have to achieve anything to feel love. You realize that you are love. Love is all there is.

Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

I will be raising my service prices on June 14th, 2017. To receive a 10% discount on any service, email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the words, I LOVE ASTRO, in the subject of your email.

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5th Dimensional Healing

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I'm excited to announce my new healing method, 5th Dimensional Healing. I will be publishing a book with the same name very soon! To perform one of the techniques, a 5D Redo, read the instructions below.

5D Redo Steps:

To perform a quick and efficient 5D Redo on yourself, take the following steps:

  1. Find a quiet place to shut your eyes for a moment. If you’re in a crowded place, head to a bathroom for some privacy. Take in some slow, deep breaths to get yourself in a meditative state.
  2. Find the Initial Soul Detour, the moment where you first remember experiencing the fear, anxiety, etc. that is still triggering you now.
  3. Re-live the painful memory, looking through your own eyes. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions once more.
  4. If you feel tension arise in your body, focus on it. It’s there to be released. Take a deep breath in and imagine light from Source moving down toward you. Say, “I draw my 5th Dimensional Self into this (name the emotion) and transmute it to love throughout all Densities, Dimensions, Time and Space.”
  5. Re-watch the scene from an outsider’s perspective. Dis-attach yourself from the emotions that used to trigger you. Watch yourself act out the scene as if it wasn’t you at all. Play the scene through like a movie. This will allow you to dis-attach from the pain that used to trigger you. You can choose to re-play the scene backwards in your head. You can speed it up and replay it over and over again to make it funny. Replay the scene until you don’t see it as something negative, but rather, just something that happened.
  6. Now that you’re comfortable with changing the memory and it no longer triggers you, you can perform a Soul Reroute. Continue to watch yourself from an outsider’s perspective. What action would have returned you to your true soul path? What action would have been most in alignment with your heart? If your memory involves a person treating you poorly, for example, instead of cowering in fear, stand up for yourself. See yourself loudly proclaiming, “Do not disrespect me!” If you’re alone, scream it out loud! Feel the fear physically releasing from your body. Watch yourself leaving the presence of the other person for good and never returning. Do whatever you have to do to cut your soul contract with that person and reroute to a more preferable timeline.
  7. Open your eyes to witness your new timeline. Offer a prayer of thanks to the Divine for gracing you with such a powerful sense of awareness and the ability to heal.

You are the Source:

Soul Detours happen for a reason and always make us stronger. We must never punish ourselves for straying from our path. We don’t, however, have to let them ruin our lives.

When you become aware that you’ve taken a Soul Detour, simply reroute yourself back to your true soul path with a 5D Redo. Although you cannot travel into the past with your physical body within the 4th Density that you find yourself emerging into, you can travel there with your Light Body or view it with your Third Eye. You can send your energy to a specific area of consciousness or simply view it and by doing so, send the same energy. Viewing areas of consciousness without actually travelling there with your Light Body may be just as effective for you.

Remember, all that is occurring is occurring at once within the moment, with no separation. Whether you perceive yourself to be a separate form moving through space and time or not, in your true form, which is formless, you are already connected to wherever you are trying to go or whoever you are trying to see. By going to the level of the soul with 5th Dimensional Healing, you travel directly to the Source whether you feel yourself physically moving or not.

Scorpio Full Moon Message: Good Karma!

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The Full Moon in 20 degrees Scorpio occurs on May 10th, 2017 and is opposite the Sun in 20 degrees Taurus. This is our sexual/sensual axis and appropriately, a major theme for this Moon is intimacy. The Sun in Taurus illuminates where you could be slowing down and deepening your connection to your sacred temple body and the natural world. 

Experiment with each element. If you’re usually a mental person, venture into the forest and sit with the trees to ground yourself.  Ask the earth a question and pick up a rock to inspect it for subtle hints. Bathe in a river and ask the spirits who live there to help you empathize or become more flexible. Dance around a fire and watch how the flames burn without restraint. Ask them to energize you or transform your apathy into passion. Raise your arms and feel the wind at your back, gently pushing you in the direction of truth. Ask the breeze to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts or attachments. Allow it to impregnate you with visionary insights and a clear thinking.

Realize deeply that because nature is creative, you, who contains all the same elements nature does, are also a creative genius!

Sun trine Pluto (retrograde) in 19 degrees Capricorn and Moon sextile Pluto: Pluto, still retrograde, is putting pressure on you to explore your inner world. Are you walking a path in alignment with your Highest Good and for the Highest Good of All? If not, this Moon, especially with the added pressure from Pluto, will push you to transform. Call upon Shiva the Destroyer to remove anything stopping you from living in alignment with your True Soul Path. The transformation process you’re experiencing is sometimes messy and painful, but a Higher Version of you will arise from ashes, reborn stronger and wiser. In order to allow this new version of you to emerge, you must clear space within. If you’re holding onto secrets, addictions or obsessions, they will now rise to be purged. Emotions are powerful now, and the desire to connect on a soul level is there. If others are draining you, perhaps this is the time to let them go for good.

Jupiter (retrograde) in 14 degrees Libra square Pluto: Your emotional healing and transformation may cause some disturbances in relationships. With Saturn retrograde in 26 degrees Sagittarius, old fears from this life and previous ones are arising once more for the collective to view. Send love to any tension that arises and when presented with a difficult situation, ask the question, “If I truly loved myself, what would I do?” If you cannot accept or change a situation, sometimes the most loving thing to do is walk away, end the friendship, or say goodbye for good to a toxic habit.

Mercury in 26 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus in 26 degrees Aries and trine Saturn: Thoughts are electric! Instantaneous Higher Dimensional downloads are available to you now. Saturn is giving you the strength and endurance to put those thoughts into a do-able plan of action. Keep writing! Keep channelling! On June 10th, Jupiter turns direct and you’ll see your efforts manifested into the physical. Be patient! So much joy and abundance is coming your way!

Mars in 13 degrees Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune in 13 degrees Pisces: Extra excitement and curiosity abound! Bursts of energy to work on your projects and to play. With Jupiter square Neptune, you may be tempted to fall into fantasy when the pressure feels intense. Remember, you can handle anything you are presented with! You have chosen it to facilitate your Highest Growth! Say YES to life, say THANK YOU to your enemies/challenges and watch how quickly life starts to work for you, rather than against you.

The Full Moon is conjunct the fixed star Zubeneschamli (Arabic word meaning Northern Claw) in 19 degrees Scorpio. The star is a part of the Northern Scale of the Libra Constellation, which used to be a part of the ancient Scorpio’s claws. This star relates to the scales of karma. While the Southern Claw represents misfortune and paying for bad deeds, the Northern Claw brings good fortune, honour, riches, happiness, and high ambition. Like the ultra-feminine Scorpio, allow yourself to receive. If you’ve been doing good deeds, good things are coming to you!

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Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

Libra Full Moon Message: Embrace the Unknown!

The Full Moon in 21 degrees Libra on April 11th, 2017 is opposite the Sun in 21 degrees Aries, self (Aries) vs. other (Libra). With the Moon conjunct Jupiter in 17 degrees Libra, we want to connect with loved ones, and share our insights, hardships and breakthroughs. The Sun, conjunct Uranus in 24 degrees Aries, however, opposite Jupiter (retrograde), our emotions are erratic and unpredictable, and when fear arises, outbursts of anger or inflated egos can follow.

Venus is currently retrograde and turns direct April 15th. This is a time of inner reflection. What do you love? Why do you love it? Where do you want to focus your love? With Jupiter also retrograde until June 10th, new career paths are opening up for us, along with new areas of study. What do you love to learn? What gifts do you have to share with others?

Saturn goes retrograde April 6th and stays there until August 26th. Bad patterns of behavior, negative attachments to outcomes or people, ancient fears you thought you were done with, are all arising for you to view. Saturn is ruthless and when it turns retrograde, it can seem like one horrible thing after another keeps happening! The truth is that what’s occurring isn’t “good” or “bad.” Only the mind makes it so, and oh boy does the mind want to make it so! It can be extremely inviting to analyze WHY certain things are occurring, but it won’t actually make your pain go away. Trying to solve your problems through the vehicle of thinking only STOPS YOU FROM FEELING what you are meant to feel for the evolution of your soul!

The solution? Stop trying to solve your “problem” and realize there isn’t one, and there has never been one. Breathe deeply and re-align with your soul, with the Creator. Trust that what the universe is presenting you with is for your Highest Benefit. Say YES! Say THANK YOU to EVERYTHING that arises and watch how quickly your “problems” vanish. When Saturn turns direct once again, if you’ve chosen to remain present and face your fears, you’ll reawaken with a higher level of maturity and awareness.

The unknown can be scary, but only to the mind that wants to understand what it simply cannot! EMBRACE the magic of the unknown, even though it can be terrifying at times. The fear will pass, and in place of it, you will rise anew. When you venture into the present, into the unknown, you are no longer able to hold onto any story of who you are, who you were, or who you’re meant to be, and that’s OKAY!

It’s OKAY not to know! It’s okay to let go. *phew*

Mercury goes retrograde April 10th and stays there until May 4th. Use this time to take a break from your mind! In sensual Taurus, this is the perfect time to relax, take long bubble baths, and float off into la la land. The most wonderful ideas always come when we’re peaceful!

Pluto turns retrograde on April 21st and remains there until September 29th! Expect even more inner reflection and a total re-route of your soul path. What you previously thought you “came to Earth to do,” is going to change. This may be inspired by something painful, such as a death, or a breakup, as Pluto transforms through the path of destruction.

Back to the Full Moon! Moon and Sun square Pluto in 19 degrees Capricorn: While the harmonious Libra Moon allows us to connect to others and actually listen to them, with it square Pluto, it’s easy to fall into intense power struggles and fixed opinions. If you can’t get your way, maybe you aren’t meant to! Go for a walk and blow off some steam. Re-centre yourself in nature and remind yourself of what’s truly important!

Venus in 27 degrees Pisces, retrograde, we’re extra sensitive in relationships of all kinds now. Even more so with Venus square Saturn in 27 degrees Sagittarius. Old fears from previous relationships are arising. Are we truly worthy of love? Will he/she leave me? Is this really worth it? Maybe I should hold back…

The solution? Dive in head first 100%, especially in romantic relationships. If you give it your all, and it still doesn’t work, at least you can leave with a clear conscious with no regrets.

Mars in 22 degrees Taurus invited us to be sensual and slow down. Mars trine Pluto gives us the determination to succeed. The thing is, the timing isn’t quite right yet for everyone with Jupiter and Uranus square Pluto, and with all the retrograde action. Less is more right now as we learn the lessons we need to in order to grow. Surrender is key.

The saving grace amidst all the confusion we’re facing is the Moon conjunct the fixed star Spica.

Taken from

 “ Moon conjunct fixed star Spica gives success, honor, wealth and love. Comfortable and secure living conditions always seem to be provided for. It also gives psychic awareness, androgynous qualities and interest in spirituality and religion. Can transmute above average sexual energy into artistic, creative and spiritual work. This favors scientists, occultists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians.” Happy Full Moon!

Love Christina

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