Create Because You Can: A Poem by Christina Martine

Recently I had a brilliant one on one counseling session with my Higher Self. :p What did I learn, you ask? Something along the lines of: “You feel incomplete and are longing for another life because you’re not giving joy to the activities that make you happy. You’re not allowing yourself to remember that you are the love you’re seeking… Create art, dance, sing and play because you CAN! You came here to FEEL and to learn through feeling ALL emotions. By creating, you’ll see that the love you’re seeking is you, is created by you, always in the Now. There is nothing else. As you spend time creating art just for art’s sake, a portal will open within your very Being, and all the happiness and bliss and completion that “the perfect future life” will bring you will exist in the here and Now. There will be no more longing, because there will be nothing to long for.”

I propose a challenge for anyone reading, especially for those of you feeling depressed: Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something you love because it makes you FEEL good! It doesn’t have to be for money, to impress another person, to elevate your social media status, etc. Soon you’ll see that the only way out of a low state of consciousness is to go deeply into the moment.

Create because you can: A poem by Christina Martine

Create because you can, not because you have to

Assign your soul no end goal in-sight

See the brush

Dancing gracefully, birthing life through colour

Anger, Passion, Ecstasy and Sorrow

A living entity that yearns to be seen, by You

But you cannot see…

Your eyes cast so far away

On a life that will never be


If only, if only you could see!

That what you seek, seeks you

In the here and Now


The completion and perfection and acceptance the Perfect Life

Will bring you

Lies in the moment

In between the pain and pleasure

The gasping of air

The pause of a brush


An all-encompassing eternity

Painted into existence

By you


My sweet child

Why do you fear the silent call of truth?

What will you lose by dancing?

Love Christina

PsyberFairy Etsy Shop by Christina Martine

My new Etsy shop is finally up! Check it out here:

I plan on selling crystal wands and art, wire-wrapped jewellery and all sorts of magical otherworldly creations so check back often!

Also, you can purchase pieces DIRECTLY from me, which is cheaper. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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So thankful to my friend Fractal Frequencies for creating the song "The Arcturian" for this project! Check out his tunes:
Prog Rock/Metal Band:

Vocals by Totem Novaboros:

Love Christina

Are You Being Authentic?

When I started making YouTube videos just over a year ago, I had a difficult time trying to be authentic. I thought I had to present myself in a specific way for others to take me seriously. I thought I had to remain extremely composed for others to believe I was truly spiritual. But it felt... fake.

I questioned myself: "Am I being true to myself or am I doing things to please other people?" I found that I wasn't being 100% me. Often in my videos I was holding back my intensity of emotion for fear that I might shock other people.

So I've decided to show you all that I am a little weirder than I've let on, that I'm a little more vivacious than I've previously shown you. And boy oh boy does it feel wonderful!

I encourage you all to ask yourself the same question. Are you being 100% you? If you're quirky, then be quirky. If you're quiet, be quiet. If you're a joker, then tell your jokes! You have a completely unique vibration that you've come here to express. Stop trying to fit into society's view of normal. "Normal" on Earth is insane. There is no such thing as doing things "right" or "wrong". What feels right to you, is right. So do you fearlessly and unapologetically. People will judge you regardless, so you might as well be judged for being true to yourself than faking your way through life.

Love Christina

Merry Xmas 2014! E-Course Update.

Ho Ho Ho,

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays and remember to stay connected to your truth while visiting family members who don't always have the same ideologies as you! Whether people admit it or not, they are interested in talking about spiritual things. Everyone on this planet is shifting to a more aware state of being and it's up to you to guide them. You are the wayshower, you are the truth bearer! Shine on beautiful!

I have lowered the price of my Find Your Life Purpose e-course to $55. If you would like to sign up, please do so here:

If you would like to purchase the course as a gift for someone, also doable! Just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after your PayPal purchase and I can have the course transferred. Registration ends on Jan. 21, 2015. The course runs from Jan. 22, 2015 - Feb. 11, 2015.

Have an amazing and safe holiday!

Love Christina

Christina Martine Reads an Excerpt from Wake Me

Here is me reading an excerpt from my novel, Wake Me:

To purchase a copy now, please go here:

I am also giving away 3 autographed copies on my YouTube channel. Find my Giveaway video and follow the instructions to be entered. Giveaway ends on October 22, 2014.

Love Christina

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