Bassfest 2014 Realizations: You are free! You are Infinite!

I ended  August 2014 at a local electronic music festival in Squamish, BC. Here's a video recap of some of my epiphanies:

Surrounded by tall birch and fir trees on all sides, my friends and I pitched our tents and settled in for a weekend of laughter, sharing, dancing, exploring and good vibes all around. Miles away from civilization, I realized that a lot of my "problems" were fake, being created within my own mind. With my usual setting no longer there to trigger me, I was left to observe the forest around me, left to look upon the natural world and all the furry raving critters therein. My usual issues started to creep up. I found myself wanting to let go, to dance and be free... but the voice at the back of my mind warned, "You're not allowed to. You can't have fun yet because you still have work to do. You have to become successful first and only then can you let go!"

For a while the first night there, I let the nagging voice ensue, let it shroud me in a protective barrier that no one could break, as thick and dark as the night itself. I was silent, once again alone amongst the crowd. But with my usual environment replaced with mountains on all sides... there was no longer an external reference point to reassure my endless self-degradation. And while I sunk my toes deep into the sand, my head tilted to observe the stars, I realized that I didn't have to become something in order to deserve happiness. I already was. Completely free to be me in every moment.

I started to think about what I would be doing if I did indeed reach this imagined state of success and the answer was so simple: Wouldn't I be doing exactly this? If I had an endless supply of money and time, wouldn't I be attending festivals, surrounded by friends, dancing and laughing the night away?

All at once it hit me: I'm already successful. I don't need to wait to feel happy.

No amount of money in the world could bring me beautiful human connections. Only complete presence could. And so I realized that choosing love in every moment was success. In every moment I was free to be as successful as I wanted to be.

I woke up the next day refreshed and feeling free. I looked around at the trees, at the Earth, at the rushing river, and stood silent and still, letting the suns rays beam into the very pores of my skin. And I knew then that I was a part of nature. That I was the dirt beneath my feet, the leaves on the trees, the waves crashing into the shore, the stars scintillating above, the air breathing life into my being. Not limited to my body, nor to the judgements in my mind. I had never begun and I would never end. With this knowledge, I could no longer take my passing thoughts so seriously.

The truth flooded me in an instant as it's done time and time again: I had come here to feel, to love and to learn and all was right. Everything I did was right. How couldn't it be? This was my truth that I had come here to share.

In every moment you are free. You are limitless. You are infinite.

Festival Realizations:

- It's a good practice to ask yourself how you personally define success and failure. For me, being present and choosing love in the moment is success. Failure is staying in fear. No one looks back and worries about the mistakes they made. They regret what they didn't do. So make mistakes and know that they are helping you grow!

- Making beautiful connections with people is one of the most amazing things about being alive. What are you going to remember when you look back on your life? The memories you made with the people you loved. No amount of money can bring that love. Only presence can.

- Happiness is conditional and is fleeting, but true bliss never leaves you. Whenever you're feeling down or lonely, take a deep breath and enter into the moment. You'll realize that you're one with all. That in truth, you are a loving presence that always has been and always will be. Nothing and no one can take that from you.

- You came here to enjoy. Never be afraid to be exactly who you are in every moment. The ones that matter don't mind and the ones who mind don't matter. Ask your heart what you came here to do. Find that truth and express it.

- Don't worry about time. Tell yourself: "I have endless time to do the things I love," and watch how life starts to match.

- Trust, love and respect yourself completely and others will do the same.

Love Christina

Teach by Being

Recently I found myself in a sticky situation, one that had made me uncomfortable in the past. This time around, however, I felt no anxiety, no discomfort. Upon returning to my daily routine, I questioned why I felt no fear where I usually would have. Was there anything different about the situation, the people? No. Quickly I discovered that it was I who I had changed. My interpretations of reality had changed and so had my reality. Watch my video about my experience below:

When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, instead of instantly labelling it as such, I invite you to refrain from any judgements at all. When we're around people who are sick, dealing with with mental health or addiction issues, our first reaction is almost always to try and "fix" them. Does this ever actually help the ones struggling? Or does it demoralize and belittle them? Cause them to recoil deeper into their darkness?

When we react from a place of fear, we're never going to get a loving response, even if we mean well. In my own experience, when we stop trying to fix those around us and simply accept them, faults and all, we teach by being. We remind them of their true essence, one of bliss and unbounded power.

It's only through love that we see any true growth and progress. All else is delusion, a masking of the truth. When we come from the heart and speak to each other from a place of non-judgement, we're actually able to help others see their own light. Suddenly there is no need to force others into waking up. It happens naturally.

And if not, that's okay too. Everyone is on their own journey here and has their own way of coping with pain. Just because someone else's way of life may not match up with your own view, doesn't mean that your way is any better.

It's time to stop attaching to our story and pretending that it is greater than another's. We exist as one mind and the way to enter into that mind is through compassion, stillness and honesty. Teach by being the eternal flame of light that transcends time and space. Embody love and watch how it transforms all in your world.

Love Christina

Stay Young Forever!

How do we stay young forever? How do we keep that childlike joy flowing continuously throughout life as we age? Do we even have to "get old" at all?

In India when trainers are teaching a baby elephant to stay put, they tie a thick metal chain around the elephant's leg and secure it to a metal peg. When the elephant tries to escape it feels the chain cut into its leg. Eventually it stops trying to leave. As the creature ages, the trainers replace the metal peg with a wooden one. The elephant could easily uproot the peg but it doesn't even try to. Why? The elephant has made a premature cognitive commitment to its own imprisonment. In its mind, it is still chained to the metal peg. It's perception of reality has become its reality.

Humans are no exception to this mental programming. Our interpretations of reality do indeed create the reality we experience and see around us. In a psychological experiment performed by Colin Blakemore and Graham Cooper of Cambridge University, a two-week-old kitten was placed into a room with horizontal stripes. It grew up only seeing a horizontal world. The result of this? When the mature cat was placed into a normal environment, it ran straight into furniture legs because it was blind to vertical lines. The cat never developed the neurons that helped it recognize a vertical world. The information hadn't been programmed into its nervous system.

This experiment clearly illustrates that our initial sensory perceptions of the world we live in create our interpretations of that world and our interpretations become what we call reality. Our view of reality is completely unique depending on our experiences. Our perception of the world is learned and programmed into our consciousness. On average we only experience one billionth of the stimuli available to us at any given moment. What we're seeing is only a fraction of what's actually going on around us. Often we see what we want to see, not what’s actually there. If we don’t believe our car keys are on the kitchen counter, we can stare right at the counter and not perceive the keys in front of us. In fact, if we don't have a concept for something, our nervous system will simply edit it out. Usually we stick to our interpretations, our judgements about the world we live in, and never stop to question whether our interpretations are serving us, or if they are even our own.

Can aging also be considered a premature cognitive commitment? Are getting wrinkles at 30, grey hair at 40 and osteoporosis at 50 simply ideas we're all subscribing to on a personal and collective level? Do these premature cognitive commitments span into society's standards... when we have to get married, have kids and retire? Is our reality merely a program that we're living in that can be changed and altered?

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What Music Do You Listen To?

Did you know that the stimuli you take in, including the music you listen to, changes the chemistry of your brain and body within a hundredth of a second? If you listen to high pitched music, your heart rate will actually increase along with your metabolism. (Now you all know my secret diet trick! :P) If you listen to sad music for long enough, you will eventually start to feel sad. Your cells will begin to mimic the vibration they are being presented with. Watch my video below:

We've all heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese fellow who presented water with different words, some positive, others negative, and upon freezing the water, saw that the words had actually changed the molecular structure of the water. Words such as love created a beautiful, geometrically perfect mandala. Words such as hate formed a distorted crystalline pattern, not as pleasant to the human eye.

Now, that being said, I'm not saying that we should all listen to Tibetan singing bowls all day. This article is simply a reminder that the vibrations of sound we're taking in on a daily basis have an affect on the vibrations we call our physical bodies. In my opinion, I think it's perfectly fine to listen to aggressive music, even if you are a super spiritual person. Listening to intensely abrasive music can be one of the best ways to find cathartic release. But if you're listening to it on a regular basis, you may want to think about how the tones are affecting your mood.

We know that the frequency we're on is created by two things: the thoughts we think and how we hold our body. Let's take the classic, "Cleaning Out My Closet," by Eminem and read the lyrics:

See what hurts me the most is you won't admit you was wrong
Bitch do your song - keep telling yourself that you was a mom!
But how dare you try to take what you didn't help me to get
You selfish bitch; I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit

So if you're walking along the street all pumped up, thrashing your fists around, singing along with these lyrics every day, you're choosing to put yourself in an aggressive state. On the other hand, some of my closet friends who consider themselves to be metalheads are some of the sweetest people I know. Why? Because they use their music as a release. They go to concerts and mosh out their frustration and leave it at that.

One more thing to consider when thinking about our music choices is our consciousness itself and how it ultimately has the final say on how the music we listen to affects us. For example, sometimes I'll hear a really sad rock song and it will remind me of a time where I had been listening to that song, surrounded by friends, happier than ever. So do I automatically feel sad when I listen to the song? No, I'm as happy as a clam because the song is a trigger.

Moral of the story? Be mindful of the music you're listening to and watch how it's making you feel. Music can have a strong affect on your emotional state and it can be a powerful tool for staying happy. Listen consciously my friends.

Love Christina

How to Properly use the Law of Attraction

Everybody knows about The Secret, the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Your thoughts and emotions are frequencies that create your reality, so if you get yourself on the right frequency, you’ll be able to draw in whatever life you so choose. Seems simple right? It is, but a lot of people aren’t aware of how to actually use this power properly. Simply wishing for things, even in the present tense, won’t automatically bring you what you want. Why? Because if you don’t firstly dig down deep into your own consciousness to see what contradicting desires you have, you’ll never actually be able to manifest your dreams.

So how does one use The Secret properly? The first thing you must do is take back your power by watching yourself. Become intensely aware of your thoughts and emotions. How are you reacting to the world around you? Are you letting your external reality affect your internal state? Are you blaming other people for your unhappiness? Are you blaming your workplace for your misery? What about your bills? Your kids? Your spouse? If this sounds familiar, you’re still in victim mentality.

In victim mentality, you let the drama of the world around you affect your inner peace. You take the criticism of others’ personally and you let their judgments affect your emotional state. The consequence of this? A disconnection from your power to create.

What happens when you allow others to make you upset? You start thinking negative thoughts and start feeling negative emotions. This puts you on a low vibration and cuts you off from your power, your Source. You send out frequencies to the universe that say, “I’m not ready for the power. I’m choosing to stay on a low vibration. I’m not mature enough to take responsibility for my consciousness yet.” You remain locked in fear and stuck in your own mind-made delusions. If you try to use the Law of Attraction from this place, you’ll only draw in more suffering.

So how do you reclaim your power? How do you raise your vibration to that of love? By NOT reacting to the drama around you. If someone misjudges you, know that it’s not personal. Don’t let your ego trick you into believing that you have to defend yourself every time some low-vibe person tries to piss you off. When you can remain at peace in every situation and you realize that peace does indeed come from within, you’ll be ready to start using The Secret.

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