How to Date Yourself!

1. Love yourself. When you look in the mirror and say, “I love you,” what comes up? Are you met with compassion, or do nagging limiting beliefs resurface. If so, it’s your duty to find out why they are there. Trace them down to their source and remove them for good by placing your full attention on them. Pain arises because it wants to be acknowledged. With awareness, all pain can be transmuted into peace.

2. Take a look at your complaints about other people. Are people not listening to you or respecting you enough? Are people not “seeing” you clearly? Are people not giving you the attention and love you deserve? What if I were to tell you that all difficult situations and people arise in your life to reconnect you back to your own Being? Take your complaints about others and imagine them coming from your heart. What is your heart trying to tell you? How can you send more compassion to your own soul? If you find yourself criticising others often, you’re only illuminating to others what you’re carrying with you. Ask yourself, “Why am I choosing to hold onto shame, anger or resentment when I know the only person it’s hurting is me? Why am I choosing to give my power away to those who don’t deserve my attention?”

3. Be your own best friend. Whatever you’re waiting to do with a lover, do it with yourself! Take yourself out on fancy dinner dates and treat yourself to luxurious, romantic spa retreats (at home if that’s out of your budget!). At first it may be difficult to spend time with yourself… A lot of your insecurities will come up and guess what… no one will be around to blame except for you. But the good news, is that after the intense pain, comes a transformation, the ability for you to be in your power, to need no one to make you happy. With the extra time you have, you may discover things about yourself that you never would have learned if you were focusing on another person’s happiness. I’ve personally discovered that I am an EXCELLENT interpretive dancer. ;)

4. Do whatever the heck you want! Being in love is wonderful, but let’s face it, relationships take work, time and energy! They’re all about compromise. If you don’t have enough time for yourself or heck, if you don’t even know who you are or what you want, a relationship isn’t going to solve that for you. So what will? Sleeping in late and spending all day in your pajamas? Possibly. In my humble opinion, being single is a golden opportunity for you to get reconnected to the joy contained within you, to the passion, excitement and inspiration coming from your own heart. What truly drives you, motivates you, and lights you on fire? Why did you come here? How are you going to be of service to others, to the world?

5. Develop a spiritual practice. When everything is “going wrong” in your life… when things become too chaotic, simply shutting your eyes can do wonders for your sanity! Instead of looking externally to solve your problems, turn inward and realize deeply that everything you’re experiencing is a projection of your inner world. Talk to your body. What does it need? Heal the blockages within causing the drama without. Let go of attachment to thinking and spend time simply observing life. If nobody told you that the universe was “physical” or “spiritual” what would it be? Trust that the universe LOVES you, that everything IS you, that everything that is happening to you is always for your Highest Benefit, even if the mind cannot comprehend that. Focus on maintaining awareness, a connectedness to your body and to the moment. And remember, it’s not about what you achieve or gain in life or what you “become”… Realize deeply that you already are… and no matter what transpires in the future, you’ll always be experiencing it in the here and Now. And the you that experiences, the observer that witnesses lifetimes passing, will always remain the same. Perfect, whole and eternal now and forever more.

Love Christina

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