Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Often when things are starting to get really good in relationships or business, when we're starting to succeed in life, we sabotage ourselves. Why?

The new is strange and uncomfortable and at times can be scary. Venturing into it means that we might lose the happiness we've worked so hard for. If we decide to take the plunge into the great unknown, we might make a mistake and "fail". That failure will bring us pain and we'll be "failures".

I'm here to tell you today that feeling comfortable can be dangerous trap. Feeling comfortable and staying in that known place won't help you grow. Making mistakes is necessary for growth. We have to stop viewing mistakes as failures and start viewing them as necessary steps in our evolutionary process. Pressure, feeling slightly uncomfortable, is needed for growth.

If you feel called to take the next step in your relationship or career, but are afraid that doing so will result in you losing what you've created, I encourage you to do so anyway.

Life is meant to be lived. Mistakes are never failures, just stepping stones in the direction of your dreams. Making them is necessary for growth. Do not fear them.

If it's success that you fear, ask yourself why? Do you think that becoming successful will bring you more anxiety than you're comfortable dealing with? Why? Dig down deep into the source of your fear. Question it and release.

Dive into the abyss with an open heart and know that you are always being guided along your journey.

Imagine yourself as an elderly person for a moment and think back on your life. Ask yourself, "What do I regret? The mistakes I made, or the things I was too afraid to try?"

Don't let fear rule you. Use your pain to drive you forward.

Love Christina

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