Why Do We Choose Suffering?

I go through phases, as I'm sure we all do, where I fall into my ego, where I constantly think about my image and try to manipulate it so others will perceive me how I want them to. The endless thinking and worrying usually results in me crying on the floor, miserable.

I break... and realize I can't feed the entity inside me that hungers for separation. It hurts too much. And because I've experienced true presence before, and remember what that bliss feels like, I always return to the truth: I'm already whole. Nothing outside of myself will bring me joy. It's I who give joy to the moment.

I've been consistent over the last week or so with my practice of consciously choosing to stay in complete awareness. For me, thinking about my image and all the clothes and things I don't have yet trigger me into getting sucked back into old patterns of behaviour. So I've chosen to stop questioning myself about if I'm presenting myself properly, if I'm following fashion trends, if I'm pleasing everyone. I've stopped caring and I feel so... free.

It's funny how a simple change in perspective can literally change your entire reality. A choice as simple as letting go of a thought can bring you joy that you're seeking.
It's always so funny to me to look backat myself when I return to presence. I often ask myself, "If a thought wasn't helping me move forward and it wasn't bringing me any happiness, why did I hold onto it?"

Why do we hold onto suffering? Why do we choose to inflict pain on ourselves?

When I look upon the world from my Being, from a place of stillness and equanimity, it's so easy for me to spot who is stuck in their mind. Which of my fellow humans are choosing pain. And I ask myself... why? Why choose pain when life could be so simple and joyous?

The answer is always as simple and clear as life is: People choose suffering when they've forgotten who they really are.

When you realize that in truth, you are an eternal being inhabiting a human form, here for a short while to learn, there is no need to worry or choose suffering. There is no need to punish yourself for mistakes made, because you realize there are no mistakes. All is growth. There is no more reason to fear when you remember all is one. No one is above you. No one can have power over you unless you give it to them by fearing them. There is no more reason to fear time, because you have eternity to "get it right". What are you left with? The moment. Life. Joy.

The mind doesn't have all the answers.

If thinking brought us true happiness, if it gave us the answers to life's riddles, we'd all be rich, successful and happy. But not all of us are. A lot of people are angry, broke and fed up with this world. And yet, the majority of people on this planet continue to turn to the mind to solve their dilemmas. Because they've forgotten the magnificence of who they really are. They've forgotten that true power comes from letting go, from entering into the void.

The only time we can create real change is through entering completely into the moment. When we remain present in the moment we're in, and accept it entirely, that's when the answers we're seeking come effortlessly to us. That's when our limitless potential can be tapped into. We realize that we don't have to try so hard. That true power, true creativity, arises from beyond the mind, and often thinking distorts the truth and hampers our potential for greatness. As ironic as it sounds, it's our thinking that often blocks us from figuring out what we need to, from taking action and moving forward.

So why do we continually feed the mind? Why do we dwell in the past and fear we'll repeat the same mistakes over and over again? Why do we worry about the future and if it will be "right"?

To feel a sense of control. And even though our endless worrying brings us pain, if we've forgotten who we really are, that pain gives us a sense of identity, of self. So we continue to inflict pain on ourselves to feel alive. And this endless self-sabotage can be addicting.

But the control and power and sense of identity and importance we feel when we choose to remain trapped in our minds, is completely fake. Power over other people is always weakness disguised as strength. The need to feel separate or better than another person is insecurity masked as confidence.
Liberate yourself Now.

If you realize that you're choosing suffering, that you're choosing to remain in a state of fear when in truth there is never anything to fear, how do you free yourself?
By letting go. By entering into the moment and asking yourself, "What's wrong with this moment?" 100% of the time, you'll find that there isn't anything wrong. There's only life and it's beautiful, whether your mind thinks so or not.

Watch your emotions. If you're feeling negative, you can be certain that you're holding onto thoughts that don't serve you. And if you know that you are not your mind, stop feeding the thoughts that make you feel unhappy. You won't lose your sense of self. You won't lose any control over life. In fact, you'll gain your sanity back. You'll gain your clarity and true power back and the answers will come naturally.

Enter into the void, into the unknown. Invite the strange and the new and ask yourself daily, "Am I thinking about living? Or am I living?"

You can spend this life listening to the judgements of other people and living your life according to their rules, or you can choose to create your rules, your own reality, and be free, right now. You can choose to spend your life thinking about an imaginary future, or you can return to your breath, feel the aliveness within you and all around you, and get swept up in the beauty of the moment. The choice is yours.

On Earth, fear has been used to keep people enslaved, but change starts from within. If you choose to say goodbye to worrying about time, to worrying about being "good enough" and start to fully embody the God that resides within you, this world will change with you.

If you don't like you're situation, accept it, change it, or walk away. Continuing to complain about it will keep you stuck in negativity. It will prevent you from connecting to your true power and evolving.

Enlightenment is our natural state and awareness is a choice we continually have to make until it becomes a way of being.

When you accept the moment you're in entirely, suddenly there is no more suffering. You realize that you were the one who was creating it all along.

You've always been complete. You've always been free. Feeling whole and limitless is easy easy as choosing it. Stay present and remember who you are.

Love Christina

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