Your Perfect Day

Sometimes we can mistake our daily chores for life, but in reality they are simply things we're choosing to put attention on. Even simple household chores can seem like monstrous tasks if we don't take the time to slow down and get centered. All too often we end up worrying about the never ending to-do list, stay stuck looking outward, caught up in the future. This causes us immense (and unnecessary) anxiety and puts us into a state of overwhelm. To deal with the confusion, we turn to the television to comfort ourselves. But of course the media does it’s best to keep us afraid and tells us that in order to solve our problems, we should buy our happiness. And in our uncomfortable state, sometimes we believe that this is true. We think to ourselves, “Well, if I did have those shoes and that car and that person, then I would be complete. I would finally feel okay.” And the cycle continues… we remain stuck in our thoughts about a “better” future and remain lost in our own delusions.


Why do we do this? Why do we continually resist the moment? In my opinion, it’s always to save ourselves pain. We put ourselves into overwhelming situations that seem unsurmountable and so instead of taking action, we end up doing nothing. And to feel okay with the fact that we’re living mediocre lives, we numb ourselves with alcohol and television.

To break free from this cycle, become present.

Removing yourself from the never ending to-do list can be as simple as taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate. Doing this will put things into perspective. From a place of stillness and strength, you can then ask yourself, “What can I do in this moment?” And that’s really all you ever need to know. The moment is all you’re ever going to have. When you enter it entirely, you empower yourself to create an amazing life. Suddenly all the pain you were afraid to feel… you see was never real to begin with.

What would your perfect day look like?

After meditation, when I am all charged up, I like to send out my intentions. An exercise that I love to do every couple of months or so is write about my perfect day. If you had a limitless supply of cash, perfect health, no limitations, what would a perfect day in your life look like? What part of the world would you live in? Where would you wake up? Who would be there with you? What would you eat for breakfast? What would your house look like? Would you be able to see the ocean from your window? What would you do with your day? Would you go outside and surf? What would the temperature be like, etc?

You want to be extremely specific with this exercise. Think of all the little details. The clearer the better. Write down your perfect day in the past tense, as if it’s already happened. It’s that real. Then, create short daydreams to match your story. Sending out short, easily repeatable daydreams into the universe will help you manifest your dreams so much easier than if you were simply speaking and feeling. The universe works in symbols. It speaks to us in symbols. In order to communicate back, daydream.

Let me know how this works for you! I’ve looked back on my perfect day stories and have been pleasantly surprised to see I’ve received almost everything I asked for. It works like a charm! If you don’t receive everything right away, don’t fret. You simply may not be prepared for it yet. The universe will provide when the timing is right. Stay joyful and let life flow. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be and learning what you need to.

Love Christina

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