I Should vs. I Could

I was reading Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" as I was writing my new e-book, which I have turned into a 2-week E-course all about connecting to your heart, finding your greatest joy, and expressing that fearlessly! Check it out here. In the book, there was a simple yet really effective exercise that I've incorporated into my course. It was all about the importance of language. Check out my latest video to try it out for yourself:

Our language can either enslave us or empower us. When we use I should, we automatically are disempowered. We feel like little children misbehaving, not doing something that we should be doing. It makes us feel like we're in the wrong. When we use I could, on the otherhand, this opens up a world of opportunity. I could tells our brains that we are capable of doing whatever we set our minds too. I could empowers us to act. It makes our dreams tangible, doable and real.


Love Christina

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