When you enter into a live one-on-one session with Christina, she will use her intuitive insight and knowledge of holistic health to help you realize where you may have blockages in your energetic system. Blockages in your energetic field cause dis-ease within all areas of your life. When you heal your soul, the mind and body follow.

Consultations start with questions about your life, followed by interactive exercises and meditations to help you release mental, emotional, physical or spiritual blockages. It's a good idea to write down some questions for Christina to answer beforehand to get the most out of your session.

Though Christina is a gifted energy healer and psychic, Intuitive Coaching sessions do not involve fortune telling. If you are looking for information on your past lives or soul purpose, please book and Astrology Reading instead by clicking here.

All live Intuitive Coaching Sessions are recorded and will be sent to your email after the session.

If you are camera-shy, you may choose to talk over the phone. For any speical requests email Christina here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Now Christina might look kinda silly and act kinda goofy on her YouTube channel from time to time.  But in the chair, sitting across from you (virtually) she is someone different. She takes this work very seriously. As a client I have sat across from the most amazing underpaid professional psychologists in the business - and Christina shines like a star.  My suggestion to Christina after our session was that she does not lower her price.  I can't recommend her enough ... even if it's for just a quick intuitive peek and fresh perspective into core issues that might be unknowingly having more power over you in your life than they should...as it was for me.  I can't post my full name here but if you want to talk to me personally I have told Christina she can connect us.

Thanks and in Peace,
Ian, Victoria, BC

Hello Folks, All through the years you get told to always take advice from your elders whether good or bad as they have lived more in this life than you. This is of course very true. But has anyone considered the younger generation? As I look at the younger generation I see a lot more wisdom than I had during that age. Why is that? It is because they have earned this from previous lifetimes and are here to help us achieve what we are here for. Christina Martine is one of those people who will open her heart to you and help you with whatever questions or issues you have. There is no judgement, only love from Christina.

Much Love And Happiness,
Will, Mount Temple, Ireland

Christina's coaching has helped me immensely on my spiritual journey. It can be difficult to go through awakenings, but she always understands just what I mean and has the most beautiful advice to give. Her organized and gentle approach makes it easy to overcome whatever trouble or tumult I'm going through. She's able to keep up with my quick thoughts and we cover a lot of ground during each session. I highly recommend her as a coach especially for those who are lost or simply overwhelmed with all the information we are receiving lately. There are not many people with such rare and valuable knowledge as hers.

- Unicole, Longmont, Colerado, www.unicoleunicron.com

I came across Christina Martine through one of her videos on YouTube and instantly felt beautiful, positive vibes from her. Christina's outlook on life and perspectives on the human experience on Earth strongly matched my beliefs and I decided to book an intuitive coaching session. I've been wanting to have a session with a coach for a while now but I wanted to wait until I found someone I had a genuine "gut feeling" for. When we began the session, Christina made me feel comfortable right away and we did some intuitive exercises which made me realize how much power words have on our mind and well-being, and having a person to facilitate the thought process makes it a very powerful experience. She is very authentic and really cares about other people. I highly enjoyed talking about spirituality and learning more about what is out there beyond the materialistic world that we live in. Christina opened my eyes to new meditations  and helped me progress further in my spiritual journey. I would heartily recommend Christina to anyone who is wanting to seek guidance or talk about spirituality and living in tune with your mind, body, and spirit. She's very knowledgeable and I guarantee you will come out of the session feeling rejuvenated!

- Shivani, BC

I found Christina's YouTube channel and knew immediately that I wanted to sign up for a coaching session.  I had my first one yesterday and couldn't be happier! I will definitely be signing up for more. Christina's willingness to listen and her subsequent advice are priceless.  There's no shortage of what we can spend our money on nowadays but so many of us don't take the time to invest in ourselves. For the price of a video game, you can have a life changing experience. If you've been considering signing up for a session, I highly recommend waiting no longer and signing up. Christina's a blessing to this world and I can't wait for the next session with her. Thanks!

- Wade, PA

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