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Catherine Taylor and her closest friends travel to the bustling city of Silverslate. There she is introduced to the Blood Clubbers, a secret group of vampires who gather together in the underground of a nightclub called Lust. Once again she is pulled into temptation, consuming excessive amounts of blood. Her powers continue to grow, allowing her to glimpse into the past or future. Her journey quickly turns dark and disturbing. She starts to question the nature of her own reality as well as the nature of her vampiric powers. She meets an infamous loner vampire by the name of Shadow, who informs her that vampirism isn't a gift of power and immortality. He explains to her that it's actually a disease and he tries to convince her of his theory. Catherine, confused and suffering, seeks to find out the truth about her nature. She is answered telepathically, contacted by a Buddhist meditation teacher who strangely is not a vampire, yet for some reason can communicate with them. Catherine finds this teacher on an isolated island. In order to understand herself and let go of her troubled past, she must now turn inward for the truth. Yet this path may lead her to lose her handsome lover, lose connection with her family and strike out on a new and terrifying way of life.

*Note: Wake Me is a sequel to Cat the Vamp, a book no longer in print. Wake Me can be read as a standalone novel but it is recommended that you read the Cat the Vamp summary beforehand.


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See what people are saying about Wake Me:

Christina Martine’s novel “Wake Me” is a multi-layered story which succeeds in leading the reader on a journey through darker subconscious territories and into the light of a new and powerful perception of waking reality. It might not initially be expected from a novel that deals with the subject of a secret underground group of bloodthirsty vampires – that the same story would gradually lead the reader into realms of inner discovery and the deepest spiritual revelations – but one of the strongest factors of this book is the way in which it can positively transform the reader almost without them even being aware of what is happening.

This transformative process takes place not only within the characters’ lives, but also within the reader’s lives, especially due to the very tangible descriptions which allow the reader to easily visualize and identify with the characters, until most of what they are going through is felt and experienced on a deeper level within.

The novel itself deals with everything from growing up, to romance, to pressures of society and addiction, to finding oneself, to uncovering our spiritual natures, while also delving somewhat into science and religion, horror, magic, sexuality, fantasy, and the many potentials that exist for us on earth. More than all of this it ultimately leads one to a place of freedom and inner liberation from the attachments of this world – especially those related to opinions of others that control our individual realities... READ MORE HERE


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