• Find Your Life Purpose E-Book $22

    In the FYLP E-Book, Christina takes you on an interactive adventure into your own consciousness and asks you to really question your own thinking patterns. You may find that you’re still holding onto the outdated beliefs of your parents or the lies of media! Christina’s simple yet highly effective techniques show you exactly how to remove the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages stopping you from reaching your highest potential.The truth is that you came to Earth to have an amazing life. You came here to THRIVE, not merely survive. YOU have a divine purpose and are meant to be living out that purpose fully! And the best part is that purpose is ALWAYS something you want to do!Through Christina’s exercises you’ll discover what you want on a Spiritual, Physical and Financial level. You’ll learn how to align your desires with your highest good and for the good of all... Read More
  • Super Awesome Superfood Recipes $11

    If you’ve read my free short E‐Book Supercharge Your Life, you know I’m in love with superfoods. Why? Because they are amazing healers! They not only work to provide us with proper nutrition, but actually help to maintain the homeostasis of our bodies. They keep us balanced, healthy and happy. I’m going to introduce you to six more amazing superfoods that will literally transform your health. For each superfood I’ve included three recipes: a Quick Snack, a Hearty Meal and a Sweet Treat. That’s eighteen recipes in total! Every recipe is vegan so nobody gets left out. I have personally prepared (and enjoyed) each recipe and I’ve included the pictures to prove it! Every single recipe is delicious and healthy so I urge you to try them out for yourself! I’ve included some history on each superfood so you can get to know them a little better. I’ve also gone over the nutritional benefits so you can learn what they do to facilitate health in your body... Read More
  • Supercharge Your Life E-Book FREE!

    In Supercharge Your Life: Unify Mind, Body and Spirit, I explain how staying on the right vibration, in total connection to your spirit, is as easy as choosing the right thoughts and maintaining the correct posture! Think about it… your emotional state, the frequency you're on is basically determined by the way you think and how you hold your body. Staying depressed takes work. Identifying with your pain is a choice and you don’t have to choose it.You’ll learn how to firstly identify negative thought patterns surrounding your body image and food choices so you can then let go of that which does not serve you. You'll be introduced to some fun exercises that will help you manifest that sexy, healthy body you know you deserve! Why? Because feeling good in your own skin provides you with confidence! Be honest with yourself... You don’t want the perfect body just to look good, do you? You want it because the confidence that comes with being connected to your body will provide you with amazing EXPERIENCES... Read More
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