Intro To Superfoods

For a long time now I've been really interested in superfoods.

Why? Because they are jam-packed with vitamins, protein, good fats and antioxidants. They provide you with all your essential nutrients while boosting you’re your immunity, energizing your body, enhancing your mood, and cleansing and alkalizing your system. Eating superfoods is not just a short-term fix. Incorporating them into your diet will literally change your entire life. Superfoods not only allow you to live a happier life, but a healthier and longer life.

Most of us were raised on a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables that were sprayed with pesticides, meat that was treated with antibiotics and milk that was full of hormones. We ate refined sugars and toxic grains and food that was highly processed and filled us up, but had little to no nutritional value. And what was the consequence of this diet? No energy, a poor immune system and the inability to lose weight.

With information being so easy to access now because of the internet, we are able to take the latest scientific information and access ancient knowledge that was previously unbeknownst to us. We now know that quick-fix diet fads and pills never work. We know that the key to a truly healthy body is first and foremost through proper nutrition.

We are what we eat. Literally. What we eat directly affects our Mind, Body and Spirit. Incorporating superfoods into your diet which consist of lots of living, raw plant foods will not only keep your body working well, but positively affect your emotional state. Your mental astuteness will improve along with your mood and outlook on life.

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Intro to Ayurveda

This article is taken directly from a new e-book I'm working on! ;)

To figure out what kind of diet is suitable for your unique composition, you can refer to the ancient Vedic practice of Ayurveda. According to this ancient practice, each of us has a unique mixture of three doshas. These unique characteristics determine our mental and physical properties. Most of us have two dominant doshas and one less expressed. The three doashas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. From the lists below, try to determine what your two strong doshas are and which one you suppress.

Qualities of the Vata dosha:

Vata governs movement in the body. It activates the nervous system and it is responsible for the elimination of toxins. If you have Vata as a dominant dosha you will often be: thin and cold with dry skin and hair. Cold hands and feet are common. Digestion will be sensitive. Movement will be swift. Bursts of energy are common along with bouts of fatigue. Think of the wind to understand Vata. When Vata is balanced you have an endless energy and amazing creative powers. When this dosha becomes unbalanced, diseases in the body that manifest can be: constipation, weight loss, arthritis and restlessness. Vatas love new experiences. They get upset easily but also forgive just as easily. They love to converse but also become quite anxious. They may suffer from insomnia.

Qualities of the Pitta dosha:

Pitta controls metabolism, digestion and energy production. If you have Pitta as a main dosha you will often be: hot, intense, penetrating, sharp with a strong personality. Think of a fiery nature that can be seen in both the intellect and body movement. Pittas are average in size and weight. They have very good digestion. If you’re Pitta dominant, you mostly are one of those people who can eat just about anything! You will also have a strong sex drive. When Pitta is balanced there will be a strong appetite, perfect digestion and plenty of energy. When it is unbalanced, Pitta prominent people will suffer from heart burn and indigestion. Pittas make amazing teachers and decision makers. They are sharp and aren’t ones to hold their tongue when something important needs to be said.

Qualities of the Kapha dosha:

Kapha prominent individuals will often appear sturdy and strong. They may be on the heavier side. Kapha is all about protection. Kapha will manifest as slow, heavy, oily and cold. It is responsible for forming muscle, fat and bone. Kaphas often have a superior sense of strength and a never-ending stamina. They sleep soundly and have regular digestion. Healthy Kaphas are naturally calm and loving and sometimes on the quiet side. When balanced, Kaphas are loyal, steady, patient and strong. They’re the friends you can always count on to listen to any problem you may have. When unbalanced they may be prone to diabetes, asthma and depression. Kaphas tend to be stubborn. They don’t like change and tend to hold onto things for too long.

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