Cleanse Update. Low Carb High Fat vs. Low Fat High Carb Diets.

I have been on a strict Candida cleanse since September 4, 2014. I felt amazing when I first started to consciously think about what I was putting into my body again. I felt empowered, excited to be healthy after falling back into my bad habit of late night snacking. :P Then… a few days into my diet, I crashed hard. I was weak, sick and angry. I realized that my body was in shocked, starved of sugar, and purging toxins. I powered through the worst of the storm and came out on the other side, more energized than ever. I realized I needed to eat WAY MORE than I originally thought. If you’re joining me on this diet, make sure you eat if you’re hungry. And more than one piece of fruit is fine!

Here’s my updated diet plan:

Breakfast: 5 eggs cooked in coconut oil. Scoop of protein powder in water. Multivitamin.

Lunch: Salad with avocados, cucumbers, almonds, olive oil, wild salmon.

Snack: Fruit.

Snack: Avocado

Dinner: Salmon and steamed vegetables.

Snack: Yogurt and fruit.

The diet that I am on is a fat-adapted diet. I’m telling my body to get its energy from fat. The result? Because fat is slow released in the body, my blood sugar levels remain the same, and if I miss a meal? No big deal. My body will turn to the fat on my body for energy. My body actually seeks to find my perfect weight easily. I don’t have to work out as much and I feel stronger than ever. My energy levels are through the roof!

I like that fact that this diet is simple. On high carb vegan diets, you have to constantly eat to fuel yourself. Why? Your cells cannot process very much glucose all at once so they create an enzyme called glycogen synthase. This allows the glucose molecules to be stored in the liver and the muscles. The liver can hold 70g of glycogen, the muscles, 200g. That’s 270g in total. After an average American breakfast consisting of a bagel and a caramel macchiato, your reservoirs are full. So where does the rest of the sugar you consume go? To your fat cells. With all the extra glucose in your bloodstream, your pancreas creates insulin. Insulin levels go up and insulin receptors go down everywhere… except for on your fat cells. So… you get hungry, but your body can’t access the sugar for fuel. So it turns to the fat cells, but cannot use the fat for energy either. The hormone that allows the body to use fat for energy is insulin sensitive. So what happens? You crash. You eat more sugar.

Vegans have to constantly eat to maintain their blood sugar levels. Yes, high carb vegan diets are more ethical, but natural and easy? Not in my opinion. Think about how we evolved. Was there really always fresh fruit around for us to eat all year? Not likely. Did fruit cause our brains to grow as big as they did? Again, not likely. And this is all coming from a former vegan.

I know that some people out there are going to judge me for my decisions to consume fish, but I’m doing what I have to for my health. My body doesn’t want soy, grains, legumes. (Vegan protein.) The thing is, even though we technically can eat these things, it doesn’t mean that they facilitate the utmost health within us. Soy is highly inflammatory, grains and legumes contain antinutrients that tear the intestinal lining apart and prevent nutrients from being absorbed.

I’ve learned to become extremely accepting of everyone’s diet choices. Everyone is different. Every body is different. To say that one diet works for all is ignorant in my opinion. While I still obviously recommended everybody eat raw food, especially leafy greens, I think it’s time we take a good hard look at the science behind how food is processed in our bodies. As a former fanatic vegan who cried at Thanksgiving dinners and preached veganism like a religion, I can honestly say that I used to be extremely biased. And that bias allowed me to latch onto myths. A major one being: meat is acidic and will change the pH of your blood, when in reality, if the PH of your blood changed, you would die. No food can change the pH of your blood.

And while yes, the way we go about killing our food is abhorrent, I’ve learned that the act of eating meat is not wrong. The act of ostracizing and even hating one another for our choices? That’s another story…

I believe that we are becoming less dense beings who don’t need as much food, but it’s important to remember what we are now: humans! With physical bodies that require the proper sustenance to thrive.

A great resource I came across was Dr. Doug McGuff who wrote a book called Body by Science. I plan on reading this and sharing some new insights soon! I highly recommend you looking his work up.

See you soon and feel free to let me know how you’re doing! :D

Love Christina

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