Christina is an extremely strong spiritual channel. When you purchase an astrology reading with her, she will use your natal chart to interpret what’s going on in your life presently and explain why certain themes are occurring! She’ll also access your Akashic Records, look into your past, your future, and answer any questions you may have regarding love, career, health, etc. Christina is attuned to the Star Beings and specializes in Starseed Soul Readings. If you would like to learn more about your celestial roots, simply make the request when filling out the form below. During a live one on one Skype reading with Christina, the client’s guides will often step in and speak directly through her, so prepare yourself for a wild ride! 


If you are camera-shy, you may choose to talk over the phone. To order a written report without a skype session or for any special requests, email Christina at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* All online readings include a full written report and streamed recording!

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I'm very grateful for Christina Martine and her astrology reading as it offered a sort of external affirmation of internal feelings I've been having, considering my souls "blueprint" or what I was born here at this time for and my natural gifts. We all have our own unique experiences and gifts, whether we have awareness of them or not, and my conversation with Christina helped put certain things into perspective, as well as helping me to connect certain "dots" and giving me much to consider. Thank you Christina, for taking part in my journey, I send you love, blessings, and this smiley face! :)

- Kurt Smith, Kenosha, WI, Sagittarius

I had been exploring my spirituality and venturing into the realm of the astral when I stumbled upon Christina Martine. Her videos drew me in and made me question my own reality, in a positive light. Soon after that, I had the amazing opportunity to have my star chart read by Christina. It was an amazingly insightful experience. She was so calm and confident and gave me so much awesome information to understand my present, and even my future. Christina was so spot on with the analysis of my star chart, and I was amazed at her wisdom and level of knowledge on the stars and planets. She even went above and beyond and helped me find more information on my questions and e-mailed them to me separately. The experience was so perceptive, and I could not have a higher recommendation of Christina Martine!

- Molly, Washington, DC, Taurus

Christina takes her job very seriously, being super caring and supportive at the same time. After an astrology reading with her, I feel inspired and more confident with my life and my choices. Christina prepared my detailed birth chart and I was astonished how accurate it was! Having a reading with such wise and lovely person was a blast! Thank you very much Christina for your help and guidance, I really needed that.

- Barbara, Bournemouth, UK, Sagittarius

Thank you Christina for your reading today. It was very accurate on all counts. You are very talented with astrology readings. I find them fascinating. I think that the reading I received will help empower me so much with my soul's true destiny on this journey. It helped knowing so much in what I can do to help others as well as myself. I appreciate the extra time with learning the chants and book you enclosed for me. I would highly recommend to those who are seeking an accurate reading to return to you or recommend you for the future. Again thank you so much.

- Debbie Daniels, US, Aquarius

I just had an Astrology Reading with Christina Martine and I just had to express how amazing I am feeling right now! I felt like she really took the time to go over every detail of my chart with me. I have a bad habit of rambling off and instead of getting annoyed with me, I felt like she really listened to what I had to say. The reading was stunningly accurate down to the tiniest details and I feel like there is an actual reason why I am who I am. I feel incredibly validated and understood. She is also just so darn nice to talk to! I felt very at ease and comfortable with her. She is clearly a great source of wisdom and insight, but she is also super chill and easy to get along with. She even went above and beyond and recommended other beneficial things for me to look into and just really went the extra mile. She helped inspire me to come face to face with my calling and empower me to go after it. I feel strong, capable, understood, and excited for my future. I highly recommend having a reading with her because she is so enlightening, accurate, and easy to connect with. It was an absolutely wonderful experience! Go to her! Go now! :D

- Katie, Knoxville, TN, Scorpio

Christina put a lot of love and energy into reading my birthchart. She was incredibility accurate and takes the time to explain everything! My session with her helped me to understand and accept myself more by both revealing and reaffirming so many personal details about my soul, personality, and ego.  She also channeled information specifically tailored to me that I really needed to hear.  Christina is a caring, nonjudgmental with so much talent to help others grow spiritually on their journey.

- Jillian, Hutchinson, MN, Pisces

My astrological reading with Christina was stellar. Her delivery is very lucid and the information comes through like the constellations on a crisp winter night! Thank you so much!!

- Chris O'Kelley, Fredericksburg, VN, Gemini

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