This sacred portal is created by Astrologer and Spiritual Guide, Christina Martine. Here you are held and loved exactly as you are now in this moment. Here it is safe to explore who you truly are, beyond the veil of ego. May this space serve as a constant reminder of your power to create a life filled with magic and miracles.  




I help others choose to heal and empower themselves through Astrology and Magical Wisdom.


As a Spiritual Guide, I hold space for others as they reconnect to the Divine Light within them: their soul. As humans, we sometimes lose touch with our Inner Light by attaching to negative thoughts, emotions, addictions or karma. I serve as a guide to help others safely remove any blockages causing dis-ease, so they can align with their Inner Light and radiate it out into the world!

As an Astrologer, I open myself as a Divine Channel to the stars to receive celestial wisdom. I offer this wisdom to others so they may align with the abundance, joy, bliss, peace and freedom that is their birthright. At our core, we are loving Beings with limitless potential to create. It is my wish that my work illuminates both the light and the dark so we may all observe the whole picture in its entirety and realize that all aspects of life are a part of Source Consciousness.

Because everything is an aspect of the Divine Creator, everything that arises must be for our Highest Good. When we send the same love, the Highest Love, to all people, events, circumstances and things, we enable the universe to move miracles through us. When we stop feeding our tension with thought, when we stop blocking our own flow of vital energy, life begins to flow synchronistically and we witness with clarity the magic all around us.

I don’t take many things seriously, including myself, and laugh constantly, because I’ve stepped into the remembrance of who I truly am: a Divine Being, an aspect of the Creator, already whole. With this awareness, it’s easy for me to laugh at the temporal drama of this existence, because there is a deep knowingness within me that this life is just a dream.

My service on this planet is simple. I act as a catalyst to enable others to choose the truth of their Divinity and Power, so they may begin to consciously start dreaming the desires from their hearts into existence.


Astrology Readings + Mentorship
Meditations and Celestial Transmissions
Weekly YouTube Updates
Visionary Art and Electronic Music

I am the Creator of Enter Satoria, an interactive online community and social media site, 100% ad and abuse-free, dedicated to helping others return to their natural state of Enlightenment. I host monthly live Satsangs through a private chat room for the members, with often feature inspirational guest speakers, Celestial Transmissions, Shamanic Journeys, or Guided Meditations. To join, head here.


We all have the ability to tap into our true power to create peaceful, abundant and blissful lives.
We can tap into our true power by becoming present.
We create our realities. The vibration we're on determines the holographic world we see. 
Everyone suffers from thoughts of unworthiness. Fortunately thoughts can be changed at any time.
Toxic thoughts and emotions create blockages within the energetic body, which manifest as dis-ease.
Any dis-ease, whether mental, emotional or physical stems from an energetic blockage. 
If you heal your soul, all of your life will be transformed. 
To remove any illness, we must forgive ourselves, our past, and the people in it. 
The mind is a tool and should be used as such.
Suffering comes from mind-identification. By entering into the moment, you free yourself of suffering. 
When you love your Being unconditionally, everything in your life works.
When you focus on the good you already are and have, everything you want flows naturally to you.
You are an eternal spiritual Being with infinite potential and power.
Everything you see is a manifestation of the Divine. Once you realize this, nothing can hurt you.
You are free and always have been. 
This life is yours to create!


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