The purpose of this website is to help you become aware of your potential and power so you can wake up to your true nature and consciously evolve. All of the blog posts on this site are designed to help you unify Mind Body and Spirit. Feel free to browse around and don’t worry about reading things in a particular order. Allow your heart to lead you to whichever topics you feel drawn to read. No one wants to suffer and the good news is that you don’t have to! This site is dedicated to helping you on your journey of self-empowerment and personal development. Everyone deserves a life that is not only meaningful, but inspiring and exciting! Deep down you know you came here to enjoy life and to grow! So let this site be a constant source of inspiration on your journey of self-discovery.

Christina Martine’s Bio:

I make videos on YouTube. Along with intuitively guiding people along on their journeys, I write books and create visionary art. I am currently studying to become a certified Qigong healer. I am passionate about holistic health, nutrition and energy healing. I teach spiritual courses that help people awaken to their true potential. I also am the creator of Enter Satoria, an online spiritual community and social media site designed to help empower people and return them to their natural state of enlightenment. Join now:

I offer Live 5th Dimensional Healing Sessions and Astrology Readings via the internet worldwide. To book a session with me, please see the Services section of this website:

I believe:

We all have the ability to tap into our true power and create amazing lives filled with abundance, peace, health and bliss.
We can tap into our true power by entering into the moment.
We create our realities. The vibration we're on determines the holographic world we see.
Everyone suffers from thoughts of unworthiness. Fortunately thoughts can be changed at any time.
Toxic thoughts and emotions create blockages within the energetic body, which manifest as dis-ease.
Any dis-ease, whether mental, emotional or physical stems from a soul blockage.
Your body and reality is a direct manifestation of your spirit.
If you heal your soul, all of your life will be transformed.
To remove any illness, we must forgive ourselves, our past, and the people in it.
The mind is a tool and should be used as such.
All suffering comes from mind-identification. By entering into the moment, you free yourself of suffering.
When you love your Being unconditionally, everything in your life works.
When you focus on the good you already are and have, everything you want is attainable.
You are an eternal spiritual being with infinite potential and power. Time is an illusion.
Everything you see is a manifestation of the divine. Once you realize this, nothing can hurt you.
You are free and always have been.
This life is yours to create!

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